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Seja lá quem vôce se tornou, onde quer que estaja no mundo, estou te mandando amor. #sea #landscape #prettylittleitaly #whatitalyis #bellaitalia #vsco
MONTE BIANCO: a delicious italian traditional dessert made with chestnuts, butter and sugar, shaped like a cone and covered with whipped cream to remember the Mont Blanc, aka "The White Lady" and "Europe Roof" due its 4,810 meters high.
Classicone e bei colori 2 Un’idea brillante di @chmasci ci permette oggi di lanciare ufficialmente il nuovo hashtag #fandeiclassiconi Dedicato a tutti quelli che cercano lo straordinario nei grandi classici delle nostra cultura nazional popolare. Stay Hungry, stay classic! . . . . . . #goldenhour #sunset #classicone #passionpassport #passionefoto #artofvisuals #digitalart #thecreatorclass #visual #visualcollective
Venice. February 1974 In order for pedestrians to move around the city during high-tide, the city installs a network of walkways along the main pedestrian paths, generally at 120cm above the standard sea level. looks amazing, right? 😍 And this will not happen, most likely, again. The Venice's € 5.4bn Mose flood barrier project was designed specifically to prevent Venice from experiencing such flooding. And I'm upset. Three years ago, it was possible to stand waist-deep in water in St. Mark's Square and now it's not. 😔