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'Miss-Understood'. A poem from my book BUTTERFLOW. Available on Amazon, Kindle and to order in bookshops. *Link is in my bio*
APPETITE OF A GRAVE You’re polished prayerful words, Mock me, for I have no ears This inevitability always lingered in your fears You would be robbed in your way From underneath the shroud But I do allow you to bring a fistful of air Do not construct a speech of words for I am illiterate ignore your degrees and titles The dust would envelop it for you Show up in empty pockets, here the coins outlive My silence would drill through your skin And the moist darkness would penetrate Blurring all the yearnings and grief Which your futile heart held on to, My blackness paralyzes everything A terrible comfort I have arranged The soil like an open embrace This darkened muddy crib Basket for the fallen apples Cushion for the tired shadows Autumn leaves deceived by the skies Lay here, This darkened red shade of crust Devour everything the mountains spill I am the grave, mouth of the ground Opened wide, with insatiable appetite I do not understand, sinners and priests Ignorant of everything the land above bestowed, Unmindful of the size of the coffins I punish everything indiscriminately Those who stomped at my chest I am the ground, which reaped the crops So I would harvest the worms in your gut And serve your flesh to the crawlers My colossal appetite dwarfs your greed Your flesh I consume and spit off the bones Preserving the bones for a time, When the land above would have exhausted of flesh L.K Abhinav
"Talking with love through the faint snow and smeared mascara. I find them tangled through powerlines outlining sunsets, beyond the infinite pink horizon and dimming lights. Past the piles of star crossed lovers, stretched out through half the northern hemisphere. There we were; your eyes drowned mine in a sea of memories. I held your cheeks trembling, and with my hands, I embraced yours as they deboss itself with a flutter of shivers echoing from your heart throughout; screaming: "I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love." The strands of hair danced on my nose, the winds knocked the collar of my coat backwards. Snowflakes melted upon the warmth in my arms. My eyes, partly shut. The wings of crows beat off the leafless trees as they emerge like silhouettes breaking its own former shadows. I feel my veins run cold, my eyes straight blurred. These hands were made for making art, not ruining them. But I'll do so by writing down everything from heartbreaks to absolute joy with ink, to how I'll devastate you, with these hands piercing through your lungs , until my spit from my lips stretch itself all over you, on your neck, chest, and waist down under the sheets of endless falling snow. But this love will make me bleed, and my blood will pounce on the pale white ice before collapsing and succumbing to it fully. And it will drown me worse than the waves of tears I mourned before. Your hands will be my shelters But as warm as this love will be, it'll leave me frostbitten and numb, But so will you." -hailing heartbeats(Isy) . . . #quoteoftheday #pictureoftheday #poemoftheday #poetryporn #poetryspeaks #wordsporn #lovepoem #unexpectedlove #deep #thoughts #instapoet #magic #inspirationalquotes #writer #wattpadworldwide #blogger #soul #miracles #poetsofig #poetrycommunity #follow #followme #poets #poetic #instaquotes #igwriters #igpoets #lovequotes #wordporn #spilledink
There are those who strip themselves bare, undress fear And stand with wobbly innards exposed. Naked. Poets. Threading words to repair tears and hairlined fractures of the soul. Dropping buckets with roped hands, removing layers of skin to just let the reader in. Unashamed.Poets. Naked : : #daycreator #quoteoftheday #poemoftheday #poetryporn #poetryspeaks #wordsporn #lovepoem #deep #thoughts #instapoet #magic #inspirationalquotes #writer #wattpadworldwide #blogger #soul #miracles #poetsofig #poetrycommunity #follow #followme #poets #poetic #instaquotes #igwriters #igpoets #lovequotes #wordporn #spilledink
I wonder what makes people cheat? Why go behind someone's back, making them look like a fool for trusting you with their heart when you can simply tell them that the feelings are not mutual. I get it, it's going to shatter them. They're going to be hurt, but at least they'll still respect you when it ends. At least they'll still have their trust and you, your integrity to hold on to when it ends. But you decide to cheat. To look into their eyes and shamelessly tell them you love them when you mean it for someone else. They don't deserve it. So the next time, you feel like cheating on someone, just think of all the time and efforts you'll be saving for everyone involved. And if you cheat because you don't want to hurt them with the truth, let me tell you that eventually they'll get to know it and the consequences are going to be so much more towards vulnerability. So, I wonder what makes people cheat? #itt
