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#BobbyBandzProductions • Mans best friend! Nothing like getting married and you already have a child of your own with 4 legs and doesn’t talk. This pup had to make sure mom knew he was still dads best buddy! Nothing can replace your dog or pet especially when you build that bond along with the relationship you have with your significant other. That bond will always hold value and there will be a bunch of amazing memories you both can reminiscence about as time goes on. Having a pet especially a dog always feels like a good first step into starting a family...I don’t know if it’s true or not but I guess if you can handle a dog you can handle a kid? I feel like someone said that and did studies on it. Do you think that’s true and a good way to ease into family life? Let me know • www.BobbyBandz.com
run your run | its in your blood • in motion w/ @monalavinia #thefitdistrict #nikerunning #walkwithlocals #aCreativeDC #priime
🌲🌲HOLIDAY REDWOOD TABLE CATALOG DROP: 12 new one-of-a-kind handmade old growth redwood tables launched today. Last of our friends & family pricing batch before we launch on a website, Etsy, etc. Check out our holiday catalog (http://bit.ly/LeftWood) and we can ship all the way across country before xmas if ordered by Friday or East Coast by next week. Message or email at LeftWoodStudio @gmail.com for orders🌲🌲 . . . . #liveedge  #redwood  #redwoods  #art  #acreativedc #edibleDC  #madeindc  #mydccool  #washingtonian #ourdistrictsart  #artcollector  #woodworking  #wood #trees  #homedecor  #furniture  #architecture  #interiordesign  #luxury  #lifestyle  #elegant  #instahome #architecturelovers  #designer  #livingroom  #myhome #fashion  #coffeetable  #california  #home
Capitol views. . . . 📷 @franceaufotos #franceaufotos
Every amazingly bad Christmas movie ever made | #roamthedistrict
This guy... my number one partner-in-crime! This weekend we were wedding guests and it was so fun!! I have to admit though — I wasn’t sure what to do with myself actually being a GUEST for once! - But, doesn’t he make such a dapper groomsmen?! 😉 Morgan makes our life together so much fun and always an adventure! - However, it’s certainly not all butterflies and rainbows and earlier today, we certainly didn’t look like this... - Today we argued about the laundry 🙄 It wasn’t pretty and I definitely owed him an apology! ... just felt like I should keep it real around here instead of just posting a pretty pic! Hope you’re okay with that 💁🏼 - #MarriageIsHardWork #IShouldSayALotOfSorries #PosttheTruth
Tonight’s open mic featuring Little Bobby Tables . Beautiful sound!
Little Bobby Tables blessing us at tonight's open mic! Photo curtesy of @paintedblk.
Celebrating National Poinsettia Day with these new Luv U Hot Pink and Luv U Pink Splash #poinsettias
tomorrow, flow with @xiomara__rivera & @coolcave community things & fitness moves. tag your hustle: #thefitdistrict
Yes or nah?
Chiristmas is mostly here! Hurry up, only few styles left! Hand-knit aran hat with super beautiful detachable pom pom. Avaliable in ivory and light grey colors.
Some holiday jazz in the Garden tonight with Project Natale! Live concerts every Tuesday and Thursday evening 6:00-8:00 pm in December. Come check it out.
Here’s a secret... order the crispy spicy 🌶 fish 🐟! It’s not on the menu but ask for Amy and she will hook it up! Crispy and bursting with flavor even without a coat of sauce!
Sunset at the Lincoln. Gorgeous photo by @benamurrey #onlyindc
Happy National Poinsettia Day! Originally from Mexico, Euphorbia pulcherrima has been a holiday staple in the U.S. for more than 50 years now. Come find your favorite variety in the 30+ cultivars we are showcasing! Shown here l-r: ‘Premium Picasso,’ ‘Jingle Bells’
on sunday, we’re gonna go for a walk. today, we’re thrilled to announce our final walk of 2017 will also be our first walk with our friends from @visitwashingtondc #WWLxMyDCcool. in what was our first full calendar year since launch, 2017 was bigger & better than we could have ever imagined. we hope you’ll join us & we hope you’ll bring a friend. details on the post above but dont hesitate to let us know if you have any questions. all are welcome to join. iphone, dlsr or no camera at all, doesnt matter to us. we jus want you to join us. see you sunday: #walkwithlocals
It’s supposed to be freezing in the District this week ❄️ But, don’t worry there are a lot of indoor activities on this week’s Weekly Wanderings!
We’re giving a different meaning to holiday spirit. Stop by and try our cranberry cosmo and Aged Eggnog, made with rum, brandy and bourbon. Aged for almost 8 weeks, this special batch will only be available for a short time. Read more about this recipe in @voguemagazine using the link in our bio!
