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Salomon Jadassohn (13 August 1831 – 1 February 1902) was a #German #pianist, #composer and a renowned teacher of piano and composition at the Leipzig Conservatory. #Jadassohn composed more than 140 works in virtually every genre, including four symphonies, four Serenades for Orchestra and one for Flute and String Orchestra, two piano concertos, lieder, sonatas, opera and a considerable amount of chamber music, including a string quartet, four piano trios, three piano quartets, three piano quintets and a serenade for flute and string quintet. These chamber works rank among his finest compositions. Considered a master of counterpoint and harmony, he was also a gifted melodist, following in the tradition of Mendelssohn. His works also show the influence of #Wagner and #Liszt, whose music deeply impressed him. In addition, he wrote several important books on composition and music theory. #music #musicfact #musicfacts #classicalmusic #classicalmusician #wemoveclassicalmusic