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#viralnews Carolina Promoter Online Kendrick Lamar’s latest album DAMN was projected to sell more albums in his first week than Drake’s More Life did in its first week. Since then, the rapper hit the Billboard 200 with the largest sales amount in a week for an album in 2017 with 603,00 album units sold. Read More: carolinapromoter.com via @cakemixxllc #billboard #carolinapromo #sales
Thai man kills baby on Facebook Live, then takes own life __ According to reports by The Authority News Paper, a Thai man filmed himself killing his baby daughter on Facebook Live, before taking his own life, Thai po­lice say. __ The 21-year-old hanged his daughter, and then himself, at a deserted hotel in Phuket on Monday, reportedly after an ar­gument with his wife. __ Facebook sent condolences to the fam­ily for the “appalling” incident and said that the content had now been removed. __ The company pledged a review of its processes after footage of a US killing stayed online for hours this month. __ The footage of the Thai killing had also been available on video sharing website YouTube, but the company took it down after the BBC alerted it to its presence. __ Reuters said two videos were posted, at 16:50 (09:50 GMT) and 16:57 on Monday, and were taken down at about 17:00 on Tuesday, roughly 24 hours later. Facebook has yet to confirm the times to the BBC. __ Thailand’s ministry of digital economy said it had contacted Facebook on Tues­day afternoon about removing the videos. __ Ministry spokesman Somsak Khaosu­wan told Reuters: “We will not be able to press charges against Facebook, because Facebook is the service provider and they acted according to their protocol when we sent our request. They co-operated very well.” __ YouTube said it had taken down the vid­eo within 15 minutes of being told of its presence by the BBC. Its statement read: “YouTube has clear policies that outline what’s acceptable to post and we quickly remove videos that break our rules when they’re flagged.” __ Shortly before the BBC alerted You­Tube, the video was showing 2,351 views. __ #news #Thai #suicide #Facebook #YouTube #BBC #trending #viral #viralnews #readit #mustsee #USkillings #instanews #instaview __ #abuja #abujablogger #tinajowah #thejournalsoftinajowah #TJBlogposts
Woman beat up man who slapped her for refusing to remove her IPOB cap __ A lady who wore a cap that had “The Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB” symbol on it, brutally beat a man after he slapped her. __ According to the lady who explained what happened after she was questioned, she revealed that the unknown man just walked up to her asking her to remove her “IPOB Cap” because it isn’t registered with the Nigerian Government.. She refused, and then he slapped her and stabbed her with a screw driver, before destroying her iPad. __ In retaliation, the lady slapped him back, punched him before residents came to her aid. __ When the man was asked by the chairman of the area why he approached the lady, he couldn’t give any tangible reason. __ #naijagist #naija #news #viral #viralnews #naijacrime #crime __ #tinajowah #thejournalsoftinajowah #TJBlogposts #abuja #abujablogger
Watch me on NEWS 7 TAMIL tonight at 8P.M about my freestyle with my team #prsoccerart #news7tamil #tamilnews #newstamil #news #viralnews #chennaipasangada #chennaimemes #backbenchers
YANGA Magazine!!! #ViralNews #TrendingTopics All in one click YANGAMAG.com.ng
YANGA Magazine!!! #ViralNews #TrendingTopics All in one click YANGAMAG.com.ng
If it is on the #internet it must be true. Behold the fearsome #shark #horse #viral #viralnews #lol #lmao #dumb #ridiculous
#viralnews Big Sean’s lead single, “Bounce Back,” off his forthcoming I Decided album has officially gone gold, reaching 500K units sold since being released heading Platinum •MOVES• just certified Gold success via @cakemixxllc #moves #carolinapromo #detroitvseveryone #gold
Aghhhhh George Takei!!!! George freaking Takeiiiiiiiiiii!!! @georgehtakei thank you for sharing my daughters homework! #amazing #viral #viralnews #georgetakei #hikarusulu #startrek #5yearoldproblems #instanews #instagram