🌲🌲HOLIDAY CATALOG DROP: 12 new one-of-a-kind redwood tables launched today. Here are a few. This is the last of our friends & family batch before we launch on a website, Etsy, etc. Check out our holiday catalog (http://bit.ly/LeftWood) and we can ship all the way across country before xmas if ordered by Friday or East Coast by next week. Message or email at LeftWoodStudio @gmail.com for orders🌲🌲 . . . . #liveedge  #redwood  #redwoods  #art  #acreativedc #edibleDC  #madeindc  #mydccool  #washingtonian #ourdistrictsart  #artcollector  #woodworking  #wood #trees  #homedecor  #furniture  #architecture  #interiordesign  #luxury  #lifestyle  #elegant  #instahome #architecturelovers  #designer  #livingroom  #myhome #fashion  #coffeetable  #california  #home
Let’s face it, making friends as an adult ain’t easy. I feel very lucky to have met some of my most favorite friends through my career and workouts 😜🙌🏼 Today my dear friend and favorite flybarre instructor’s ( @marisabarre) wedding is being featured on @washbridegroom. I feel so honored to have shared in her wedding planning process as well as her special day! 👉🏽find the link in my Instagram profile! 👈🏾 I love seeing my clients family wedding photos because I like to think that they will treasure their own wedding photos as much as they hold on tightly to their old family photographs.
There is a shade of red for every woman. Audrey Hepburn 👊🏻 (Color inspo from @facticemagazine ) #colorinspo
Really enjoyed having an opportunity to share with @ringletdc earlier this year. It's always interesting going back and reading some of the interviews you have had and wonder, has anything changed? Who was I then? Where are we now? . . . are you looking for a community where judgments are out the window and you can show up in a onesie if you want (hey @thevelvetsocial)? Are you needing a group of people to be there for you when life gets kind of shitty? Are you seeking a space that'll let you vent and not hold it against you after? Hey girl, we here. . . . "YOU MAY NOT KNOW HOW TO LOVE YOURSELF AND YOU MAY NOT KNOW HOW TO FORGIVE YOURSELF, BUT WALK INTO A COMMUNITY THAT WILL SHOW YOU THAT YOU'RE WORTH IT."
5d3 back in action ✨
Thank you @womeninthearts for providing this perfect backdrop for our Fluff Mobil, a 16th century French painting...not too shabby 😉 #NutTea2017
Just being merry!! ✨🎄Loved all the families that showed up for my mini-sessions at a local Christmas Tree Farm. It was such a special day filled with so much laughter and joy ❤️ #dcfamilyphotography #christmasphotos #ticonderoga
GUYS! I officially made an Instagram account for my portrait photography and I’m super excited 😄 Head on over and give ya girl a follow!! 🤸🏻‍♀️ @marycatherinephoto
NDB, just a few dozen of good friends showing up on our roof deck bar with their most festive outfits ready to share some holiday cheers. Come get into the holiday spirit with us!  Big thanks to @jaymekings and the @trainatelevate squad! 🙌
It’s getting all cozy up in here! My favorite time of day has been 5ish. After the sun sets, but there’s still that little bit of left over light. The Christmas lights shine so bright & the sky looks like magic. Give me a cup of tea (or wiiiine 🍷), my favorite pair of slippers, & life is perfect. What’s your favorite way to relax?
Tonight at 7pm our new Music Open Mic continues! Come share yur music with us and get 30% off your bar tab!
DON'T FORGET 🥃🥃 MEN'S NIGHT Open House tomorrow...Wednesday night from 6-9 PM. 5006 Worthington Drive, Bethesda. Featuring this Blue Ribbon Winner at New Orlean's Bourbon Fest. #bourbon #mensnight #christmasinDC #personalshopperDC
It’s 60 degrees in Colorado with no snow in the forecast, so I’m reminiscing on very snowy days in Washington from a few months back- headed to southern Colorado tomorrow to do some exploring and I couldn’t be more stoked * DoubleTap & Tag a Friend Below⤵ * 🙏 Plz Follow us - @washington11111889 To be Featured ❤❤❤ * Tag your love 😘 * Thank you ! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ * Via: @ellieljohnson * #washington11111889 #washington #washingtonlife #ilovewashington #washingtonlove #washington_ig #washingtonheights #washingtonphotographer #washingtonstate #washingtontrails #washingtonredskins #washingtonexplored #washingtondaily #washingtonpark #washingtonpost #washingtoncoast #washingtonwizards #washingtonsquare #washingtonian #washingtond #washingtonfamily #washingtonave #washingtonweed #washingtong #washingtonst #washingtongirl #washingtonweather
Gorgeous girl ✨ Balayage, cut + style by me. #boblife #holidayhair
Scarves & Gift Cards: This holiday season, buy an RW custom gift card at a value of $300 or more and receive one of our beautiful 100% Scottish lambswool scarves to gift along with it. It's a win-win. Need help playing Santa? Go ahead and drop us a line at support @readwall.com. ____________________ #LEANTOLAMBSWOOL #GIFTCUSTOM
Happy Hanukkah, Washingtonians! Wherever you are in the world, we wish you the very best this holiday season.