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Are you ready to make 2018 your best year yet? I know I am! That's why I've created The Abundance Year Series...⠀ Over the next two weeks I am going to share four incredible blog articles designed to help you finish 2017 strong and cultivate a prosperous 2018!⠀ Stay tuned...first article coming tomorrow (December 11th)⠀
LATE POST ... the Mr. and I and my SIL & BIL started last Sunday. It’s been great. Feel free to join us!
Real estate is actually an incredible wealth building vehicle
Push thru these migraines, Swollen Feet, thyroid, Lupus etc all of it. My oldest 3 💙Beats forever‼️The reason I’m grinding 7days/week, I will never Ever 🛑 13, 19, & 20 🖤💚💜 #MyLegacy #WealthBuilding #WorkingForMyLastName #ChefCeCe #MyTeam #GodsGotMeThou 🙌🏽
Monday, meet this week's goals. Just because it's nearing the end of the year doesn't mean we're getting any less sh*t done!
Back at it this week! Last week we didn’t plan our meals and just enjoyed being debt free. This week we’re back to meal planning. * * Wake up - warm water with fresh lemon * * Breakfast: overnight oats with chia seeds and shredded coconut. Will be topped with blueberries, bananas and pecans * * Snacks - apples, pineapples (fresh), persimmons, oranges, and grapefruit * * Lunch - quinoa and kidney beans made with coconut milk and coconut cream with steamed green beans and roasted buttercup squash * * Dinner - mix of spinach and kale, pomegranates, red onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, garbanzo beans splashed with lemon juice and a little salt
Good start but today’s opening normally ends up in disaster! LOL In this position for over a month now and planning on staying in this position until I hit my target OR I get stopped out. Therefore, I will either make money or lose money in these trades. I wont settle for anything in between. This is why Investing or long term trading is boring. 😎 Its now Time to leave my trades alone... #Forex #ForexTrading #Investing #Bonds #Bitcoin #CryptoCurrencies #CurrencyTrading #Stocks #FinancialMarkets #WealthBuilding #TrendTrading #FollowTheTrend #MoneyMarkets #StockTrading #Investments #TheMagnateGroup
The greatest power we have is the power to create our own path. Wherever you want to go, it all starts with making a decision: to be more, have more, our do things differently. What path do you want you future to take? Start now! #moneycoach
Success or failure I want it to be my fault! #entrepreneurship #livelife
It's always exciting when we welcome a new client to the 700 Credit Club. Our client Frank was very coachable and followed all recommendations to assist his process. His file is now in position for business funding!!! #creditisking👑 #businessfunding #creditcoaching #motivation #inquiryremoval #deleted #realestatepaid #realestateinvestor #lasvegas #creditconsulting #creditcoach #wealthbuilding #financialfreedom #creditprocess
Thank you Terri Bridges @halorealtor & Calvin Gleaton & Elite Realty for such a wonderful Christmas Party! It was so inspirational to see you reward & honor your team members for a jon well done!! Keep up the great work! Happy Holidays!! #jillinspires #love #realestate #legacy #wealthbuilding #digitaladvertising #media #realestateinvesting #firsttimehomebuyer #insurance #nareb #2mn5 #teamempire #blackhomeownershipmatters #nahrep #generationalwealth #secondcareer #entrepreneurs #financialfreedom #gahomesforsale #atlantaluxuryapartments #millionairemindset #success #fundraising #startup #business #socialgood #CEO #positivity
If there is anyone you should bet on, it should be yourself! #investorbabes
If not for them then why would I really want more than I have. I am a simple person. I want to be comfortable not wealthy... Then for them and theirs I need the wealth. #grindharder #wealthbuilding #breakingthecycle
'It's important to remember that we all have magic inside us.'⠀ -JK Rowling
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If you're planning to make #2018 YOUR year, the power is in starting with a PLAN. a simple, easy to remember plan for you money will take you way further than winging it! Use this post as a simple money guide to keep you on track with your financial goals. If you commit to setting up a system where you plan where you money goes IN ADVANCE, you'll avoid those pitfalls that pull us off track. The system is simple: ▪️Keep 20% of your money to save and invest (10 percent to sow; 10% to grow), ▪️Give 10% to causes you believe in/support to make the world better, ▪️Use 3% to expand your mind and grow your knowledge and skill set, ▪️Allocate 67% for operational expenses - to make sure you take care of the business of life. #adulting If these numbers seem a little out of reach right now, that's okay! START WHERE YOU ARE. If you can only do 1% in each of those areas, you'll be more in control than half of Americans! Start where you are, and work your way up. You CAN do this! It's time to #levelup. Let's go. #moneycoach
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Just keeping it 💯 with you guys about 💵 — which is an area I’ve definitely learned the hard way on. ⠀ . ⠀ Not claiming to be an expert here, I still have much room for growth. ⠀ . ⠀ But I’m certainly 100x better now than I was before at it. So thought I’d share my perspective. ⠀ . ⠀ 👉🏾 What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned with 💵 so far? ⠀ . ⠀ Let’s all learn from ea other! #sundayvibes 👇🏾👇🏾
