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первыми тут женятся ребята в народных одеждах, марш Мендельсона, вальс из "Анастасии", клятвы, в общем, я на пределе.
#Ramadhaniscoming salam 29 sya'ban 🍃
ready for summer! ☀☀☀
Winner winner chicken dinner
: Gündüzü Cuma, akşamı teravih, gecesi sahur bereketli bir gün bizimle olsun inşaAllah .. 🙏🌹
Furuko Dress (Gingham) 1 set (dress + vest) IDR 220.000 Bust: 100 cm Length: 81 cm
Stuck . . . .
Great tones this arvo
" Panique on arrive " @high_zen
All die Flecken auf unserer Haut sprechen: Du hast gelebt. Mal gut mal schlecht. Aber du hast gelebt, dich ausprobiert und dabei würdest du alles noch einmal genauso machen. ❤️ | @d.birdie
*heart explosion* 💥
Pria2 yang hampir diambil ratu kidul.tapi karena jelek gak jadi diambil deehh.Alhamdulillah😇😇
I wasn't able to take lots of pictures BECAUSE I enjoyed the moment. 🙃 Yeahba. #latepost ✔️
The light of sunset #vsco #vscocam
018 | Temporal abode.
I have found so much beauty in the dark as i have found a lot of horrors in light.
Sunset | Vermilion
What's your middle name? —Tara
“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is a process, and working together is success.” The Dictionary defines ‘collaboration’ as “the action of working with someone to produce something; two things that were separate are now together.” Innovation can only come through collaboration. "As you think about the possibilities to collaborate in your sphere, be mindful of the importance of the right motivation. The wrong motivation is like the tide going out, dragging people down. But the right motivation is like the tide coming in, lifting people up."
It's a Friday, we finally made it! 🎶
Black and white friday mood #blackandwhite #someday #hiddensmile
Capture the Capturing
True friends share their xanax prescriptions!
☠️ Metabones Mark IV
The good thing about living by a lake is you can catch some awesome early light on the beach.
По молодости в Питере обожала концерты: hurts, iamx, depeche mode, даже на la coka nostra и Стрыкало судьба заносила (🤷‍♀️). В Москве отпустило, пока спустя два года с последним концертом не приехали aerosmith. По сравнению с их концертом в Питере в 2014 все не то: и люди не такие приятные, и группу ждали два часа почти, и разогрев бесил. Только Стивен Тайлер все такой же потрясающий. Короче, оказалось, что после 20 лет ходить по концертам уже не так весело 🤔С-старость
And sometimes you innocently just want to go to the toilet and end up here. Please note, those pods are the toilets. Felt right back in Japan just without the jet lag 🇯🇵
From last fall of @anastasijakiake 🍂🍁
Happy Friday 📸 captured by @mrjovitageorge • Join our community! Follow us and use the hashtag #igerskuwait in your photos of Kuwait for a chance to be featured in our community feed! • #kuwait #communityfirst
If Fifth-week Blues always came in the form of blue skies and glorious weather, that would be excellent. 💙
between sports and heels by @youngtouche
Только 26-го и 27-го мая скидка -25% в магазинах TWIN'S в ТРЦ CITY CENTER на Маршала Жукова, 2 и в ТРЦ RIVIERA 🎁 для нежных и стильных💎 #twinsodessa
Time for brunch. 🤗🤗🤗
Coffee in the morning ☕️ #coffeetime #booktime
Snowy path through the desert // Gobi Desert '15
Biar kan meraka yg menghina kita dari belangkang you fuck . . . . #streetactivity #justgoshoot #shoot2kill #way2ill #visualgang #
go on, i dare you
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finally i got the chance to visit this newly open cafe, @treemonkcoffee! definitely much love for the interior 🌿
The best days start with coffee and views