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One more week left in Bali with @findyourpack 😭 How did this month manage to go so fast!? Any recommendations before I leave this beautiful island and start the 18+ hour journey home?
Can you buy an overnight trip on Black Friday? If I so, I'd take one back to beautiful Ljubljana right now ✨✈️ #travelwithme
Wander feels 🗺
Agua pasa por mi casa, Nikon de mi corazón.. el que no lo adivine será un burro cabezón... #nikon #imissyou #couplegoals 😂
She was so proud of herself to climb all these rocks! #optoutside
Wild thing 💃🏽
White Sands! 😍 📷 @justinercruz
Photo from @chrisburkard 🌴
Photo from @jacob 🌴
The company, the food and the drinks were on point today. If you're ever in Chapultepec, try The Chimichurri Burger at the Pig's Pearls, best burger I've ever had.
Finished up this large #naturalbeauty tonight and sending it off tmw. Did you get any good deals this Black Friday? If so, please share below! Remember to #shopsmall tomorrow for #smallbusinesssaturday My shop will still be 10% off tomorrow so make sure to check it out. I also have a ready to ship section and all dream catchers in that section ship in 1-3 days.
Let’s wander where the wifi is weak. #naturelove #wanderlustvibes