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🙈😂 #ohfigo du meine süßer Hundeschatz❤ #meinfigo #lebenmitfigo #vizsla #vizslagram #figoderverrücktevizsla
I loved hugging my Mommy even as a puppy. 😍🐾🐶 #vizslapuppy #vizslagram #vizslalove #puppy #doghugs #cutepuppy #vizslaoftheday
Fabulous photo 😁 🙋 📷 Credits to: @drake_the_vizsla
We are super excited to be trying another new place! Address: Long Hill Road, Groton, Ma Here's more info about the location: ------------------------------------ The Groton Place and Sabine Woods property includes nearly 200 acres of forest and field to romp in and is managed by the New England Forestry Foundation. When combined with an adjacent property owned and managed by the Groton Conservation Trust, this open space includes more than 1800 feet of frontage on the east side of the Nashua River. The well-groomed walking trails zigzag through what was once farmland and forest and offer plenty of river access for water-loving pooches. In addition to magnificent white pine and plantations of other softwoods, you’ll encounter two small ponds and extensive plantings of rhododendron, azalea, and other flowering shrubs. Look forward to seeing you! 🐾
Yahoo it's the weekend! Wishing everyone a great day!