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oh im loving #Bogota - one of the most beautiful squares I have been #plazadebolivarbogota #instabogota #colombia #travelfirsts #vacaciones
"Tahiti doesn't just hand out tales to weary Surf bums...it hands you a beautiful scenic landscape & plenty of epic waves" @pkdla #tbt2016 full read "Tales of Tahiti" click link in our bio 🤙🏼
This view though has me dreaming of dreamy sunsets tonight 🌞🙏🏼💫 #thewanderlustbazaar #wanderfreely
take the time to stop and smell the roses, because life is short and it's the little things that make it great 🌹 I've been feeling über grateful lately for being able to spend time with family, see my grandma and grandpa every day, spend my workday getting interrupted with kisses by the sweetest guy ever, and most of all doing what I love in a beautiful environment. Ps as some of you know, I lost my beloved raybans in australia after 7 years of use 😭 lucky for me, I've found a stylish, minimalist brand who makes A+ aviators AND great watches. Use the code amandaroundtheglobe15 for $15 off your purchase at @mvmt and thank me later 😇😎 #jointhemvmt
If all lakes were this color I think my girlfriend would maybe go in them! Best place you’ve ever been canoeing? Tag us at @kulanaco to be featured!
*mis avances yoguisticos* Garurasana (Águila) | Postura que abre las 14 principales articulaciones del sistema óseo. Mejora la flexibilidad de las caderas, rodillas y tobillos. Suministra sangre fresca al sistema reproductivo, órganos sexuales y riñones. Tonifica pantorrillas, muslos y caderas. Fortalece dorsales anchos, trapecios y deltoides. ... . Sí, soy como una navaja suiza! Sirvo para varias cosas jajaja ... . . #asanas #asanayoga #yoga #bikram #yogui #yogalover #yogafit #garurasana #yogaforlife #yogaphotography #yogafitness #yogamom #yogagirls #bikramyogalife #bikramyoga #bikramyogacentroprovi #yogini #yogi #yogilife #wanderlust #wanderlustvibes #wanderlust2018 #FindYourTrueNorth #practice #lifestyle #fitnessmotivation
Hot air balloons work for all sorts of occasions! And they have that touch of a wanderlust vibe to them too 🗻🥂💌. What do you think of this hot air balloon inspired card?
Throwback Thursday 😍 - Some trips will never be forgotten... - Like trips to Paris with your family. - Not many people are lucky enough to live this kind of life, but those who are typically are the ones who aren't afraid to go after their dreams... - They are the people who move past their fear and understand that there is only reward for those who are willing to take a risk. - Most highly successful people I know own their own business and work for themselves. - Want to take better vacations with your family? Want to be in complete control over your income? Tired of asking your boss if you can take time off to enjoy your family? - Want more time to travel and enjoy the world? - Click the link in my bio @wanderlustvegan_melody and take control of your life today.
Photo from @kjpinc 🌴
Ahhh me time 💕 phones off, good book open and preferably at the beach with the sound of the ocean and refreshments nearby. Pic via @fakander #metime
Wanderlust - a strong desire or urge to travel + explore the world. 🙋🏼
The best way to spend a lunch break 😍
When I worked in college admissions, I clocked in 14-hour days REGULARLY during travel season in the fall. I'd drive 7 hours to Baltimore, visit 4 high schools, put up info booths awkwardly in their cafeterias where NO ONE would talk to me (omg so much fun #NOT), spend 4+ hours at a night fair, then go back to the hotel room with a bag of chick fil a and WORK. In the spring there were so many events that we'd work for 2-3 weeks straight, including Saturdays and Sundays, plus many evenings. No overtime, EVER. I was so stressed out I had migraines WEEKLY, sometimes 2-3 in a week, and I'd load up on emergency meds and ice packs and keep pushing through. There was no time to hang out, no time to step back and breathe. Just survive. . Listen - I didn't know ANYTHING about running a business, ANYTHING about computers, social media, etc. I'd even gotten off Facebook for a full year because I felt like all I saw were weddings and pregnancies and promotions...and I felt incredibly small and insignificant and alone. . ALLLL I knew was that I didn't want to live an average "life." I didn't want to wake up when I'm 80 and look back and REGRET. 🙅🏼 I wanted a life where I could do WHAT I want, WHEN I want, with WHO I want and NOT have to worry about money or be drained by a life-sucking schedule! Guys - I DID IT. And so can YOU!! . If you've been curious about what I do as a coach but not sure what questions to ask (how do you Earn Income? Is it scammy? What if I'm not fit? What if I wanna keep my day job? Do you really work from home in a snuggie? #snuggiesrock), my coach besties and I are going LIVE tonight to talk about #ThatNoBossLife! We'll share about what an online coach does/doesn't do, how we work on social media, how we make money, and answer ALL of the questions for you. It's free. You might as well see if it's for you.🌈 . Fill out the free interest form 👆in my bio👆or drop your email in a comment below to check it out!👇 . . *Oh, and btw - Beachbody doesn't guarantee you any sort of money. It's your biz, you work for it. #duh #bossbabes . #joyonthejourney #wanderluster #curvyandFIERCE #dogmoms #redhairgirl #blueeyedgirl #introvert #wanderlusttribe