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I slid over in an empty pool today and smashed my phone #welldoneava
Sorry - proud mummy alert! Super proud of my little girl today, for getting an award at the schools first celebration assembly. She really struggles SO much with maths and it was lovely to hear how hard she has tried this term and to have all her efforts recognised 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 #superproud #alwaystriesherbest #welldoneAva #lovemygirlsomuch❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
So proud of my princess for using the big girl toilets at nursery all day 👧🏼👏🏼🚽 #wherehasmybabygone #missindependent #welldoneava
Well done Ava 😁 mummy and daddy are super proud of you for learning to use the toilet like a big girl ❤️👌🏽👧🏼 "one last wee wee on the big girl toilet then bedtime" she's the best 😍 #welldoneava #proudparents #toilettrained #masteredit #milestone #bedtime #tomorrowsanewday
Hey people on this planet! Guess who had their first show today and it went kinda ok (even act 2, which is...interesting) but I'm gonna tell you all the story of this one kid and near the end we try to open this box with a magic word and it doesn't work and a kid was like say it three times and I'm just thinking STOP PREDICTING MY PLAY LITTLE MAN. Then afterwards o went to my friends to play Mario Kart and of course we do rainbow road and I suck at that course but like for half the thing I thought I was slaying but I was watching the wrong screen (unknown to me) and so I was really falling off and crashing and that because rainbow road and then my friend was like lol are you gonna move or are you like stuck there Ava and I'm like lol that's you and then I just yell SHIT IM WATCHING THE WRONG SCREEN! #welldoneava
I legit got the lowest mark in the entire year for science and now I'm kinda sad but I expected it because I knew I fucked up- although the comment was legit along the lines "you failed but you failed with confidence" #rip #welldoneava I've got to get to the other side of Sydney on public transport by myself and I'm kinda scared especially through the city part 😅
Ava's year 4 school project #minature #garden #gettingcreative #fitforafairy #fairygarden #homework #project #welldoneava 🌿🦋👏🏻🌺🐞🌲
Massively proud of my little star, such an accurate report on Ava ... well done my little love ❤️❤️❤️ #doingsomethingright #leader #welldoneAva #proudmummy
I ate a leaf today but that's not the point- I saw a cat and was like oh look it's the evil cat and then this girl passes and was like that's our cat and I wanted to die then and there #welldoneava
do you ever finish a season of a tv show and decide never to trust fictional characters again, because I finished season one of scream and my favourite character ended up being the killer and was shot. And then I spoiled myself accidentally for season two what do I know? #welldoneava Do you ever go through the depths of your phone and find jams from 2014 and then just listen to them an get nostalgic. Because same. I'm going to go off and procrastinate now by studying for my driving test so yay Q: what was the first Taylor song you heard A: my mum and I fight on this one. She thinks it was today was a fairytale. I think it was love story.