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La reina más linda 💕👑
Feliz cumpleaños amiga 💙 @aracha_marti 🎂👸👈nueva historia #sarasalamosfw #style #wags #realmadrid
{Manchester united} . . . Mélanie et Anthony Martial lors d’un dîner au profit de l’UNICEF 😍 . . . #manchesterunited #diner #unicef #melanie #anthony #martial #wags #couple #love #❤️ @martial_9 @melaniedacruzzoff
¿Perfecta? Yo no quiero ser perfecta, yo quiero ser la mejor versión de mi misma ¿y tú? #nosoyperfectasoyunica Ayúdanos a difundir este mensaje, entra en @adolfodominguezoficial, dale like al video del manifiesto, etiqueta en un comentario a aquellas mujeres que consideres realmente #UNICAS y dinos porqué. El comentario más auténtico será premiado con la camiseta del manifiesto y con su nuevo perfume #UNICA de #adolfodominguezperfumes (Podéis ver en @adolfodominguezoficial el manifiesto de su nuevo perfume ÚNICA) @dafnefernandez eres una mujer realmente #UNICA por la luz tan bonita que desprendes, por ser tan trabajadora, auténtica y amiga.nueva publicación 17/nov/17 @sarasalamo 👈👑👸 Hermosas palabra #sarasalamosfw #realmadrid #iscoalarcon #wags
Vanesa en la presentación del árbol de Navidad de World Duty Free en Madrid l 16/11/2017 👩🏼🎄 @carles5puyol @vanesalorenzo_ #vanesalorenzo #carlespuyol #wag #wags
Here we go folks...my first ever attempt at #fridayintroductions 😱🎉 For starters, I am a Personal Trainer & Registered Dietitian building my own online fitness + nutrition business: #MusclesbyMadz 💪🏼 Why online? My fiancé @wrightsnaps12 plays baseball for the #BaltimoreOrioles ⚾️ Ever since graduating with my Master’s Degree in Nutrition Science from UF this past August, I have been living the #baseballgypsy lifestyle to support him in the pursuit of his dreams! ❤️ I can settle into a stationary job with my career at any point in time, but Mike has a much more limited window in which he can play ball (and I don’t want to miss a minute of the magic 💖). I don’t want to type your ear off, so I picked just 5 fun facts about me to start with! 1. I am the oldest of 4 kids in my family, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! My family means the world to me. 🤗 2. My favorite animal is a dolphin- they get to swim & flip & play & expend their energy allllll day long. I have a ton of energy myself, so I totally dig this lifestyle! 🐬 3. I completed my undergrad degrees in Exercise Physiology & Nutrition Science from East Carolina University, and am definitely a #Pirate4Life ☠️💛 I cheered there for 4 years, but was in school for 5! I met some of my very best friends at ECU, & definitely made some of my favorite memories. 💜 4. My favorite food growing up was broccoli. 🥦 (No, I am not being sarcastic!) My favorite food is now eggs, but there aren’t too many foods that I don’t like (and I do NOT label any foods as “off-limits”!). 5. My greatest passion in this beautiful life is helping others, in ways that glorify God! 🙌🏼 I love to help others become their healthiest selves through improving their dietary and fitness practices. If you talk to any of my clients, they might even tell you that I am obsessed. 🙈 #guilty My ultimate goal? Hey as many people as possible maintain a state of #wellness so that we are always #fittoserve ✝️ If we have something in common, comment below to let me know! ☺️👇🏼