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And arrested. But luckily these guys are white. A protected class apparently 🙄 . . 🌻DJ #thefeministempire #womensrights #humanrights #nativeamerican #whiteprivilege #whitesupremacy #fucktrump #notmyamerica #notmypresident
Revolting and inedible or your money back!
I Pray for Harmony// Things are intense lately. The juxtaposition of school starting and Charlottesville has thrown me off a lot. It’s harder for me to write because I think I should be writing something ‘important.’ It has meant a great deal to me that so many have shared their poignant thoughts while we all process the significance of these events. It also surprises me how surprised some people are. Similar to the results of the US presidential election, I think it is mostly the privileged who are surprised. We are surprised because we have the luxury of being sheltered from cold, hard reality so, so often. My little bubble can be pretty darn sweet to live in sometimes. At the same time, the reality of my fear is palpably alive. I took myself to lunch on Friday and sat with paralyzing anxiety for the first 20 minutes, pretending to be riveted by the previous night’s preseason football game on the TV in the bar. There were a few other women, probably moms, sitting alone as well. I did not make eye contact with them. I remember noticing when my son was born that there are certain times of day it is best to go grocery shopping with a child. I wouldn’t go in the evenings with the work crowd because they always seemed oh-so-inconvenienced by my enthusiastic toddler. Now, I go to the store by myself during the day and the elderly folks don’t smile at me anymore. These same people I probably treated as invisible prior to becoming a mother, turned quickly into my greatest allies and supporters in the public world I so easily shirk away from. And now, I am the one who is invisible to them. When I smile at moms with kids in those obnoxious car carts my little guy loves too, they have no idea why I am smiling and look away. It is so ironic. Once upon a time I detested the idea of being a mother. I didn’t like kids. I didn’t like moms. I wanted nothing to do with the whole epidemic. Now I want somebody to give me a badge that says “I’M A MOM” and I don’t want anything to do with anything that doesn’t honor the pure luminous magic that exists at the core of my bond with my child. And meanwhile? I'm learning that my sensitivity is at the core of almost everything I do.
Credit to @absolutelyactivist 🌊 ↠Shay🌸 ✧✧✧ ↠ #whiteprivilege #arabactivism #equality #blacklivesmatter #blm #muslim #antioppression #muslimrights #feminism #memes #peace #politics #donaldtrump #policebrutality #policebrutalityawareness #policebrutalityneedstostop #culturalappropriation #culturalappreciation #problack #muslimlivesmatter #arablivesmatter #yesallwomen #womenofcolor #womenofcolour #womenofcolourpride #muslimpride #muslimandproud ↞ {This page is made for people who share the same views or who want to be educated, not to argue with and abuse those who don't. Feel free to discuss this in the comments. Hate, spam, and abuse will be blocked/deleted depending on the content}
I love it!! Stand up and speak out against what's wrong!!! #nazi #racism #racist #whiteprivilege #whitesupremacy #kkk
#Repost @maarifacircle ( @get_repost) ・・・ "When you stop and think… It’s like, what do you say when white folks bring up the Confederate flag? We think Hitler was one of the most powerful tyrants — them Nazis one of the most powerful governments that ever existed — but you can’t go to Germany and see a swastika. Not in public. So what does that say about us here? We’re more vicious. These white American racists were more vicious than Hitler and them Nazis they hung on years after the war was over. You know how long World War II’s been over? And yet to this day they’ve got Nazi sympathizers but it’s not permitted in public. But we Americans don’t demand that of our racists. Black Americans don’t demand it. You know we have thousands of black cops in America. And you never turn on the TV or hear the radio or pick up the paper where a white family is crying because these black cops shot their loved one in the back of the head 40 times. You think black folks don’t do that because they’re more spiritual? You think they don’t do that because they’re better? No! They know white folks won’t tolerate it! And as long as we do tolerate it it’s gonna happen." - @therealdickgregory #racism #truth #maarifacircle #whitesupremacy #whiteprivilege #miseducation #holocaust #neverforget #maarifacircleclassic #dickgregory #restinpower #masterteacher #warriorscholar #blackpower #rbg #revolution #revolutionary
Say it with me..... this is what #WhitePrivilege looks like
#Sunday #salute Credit to @wp4rj : #Repost @soul.body.heart.mind ( @get_repost) ・・・ "This is Joan Trumpauer Mulholland. This is her mugshot from when she was arrested in 1961 for protesting segregation. Her family disowned her for her activism. After her first arrest, she was tested for mental illness, because Virginia law enforcement couldn’t think of any other reason why a white Virginian girl would want to fight for civil rights. . I've been thinking about history class a lot lately. I think almost every white person I know has at least *thought* that they would have been like Joan. We would have had black friends and marched for civil rights and supported MLK and protected little Ruby Bridges as she walked into an all-white school... And then I think of Philando Castile. And Eric Garner. And Tamir Rice. Mike Brown. Oscar Grant. Alton Sterling. Freddie Gray. Sandra Bland. John Crawford. Jordan Davis. Trayvon Martin. . I think of how their families will never see justice because the system was not built to protect them. I think of how white terrorists and rapists are safer in this country than black folks who are just existing. I think of how easily people justify their murders. And I think of how simple it is for me-- a white person with more privilege than I'll ever fully understand-- to turn off the news, to go for a walk... to just not think about this anymore. . My whole point comes down to this: My fellow white people- if you think you would have done something *then*, but are doing nothing *now*, then you wouldn't have done anything *then*, either. So think about what side of history you want to be on, because now's the time for doing something." . New Member Orientation on Monday (8/21) from 7-9pm. Email for location and to RSVP. #whiteprivilege #whitepeople4blacklives #blacklivesmatter #resist #activate
I understand that many of us have different beliefs. So I'm curious about what your thoughts are. Remember this is a safe place for all ideas so feel free to be honest. What do you think #whiteprivilege is?
I benefit from white privilege! I am committed to stepping into the light and away from the monster that my privilege is. . . . #dinosaurs #purge #extinction #fessup #whiteprivilege #sayit #resistisaverb #nomorewhitetears #fightracism #standup #moralobligation #sunday #godisgood #always