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We are very fortunate to live on this island. Right now the atmosphere is a mixture of tension, anticipations and wonder. As you would for an "imminent eruption" of the highest volcano on the Island. Where we are is safe, though, we will likely deal with cloud ash and quakes, which we have been feeling more often. The tremors building as the valve is ready to be released. Though we are aware we are living in the "Pacific Ring of Fire", this is a big nudge and reminder of nature's own flow and power. People at the closer proxy have been evacuated, leaving their homes, belongings, cattle behind. If you feel called, you may donate to them through a local charity called Kopernik. Hoping for minimum devastations for all affected. . . . . . #Bali #Agung #Volcano
Hurricanes, fires, earthquakes and now this! What is happening in the world? Prayers for the people, pets and animals in Indonesia! Volcano on Indonesia's Bali Island at Highest Alert Level, Thousands Evacuated: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-indonesia-volcano/volcano-on-indonesias-bali-island-at-highest-alert-level-thousands-evacuated-idUSKCN1BX0I7 PC: An evacuated villager from locations near the summit of Mount Agung, an active volcano which is showing increased seismic activity, is helped at a temporary shelter in Klungkung, on the resort island of Bali, Indonesia Antara. Foto/Nyoman Budhiana/via REUTERS From the story: DENPASAR, Indonesia (Reuters) - Thousands of residents were evacuated from villages near an active volcano on the Indonesian island of Bali, officials said on Friday, as the alert status was raised to the highest level, meaning an eruption could be imminent. Authorities warned tourists and residents to avoid camping or hiking within a 9 km (6 mile) radius of the crater as seismic tremors rattled some areas and smoke rose above one of the world’s most popular tourist spots “Volcanic activity remains high and there are indications of magma rising to the surface and causing tremors,” said Sutopo Purwo Nugroho of the National Disaster Management Agency. “There should be zero public activity within the specified radius in case there is an eruption,” Nugroho said. However, flights at Bali’s international airport were operating as normal and there was little disruption to tourism operators across the rest of the island, authorities said. Nearly 10,000 people have been evacuated so far and that number was expected to rise, officials said. #volcanoes #indonesia #prayforindonesia #prayforbali #people #pets #animals #news #volcano #alert #reuters
Some says, there's a thin line between like and love. In love, action speak louder than words. 🙏 All your participation would be highly appreciate it. Suksema . . . #savebali #mtagung #mtagungbali #volcano #eruption #evacuate #evacuation #helps #solidarity #participation #donate #donation #fundraising #humanity #theyogabarn #namaste #baliyogashop #live #life #journey #traveleratsea
The volcano on bali!! #ganunagung #bali #volcano