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I agree @azealiabanks 💯 I've always said the south is assbackwards as fuck. definitely no place for those of us with open minds and the ability to think outside cultural normatives. I especially have a disdain for states like #northcarolina #mississippi #Tennessee . I think North Carolina and Mississippi battle it out for which is the fucking grossest. Like everybody is dumb as fuck. I remember my sister and I being teased when we moved to tennessee for being "yankees" with accents. I'm definitely still hellbent on traveling west. still a northern boy at heart with southern ties 😌
So a white owned restaurant is charging $15 for chicken & waffles & they buy their chicken from popeyes I would sue the fuk outta her typical white ppl behavior it's they culture to still & come up of the next man & she said she proudly serve it ummmm mam how you proudly serve some food you had to get from another restaurant smh must be a white neighborhood cuz I kno wt popeyes look like before I taste it #whiteprivilege
These god damn white people coming to our country and take our jobs!!! #whiteprivilege #pizzaboy #chinesefood #postmates
They blamed #JanetJackson for the #WardrobeMalfunction at that one #SuperBowl but they didn't say shit about the mother fucker who caused the malfunction. And Justin TimberFAKE's ass let Her take all the blame. #WhitePrivilege. #JustinTimberlake. #JustinTimberFAKE. #TheArtAlchemist. Selah