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Euphoria moment! The daughter turns ONE today ❤️ I wont say that one year passed us by in a breeze.. No. It went by slowly..i lived each and every moment with my baby with all the time in the world, we bonded, i was with her when she smiled for the first time, when she said her first word, and for that matter the second third forth and those countless times she babbled her heart out, I was present. Even when I was away at work, nestled in my air conditioned office cabin, i was present just where she was. I was present. Thank you dear Lord for this lovely new team member who's just completed her first year in the team, which we proudly call, FAMILY. @alternate_anand #daughterturnsone #mydaughter #birthday #firstyearbirthday #love #weareafamily #beingmum #husbandandme #joys #birthdayinvitation
As we lead up to tomorrow and just keep thinking about how grateful we are - we come back to the same word. #Family - it’s all about family!
connected to her and graphiti.. #matbastard #weareafamily