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Tired of the same old wines? I feel your pain...I was there, too. Then something changed for me. And I learned how to get great wines-- from small artisan wineries all over the world-- delivered to my doorstep. And there was a way I could get it for free! Since I loved it so much....I decided to become an affilate....and now, this is what I do for work. Pretty cool, huh? Sure beats the heck out if drinking back of the refrigerator wine! If any of this sounds good to you...and you would like to know more...click the link in my bio: ==> @gypsywinelady Then msg me, let's talk...and I'll tell you how I live up to my IG name!! We are in the US and UK now....soon...the rest of the world! 😄🍷😄🍷🚐🍷😄🍷😄
Ever wonder what it would be like to work from anywhere you have cell service?? Do you at all keep your options open to opportunities to generate income, if it doesn't interfere with what you do now? Click link in bio ==> @tracywright1<== 🌲🌲🌲🌲🚐🌲
Be patient, be genius. Tag friends and double tap if you like! 😉
More pictures from my signature "Dine & Learn with Dr. Charity" last weekend. Participants left this event fully aware of their financial position, where they are in the wealth spectrum, and what actions they will take next to jumpstart the wealth journey. Follow this link to catch a glimpse of the event https://shar.es/1PWH7n --- www.drcharityblog.com - financial literacy solutions to help you take control of your finances and build a wealthy generation. Please Subscribe --- It is possible to end poverty through financial education.
I just literally finished reading this. I’m 19 years old and I promise you I will NEVER think of money the same way. Dave Ramsey is a GENIUS! I’m glad I read this book prior to making any major financial decisions because this is going to set up my future. EVERYBODY needs to read this. It’s on Amazon for $15. Go get it ASAP. It’ll change your thinking! @daveramsey #DaveRamsey #FPU #WealthBuilding #StayingOutOfDebt #StayAwayFromCreditCards
COD. Ca$h On Delivery
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Great call tonight. It was great to see 16 people join in on the call on a Tuesday night! Taking the opportunity to educate yourself and collaborate with like minded individuals surely leads to growth! Are you really wanting to build wealth and leave a legacy for your family? If we can get our personal finances in a better position, we can help our communities and churches even better. #shiftyourmindset #shiftyourincome #wealthbuilding #leagacy #generatioanlwealth #callenservices #helpingothers #letsgrowtogether
Drop Shipping is when you sell a product and it's shipped direct from manufacturer to customer, without you handling it. This provides the possibility of larger profits, because you take out some manual labour and shipping costs. It's also incredibly flexible as your products can be shipped on demand, and you don't always need a warehouse to store your goods. Follow us for more great quotes, and click the link in the bio for more info!
Your legacy isn’t just about what you leave your family. It’s also what you do in the world. How do you want to be known? You can be what you want and leave the legacy you want. You can break through your barriers and reach for more! You are the one your future self has been waiting for. You can do this! #Legacy
Try going 24 hours without saying anything negative. And try promoting what you love, instead of bashing what you hate. . . Better yet have those around you “buy in” and do the same, spouse, children, co-workers, business partners. Allow those around you to “call you” on anything that comes out of your mouth that is negative . . I think you’ll be blown away with the results. . . Cheers to YOUR success! . . Check out the link in the bio and follow me @marieandanson
It’s true isn’t it. We really can decide who we want to be. Follow me @anson_mac and for tips on how to use social media to build any business check out the link in the bio @marieandanson
Ebook Design Guide [FREE] when you buy the 5-Day Ebook Course. {Link in the Bio} The 27-page guide shows you the simple way to create stunning ebook designs even if you have no design skills. I seriously use Word & PowerPoint for all my ebooks and people think I've used InDesign or something super fancy and techny. Nope. Just basic Microsoft tools.
Understanding the difference between value and price is one factor that sets the mentalities apart. Most people with a rich mentality believe “just because I can afford it doesn’t mean I will buy it” these people usually don’t buy things because “It’s only $5” but because they value the service or product for the $5 price. They typically believe “every little step you take, every penny you save matters.” They are intentional and don’t approach goals and life haphazard. __________________________ Lebron James made headlines recently for mentioning he avoids roaming charges by only using his phone on wifi. Lebron stated “I’m not turning on data roaming, I’m not buying no apps. I still got Pandora with commercials.” When EPSN’s Rachel Nichols stated “you know you’re rich right” Lebron simply stated “I’m not paying for it”. I don’t know about you guys but I know plenty of broke people who don’t mind paying penalties and fees. __________________________ Note: I’m sure some wealthy people don’t care about roaming charges and there are lower income people who don’t want to pay ATM fees but it’s important to identify thoughts and behaviors that could benefit those of us who do want to leave something for our future generations.
SWIPE LEFT.... so the fall Fitness Challenge is going strong! Started October 3rd and I have been consistent with at least 4 days a week for 30 mins. Today’s workout was tough but I made it 💪🏾. I’m so proud of where I am from where I started. I’ll share a picture at the end of the challenge. Pictures show you what you look like more than looking in the mirror and when I saw a picture of myself from our company’s LinkedIn page I realized how much smaller I’ve gotten. Focus on your health. What’s the point of working so hard to be debt free if you’re not healthy enough to enjoy being debt free 🤔