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- Wind, come drift with me Blow against this willing sail Push me on towards the next place Another harbour, another day
📷🙄 Keeping it reel 🎣 . . 🎏⛵🚢🚤⚓ . . #Scarborough . .
A damp but fantastic walk up Inglborough with my lovely wife sue #Inglborough #yorkshire_dales #scenes_of_yorkshire #visityorkshire #hiking #walking
Anyone fancy a cockle? 🐚 . What the Jefferoo is going on with the weather? So far this week we’ve had yellow skies and red sun in the afternoon, torrential rain, mist and temperatures of 17c. Bonkers. It feels a bit weird to see red and gold leaves on the trees while you’re wearing a t-shirt. I think I’m going to go back to bed for a few weeks and you can wake me up when it’s Autumn proper 😉 (a bit like that Blue Peter tortoise that they used to stick in a box for 4 months. But in reverse).