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DEPARTURE OF A YOUNG FARMER Pale skies moistened the earth, the sticky ground in desperation glued to the boots the home hurls javelins of souvenirs stretched evening shadow trailed me to the station surviving this flood, this ambush of tears. Castrated acres exhaled stench of death the sponsored effort by fat khadi pests People in motion and in haunches, betrayed by the sickle, cut and left to dry as hay! few unlucky ones float above the ground on their own, Banks showed largesse to the privileged inflated leeches water on the globe is put on sale! a dehydrated earth served on the plate brimming with dust and rocks, even the trees are tanned. Oh, many stood in the precipice waiting for a storm disappointed dived back into the motherland's womb. The problem was so great, I dragged myself from a home Huddled inside this monstrous red snake on a rail Hauling the laden promise of a beautiful friend. Hundred of miles away and vomited into the city, wearing a basic fashion and this tongue so crude! standing anonymous and hushed at the many doors This alien world with wild animals on big wheels the wallet with two photographs filled a hunger And finally sheltered by a flame, building concrete pine trees with many windows reaching out to the stars this devoted hand of a farmer is still good. @L.K Abhinav P.S photograph is from internet.