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On our 3rd anniversary, sharing an informal moment from the wedding photo archives...it’s been lots of laughter ever since :) #weddingrehearsal #weddingfun #weddingouttakes
In case you didn’t see my Instagram story, I’m running a poll 😂 Every wedding, I end up with some really funny outtakes. Unless the bride and I 100% are on the same page and I KNOW she would laugh, I really don’t know if people would think they are as funny as I do! So, I’m going to do what I always do when I have a question: ask you all! What do you think? Would you want your wedding photographer to include some of the silly outtakes? Would you be confused, or would you like the joke? Comment below!
Home late last night. Didn't have a chance to post my photo of the day. "Scene from a wedding" outtakes
Walking into the weekend... #mainelife #weddingouttakes