Again... " Baudelaire " cant get enough... Encore Baudelaire... Je ne peux plus m'en passer ... 🔥
Second horror story called "The Schizophrenic" is up on the blog so please have a read (Link is in the bio). Stay tuned for more creepy short stories coming your way! #horror #story #creativewriting #wattpadworldwide #writer #writersofig #creepy #creepypasta #blogger #writersofinstagram #deep #follow #followme
One of the most beautiful poems ever written 'Nothing Gold Can Stay' by #robertfrost Short yet meaningful. It's a reminder that everything eventually fades and that nothing lasts forever. Life provides us with precious moments and beauty and we must remember to cherish it while it's still here and alive. Although it will inevitably pass, one should not mourn that change as there will be more to come. #foodforthought #poetry #inspirationalwords
You say I'm stubborn. But all you see is the walls I've built, if only you would've seen the bricks that built them. I never wished for it, crying all night without making a single sound with my breath hitching wasn't exactly a part of my to-do list. Being afraid of falling in love? No, I didn't take classes for that. Not being able to trust people was never a life goal. But it all happened. I get it, the fact that my heart is no precious jewel, perhaps that would make you wonder why I feel the need to protect it. No, Disney never taught me to avoid what I felt, it was you. It was them. It was everyone who thought it was okay to walk all over my heart. Don't take me for a whiny human. No, that's not how I was raised. All I'm saying is that all the hope I had in me is dead. Who can I blame? Many. Who would I blame? None. So you say I'm stubborn because of the walls I've built, if only you would've seen the bricks that built them. #itt
Meet my favorite poem. This is the Love Poem from Jim Jarmusch Paterson Movie. A remedy for my sick day. 🐟
Hidden~ . Whats inside you? Who are you behind those walls of blood and flesh? What resides in the depth of your heart, Why is that rhythmic sound speaking to me? Why is it that your body is not just like any other body but a house for me, like your eyes are the windows for me that when i glaze at you i cant resist myself but to peep inside you and find myself with a vision of something that makes me suffer paranoia suddenly. You hide something in that smile. But why is it that you deny to answer when there are questions from each part of my broken pieces asking you something. I feel that pain, like a thousands of needles are pushed through my skin. Where there is a boundary between me and who i want to be. You have that capacity the urges me to be someone else that i never desired to be. I hate myself for what you make out of me but i still question myself again and again, Who is a beloved? The one that I want to run into or the one that I am deattaching myself even when my heart is refusing and still hoping. -Amisha. . . . . . . #quoteoftheday #pictureoftheday #poemoftheday #poetryporn #poetryspeaks #wordsporn #lovepoem #unexpectedlove #deep #thoughts #instapoet #magic #inspirationalquotes #scribbler #wattpadworldwide #scribbling #souls #miracles #scribble #poetrycommunity #delightfulpoems #poem #instaquotes #igwriters #igpoets #lovequotes #wordporn #spilledink #WRITERSJUNCTION
Pada sebuah senja di musim gugur Mapple sedang mengenakan jubah merah Melambai-lambai ditiup angin musim gugur Pada dahannya dedaunan pasrah Hijau cerahnya kini meluntur Seorang bapak meratapi anaknya Yang gugur dalam malam yang gigil Anak lelaki harapan masa tua Terenggut jiwanya oleh butiran pil Ia selipkan duka pada daun-daun yang menguning Embuskan lara dalam dinginnya hawa Oh anakku, jiwaku membeku dalam hening Andai ku bisa menukar ku punya nyawa . . (II) Ia pergi dalam sesal kekasih tenggelam ditelan lautan Harusnya ia tetap tinggal Menugguinya berenang dalam pengawasan Tak pernah sedikit ia ragu Sang kekasih si perenang handal Mana pernah ia tahu Seorang ahli pun bisa sial Orang-orang berteriak Menunjuk sosok yang mengambang Dua jam ia berontak Menekan dadanya yang tak lagi mengembang Matanya tak percaya Akan tubuh perempuannya yang membiru saga Teringat dua tahun