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Never bring a knife to a gunfight they say. Apparently, the guys have broken the rule and the girls are winning! 💃🏻 #adetolaadelekestudios #adetolaadeleke #theokwedding
Así es el amor, Así de simple, Así de complejo. 📸 #omdem1markii @esolympus @profotoglobal
Wedding Season is 🔥
@nathaneelias we couldn’t thank you enough for the beautiful photos! You captured us perfectly. Gar made some dorky face, per usual, and I clearly am used to biting my tongue and rolling my eyes. Awe cheers to true love 🥂🙈
First Look: I was NERVOUS! I don't think I've been so nervous to see @shane_hardin since the day I asked him to sadies... and he told me no! 😂 I love you forever, hubs! #marriageisbeautiful #9917