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Even tho the only creature you share your moments with is statues.
But seriously though. Oversharing may be a thing tonight!
tbt and the topaz sea. 🌊
lets go down to the tennis court, and talk it up like yeah! 📸: @firmanaldianto
Clad in all black, Chucks on my feet, Witty wordplay. Comfortably me. 🖤
Dime que ves.
Any excuse to add bubbles to a photoshoot! 😝😍 It was a loooooonnnnngggggg day, but I've been busy this evening editing the super stunning pictures I took of the Thompson kids. @carolineclaire12 and her siblings are very photogenic. 💕📸 And now I'm going to crash into my bed. I wanted chocolate pudding, but I'm debating whether I'm too tired. 😬 #firstworldprobs
That's why i took pictures
Learning more about my Vietnamese heritage is this strangely frightful but profoundly empowering experience. There's extraordinary history in the generations that preceded me I haven't yet taken the time to inquire about. I've heard stories here and there from my old man when I was young, but I wasn't too interested. However, the older I grow, the more I become bent with the need to know more, and the desire to represent my heritage and use my faculties as an artist to do so. The Asian Pacific American communities should be acknowledged and celebrated for the challenges we've faced and the contributions we've made. I'm going to really try to figure out how I can contribute. Happy #asianpacificamericanheritagemonth!
sometimes you're 5'3 1/2 & start feeling a bit tall while wearing printed pants, & sometimes you just can't win | 🌹
Smile can express a thousand feelings, and express your feelings in a positive way, have a good day everyone! 💫
Small pit stop on the Sea to Sky highway.
ICYMI, the new manrepeller.com launched !AND! we featured @stacylondonreal !! Shot by @toryrust and styled by @amilli0naire 🌴🌈
Are any of my friends obsessed with Twin Peaks like I am? Anyone...? .....
Never Trust Those People Who Don’t Understand Your Feelings . . . #fotograferteam
Ketika menunggu lampu merah berubah menjadi lampu hijau 🚦
So clean 🙌🏼
the time for play & for holding hands is now
Because yourself is your longest commitment.
one of the better sunsets we saw on our trip!
I'm jealous of the rain, that falls upon your skin, it's closer than my hands have been - Labrinth (jealous)
Kisses to the wind. 💋 xoxo
I'm in love with this ring box from Etsy. If I knew where it came from, I'd totally tag it!
Mondays are good for two things: 1) meditating on Mars with robot aliens bc we live in a crazy world 🤖👽 2) hanging out @spareroomhwood w/ @theboxpresents_la bc good vibes & good ppl are the perfect antidote for basically everything. See you tonight! 10pm-2am w/ @alexiariner on the 1s & 2s 💃🏻 #theboxpresents #thespareroom #sfmoma #latergram
We have these friends that are absolutely amazing artists. And when I say amazing, I mean, out of this world amazing singers. If you Are fans of @johnnyswim then you Wil love these two!! Check them out at @copperlilymusic. They took some time off but we recently heard them and they are better than ever. We look up to them and love the heck out of them. We are thankful for their friendship and thankful for their story. They are doing some amazing things!! I'm just glad we got to photograph these two at #ConnectRetreat2017
Sepertinya endorfin mulai bekerja lagi dengan selalu tertawa dan tersenyum, karena senyummu indah kawan 💞💗
My summer uniform: a light t-shirt dress, a comfy pair of sneakers, and a few accessories (pony tail holder not optional 😄)
We build too many walls and not enough bridges. -Isaac Newton
the only way to do great work is to love what you do.
Ghosts never leave owns place
Not-so-serious serious look for #allybert 🌻 #zeromileportraits #yellowpurse #yellowsocks
"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." -Tzu
La "chicha" es una bebida ancestral preparada y consumida por los indígenas de la amazonía, como los Shuar y los Kichwa, siendo de yuca o chontas cocinadas y fermentados; en ocasiones , son masticadas antes de su fermentación. 🍶🌳🍃 colaboración: @vicmacgye
Soul blocked ever since an adolescent. // #visualsubject
Taking a break downtown
first family sesh