dalam caravan Sudut Australia ia jelajahi bersama Ialah sebaik-baik kekasih dan kawan Berbagai musim dialami berdua Teringat rencana akan pernikahan Anak-anak lucu yang menggemaskan Keduanya akan tinggal bersama Dan berkeliling dunia berdua . . (III) Seorang bapak menghela nafas Daun-daun Mapple jatuh di kakinya Bergumam ia dalam ikhlas 'Anakku damai bersama kekasihnya' Anak lelaki pergi seperti musim panas Menyisakan musim gugur di hati bapaknya Malam-malam menjadi was-was Bayang si anak tak juga lena Anak lelaki penyejuk jiwa Pergi dalam duka, rindu dan cinta Dalam hembus musim gugur ku menanti Hingga saat kita berkumpul kembali (Adelaide, 19 April 2017) *inspired by a true story of a friend #sayembarapuisi2017 #quoteoftheday #pictureoftheday #poemoftheday #poetryporn #poetryspeaks #wordsporn #lovepoem #unexpectedlove #deep #thoughts #instapoet #magic #inspirationalquotes #writer #wattpadworldwide #blogger #soul #miracles #poetsofig #poetrycommunity #poets #poetic #instaquotes #igwriters #igpoets #lovequotes #wordporn #spilledink
Lying Ass Nigga | Part 1 - Juja ✨ ( never again would I record from my iPad 😪 )
"What is self awareness? Its not simply Who you are and what you stand for. I don't stand for much, but I know when to feel those rare happy moments ; only because they contrasted drastically from the darkest ones in my life. For one, I'm never one to appreciate things until they're fleeting from my grasp, And with every second that I spend alone miserably I will feel a funeral in my soul and the world. Never had I thought I'd be being that way. I realized that I always fancied being lonely, but when I come across the fascination of a mother and her daughter, and 2 lovers, a group of friends doing fistbumps, I came to understand that I fancied being lonely, but I never appreciated being alone. And I know that I wasn't sad, I was empty. Depression makes you feel like such. Its like a swimming from a current, where in the end we'd know we would only die tired. That's how I've been coping at least for the past few years, drowning in myself, dying over and over. And with months of attempting methods of "absolution" or "medication" I grew to understand this epiphany. I have learned in my own emptiness on how big an emotion can be, how it can be more real than facts, and very surreal to people who never felt that. And I have found that experience has allowed me to understand positive emotions in a more intense and fulfilling way. The opposite of depression is not happiness but vitality, and these days, my life is vital, even on the days when I’m empty. I love it because it has forced me to cling onto hope. That itself is a surmountable breakthrough. - windows (Isy) . . . #quoteoftheday #pictureoftheday #poemoftheday #poetryporn #poetryspeaks #wordsporn #lovepoem #unexpectedlove #deep #thoughts #instapoet #magic #inspirationalquotes #writer #wattpadworldwide #blogger #soul #miracles #poetsofig #poetrycommunity #follow #followme #poets #poetic #instaquotes #igwriters #igpoets #lovequotes #wordporn #spilledink
It was nothing short of magical. The way they stood before the shutters of the phone and smiled, almost carefree. Smiling, lips arched from cheek to cheek. All worries tossed behind them on to the almost busy street for incoming cars to smash to smithereens. One could most certainly snatch at the joy that caused their cheeks to glow under the sun's golden filter. It was infectious, and the camera man stood nearly transfixed by the aura. The yellow metro cab seemed in itself a metaphor for the setting but I might be overreaching. Friendship, an never ending journey with swells and sinkholes ... good times and bad times ... but a journey with one end in sight - two souls finding a bond to last a lifetime. #quoteoftheday #pictureoftheday #poemoftheday #poetryporn #poetryspeaks #wordsporn #lovepoem #unexpectedlove #deep #thoughts #instapoet #magic #inspirationalquotes #writer #wattpadworldwide #blogger #soul #miracles #poetsofig #poetrycommunity #follow #followme #poets #poetic #instaquotes #igwriters #igpoets #lovequotes #wordporn #spilledink
"Disentangled, then disconnected, static stories dissipate. I sculpt the morning air for silence to reside in." - @shanil.samarakoon Photo by me, @devsingh Our first #photopoetry #collaboration for Instagram. I took this photo in Siem Reap, Cambodia, in the floating village and it stood as a reminder and testament to the beauty of being so disconnected from the world. I think Shanil's take is a touch more eloquent in this case. Check out Shanil's account for some incredibly deep pieces of writing.