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Vibrant 4.5' x 7.3' Beautiful vintage rug for sale for $738 including shipping!! Payment plans for this rug considered! Personal RUG DELIVERY in the Tri state area. 🌈 #design #soho #noho #boho #bohemian #nurseryinspo #holidayseason #rustic #ues #westvillage #HAMPTONS #rugs #babyroom #amazon #nurserydecor #longisland #holiday #babyshop #bachelorettepad #nursery #manhattan #uws #brooklyn #gramercypark
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Wednesday beauty ✨ #CRHnyc
. • THE COUPLE • Have you ever tried getting inbetween a foodie and their food...⁉️ . Just a suggestion... DON'T☝🏼️🙅🏼 • THE COOKBOOK • The BYGGY BIRD: sliced marble rye bread, chicken liver pâté, wilted red onion, smoked duck breast, warm turkey breast, melted Muenster cheese😍, roast tomatoes, artichoke hearts, arugula, & mango mayonnaise 💥 . The BYGGY-BEEF: Seeded Semolina hero, warm beef slow braised in pomegranate juice, melted American cheese, hot pepper mix, and house ketchup💥 • THE CHEF • "I always say, 'A sandwich is a meal in the hand'! . The first sandwich shop that I ever did on my own was call Joe's. I remember thinking that if anyone ever walked in saying they knew Joe, I'd have free range to make up any story I wanted about the fictitious character. But seriously, I think it resonates with people, when they express that they will see a person rather than a thing. People connect more to people than they do to things you know... I've always been interested in words and their meaning and like to think of myself as a visual person, so I started fooling around with the optional letters that would yield something that would pronounce 'Biggies' while using some poetic licensing. . When I launched @BYGGYZ, I wanted to have core components on the menu: a beef product, a poultry product, and a seafood product. Over time I started playing around with our name in order to start developing a bit of a theme for the menu. We came up with the BYGGY Beef, the BYGGY Pyggy, the BYGGY Bird, and the BYGGY SOF. The SOF was a nod towards the “South Of France” where one can typically find some of the world’s finest sourced tuna. . In these years, my idea for BYGGYZ developed from just a sandwich shop to a place where you could experience the ethos of fine dining. It was a journey. Luckily I had Rachael by my side, keeping me on the straight and narrow. If I hadn't, who knows where I'd be at this stage in life." ~ Dewey & Rachael •
Hanging out with fellow fellows for a bday celebration #cafeclover #nyc🗽 #oncologyfellowslife #wildbass #westvillage
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#tb September in New York 🌿🌸
St Patrick looking small and lost in a canyon of buildings #newyorkcity #askphilippe
HOLIDAY SCHEDULE: 11/23: No class Happy 🦃 Day! 11/24: 7pm boxing cancelled. Ladies, come out to our HIIT workout + self defense workshop @athletanyc (🔗 in bio)
The charming #westvillage, always pretty--even in the rain. Happy Wednesday! #ilovenyc #socharming #prettycitynewyork