Make a decision this holiday to give a gift that will last...forever. The gift of hands on #support, #success, #increase, 7 income streams, #wealthbuilding, and #wisdom. Watch, share then visit www.agiftofsuccess.com. #christmasgift
Having a great time at the Elite Realty Group Christmas Party with Calvin Gleaton & Terri Bridges @halorealtor! I came in the door Cupid Shuffling & I plan to leave Electric Sliding out the door! My son & bodyguard is my date! Thank you Jared! @aghh.bootman Happy Holidays everyone! #jillinspires #love #realestate #legacy #wealthbuilding #digitaladvertising #media #realestateinvesting #firsttimehomebuyer #insurance #nareb #2mn5 #teamempire #blackhomeownershipmatters #nahrep #generationalwealth #secondcareer #entrepreneurs #financialfreedom #gahomesforsale #atlantaluxuryapartments #millionairemindset #success #fundraising #startup #business #socialgood #CEO #positivity
@fentybeauty has finally restocked on the #profilterfoundation !!! 😍😍
If you’re a candle lover like me, you’ll find something you like @knits_soy_and_metal 💙
🌀{ENERGY UPDATE!}🌀Something magickal is in the air: CLARITY! . I'm feeling it. My clients are feeling it. My partner is feeling it. Something about December 2017's energy is OPTIMAL for getting clear as a crystal on who you are and what you offer as a business owner. 😃 . In fact, the clarity vibes are borderline psychic (at least for me) and I've been tuning into to people's potentials BIG TIME!!! . Been busting through business-blocks that coaches have been wrastling with for months (years?) around their positioning, messaging, offers, and content strategy. . There's something incredible that happens when I line up the energy for someone and I hear, "YES! That's exactly what I do, but have never been able to say it that clearly!!!!" . CASH MONEY! That's what that level of clarity in your business brings you! . Case in point - in two hours in a truck ride with Clay Green ( @enthusiasticlay13 )this week, I revamped his business messaging to position him as the high-end expert that can charge 1K for a 1 time phone call! BAM! Straight out of the Vortex. And that's just the beginning.... . I got in flow and rocked out: . . 💎 His "one sentence" describing who he is and what he offers so people ASK to hear more! . 💎 His specific marketing "power terms" to describe what he uniquely sells and catch his audience's ear . 💎 His High-End 1:1 consulting offer . 💎 His Content Model so everything he shares fits into HIS system that leads to clients working with him like clockwork! . 💎 His Product Matrix from Courses to Coaching that he can use to serve his tribe on all price points and use to nurture long-term engagement . 💎 His High-Leverage Lead Magnet . 💎 His Upsell Strategy as he continues developing his relationship w/ his target customer . 💎 His TedTalk outline ;) . 💎 His Aligned Sales Languaging (You know all about your topic...but do you know what to say ABOUT your topic that gets clients clicking "pay now"?) . 💎 His Signature Social Media Platforms . A tangible gameplane using the content system he already has. MAGICKAL! . . Super excited to keep riding this wave of Consulting Super Powers I've received. Do you need some Marketing Magick? Message me for clarity now! ✨
I busted out this little book again today 📚 You owe it to yourself and those you care about to create abundance 💯
When it comes to impulse buying, what works for you when it comes to curbing it? #myside
In a few weeks we’ll be entering #2018! Did you know that 57% of Americans have less than $1K in their #savings accounts. 39% have no savings at all! 💰 Start thinking about ways to boost your savings in 2018! Start a change jar to collect your loose change or cancel a service you no longer need (landline phone/cable). Every penny counts!
We told them we’re goin to be the IML females of Philly and they’ll be coming out soon to show that IML Love! New York is on a roll! Philly let’s Go!!!
1 victory isn’t enough! I want more...more...more! #StayWinning #Champion
Curious to see how my marking will play out. Only practice will make you better. Patience is key 🔐📈📉 #nomore925 #iML #Forexlife
My CEO is better then yours 🤣 Thee G.O.A.T iMarkets Live was Created to see everyone win! LETS GOOOO
What is the one thing you love to do? It might be playing video games or doing your workouts. Whatever it is, get really good at it. Throw yourself into it by reading, listening to material on the subject. Go on training courses to get a deeper understanding of what you love to do. Doing all these things you will be immerse in it, after a while you will be an expert in the subject. This is the point where people will pay you money to learn about what you love to do. I think that sounds like a great way to make a living.
Fast forward 10 years from now and picture yourself saying, "I didn't reach my goal, I didn't acheive my life's purpose, because I cared about people's opinions." Sad, right? __ Listen, people are always going to have an opinion about what you do. The question is, are you going to let it distract you from your goals? __ Care about the opinions of your customers and clients giving you feedback about your products and services. __ Care about the opinion of people who've invested in you and your business. __ But pay no attention to the destructive criticism from friends, relatives, and especially strangers on the internet.