"Indonesia Police shoot People" Kejadian bermula saat polisi menggelar razia di jalan raya, Selasa (18/4) sekitar pukul 11.00 WIB. Tiba-tiba, datang mobil Honda City dengan kecepatan cukup kencang. Begitu dihentikan, mobil tersebut tetap melaju dan menabrak seorang polisi. Beruntung, polisi tersebut tidak mengalami luka serius. Bahkan, warga yang ada di pinggir jalan juga nyaris tertabrak. Mobil mewah itu dikejar polisi namun tak berhasil. Petugas pun melepaskan tembakan ke arah mobil sehingga mengenai seorang penumpang hingga tewas. Beberapa kaca mobil itu pecah terkena peluru. Para korban terdiri dari Surini (54), yang tewas di tempat dengan tiga luka tembakan di dada. Sementara empat korban lain kritis, masing-masing anak korban Surini, Dewi (35) tertembak di bahu, Indra (33) tertembak di leher, Novianti (30) dan bocah Genta (2) terkena tembakan di kepala, dan Diki (30) yang merupakan sopir mobil sekaligus anak angkat korban Surini terluka di perut akibat peluru polisi. Korban tewas masih disemayamkan di Rumah Sakit Siti Aisyah Lubuk Linggau. Sedangkan korban luka dirawat di rumah sakit di Lubuk Linggau. Dikabarkan, seorang korban akan dirujuk ke Palembang untuk perawatan lebih lanjut. Semua korban berasal dari Desa Blitar Muka, Kecamatan Sindang Kelingi, Rejang Lebong, Bengkulu, mengendarai mobil Honda City hitam nomor polisi BG 1488 ON. Tujuannya untuk menghadiri hajatan keluarga di Muara Beliti, Musi Rawas, Sumatera Selatan. Kapolda Sumsel Irjen Pol Agung Budi Maryoto membenarkan kejadian itu. Menurut dia, sebelum ditembak ke arah mobil, petugas beberapa kali melepaskan tembakan peringatan namun tak diindahkan. "Indivasi sementara mobil itu tidak berhenti waktu ada razia, dikejar sampai dilepaskan tembakan peringatan," ungkap Agung. Sebuah mobil Honda City berisi satu keluarga diberondong tembakan polisi saat melintas di Lubuklinggau, Sumatera Selatan. Mobil yang ditumpangi satu keluarga tersebut dihujani tembakan setelah dikabarkan tak berhenti saat dirazia dan hendak menabrak anggota polisi. Source: merdeka.com #policebrutally #police #policeshootpeople #policekillcitizen #wenesdaynews #wenesday #news #internationalnews #viralnews
#Viralnews: It’s over for Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, according to a new report. Read the full Story on our webpage, link in bio ☝🏻☝🏻 #1001sd
Perjuangan belum berakhir saudara Ingatlah kejadian Perang Uhud Terus Berjuang mencapai tujuan sebenarnya menangkap penista Agama #Muslim #muslimcyberarmy #SorotanPublik #suararakyat23 #suararakyat #viralnews #newsdakwah #newsmuslim #muslimnow #muslimnews
#viralnews CBS has made the decision to make a cast change on the comedy pilot “Brothered Up” by casting DL Hughley in a significant role instead via @cakemixxllc Romany Malco was originally casted as the co-lead but the shows creator decided to go with Hughley after a solid table read. Comedy veteran D. L. is set as the co-lead opposite Adhir Kalyan in the buddy cop sitcom from CBS TV Studios. #cbs #secondquarter #carolinapromo #brotheredup
#viralnews Serena Williams announces her pregnancy now 35, dropped the news on her Snapchat channel with a side-profile bathing suit selfie captioned with the words #20weeks via @cakemixxllc Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian and the parents to be couldn't be happier. Ohanian & Serena have been dating since the Fall of 2015. #secondquarter #carolinapromo
#viralnews The Original Seven aka The Time is gearing up at Paisley Park for the first time including #jessejohnson as well as Morris Day via @cakemixxllc Prince4Ever, which will celebrate & honor the iconic life and legacy of Prince Rogers Nelson as the world marks the first anniversary of his passing. Starts 7:00pm Friday, April 20th. #secondquarter #carolinapromo #paisleypark #thetime #prince #rip
Ahahah! Can't stop laughing. He got bail faster than the speed of light 😂😂✌ #thuglife #Repost @beingind with @repostapp ・・・ Breaking news - Vijay Mallya gets arrested. Oh wait, he got a bail. . . . . #beingindian #hahaha #lol #rofl #humour #funnymeme #instapost #instameme #indians #lmao #funny #vijaymallya #mallya #kingfisher #arrest #sbi #bail #breakingnews #news #viralnews
THE WORST AIRLINE EVER!!!! I boarded the plane from JFK and my seat was in the back. I was about to be sick from a prevalent, rancid smell of urine. I asked the attendant why it smelled and she said she didn't know. It smelled like the carpet was saturated with urine. When we landed in Phoenix 5 HOURS LATER I found out exactly why it smelled like that. Human toxic waste backed up in the sink in the toilet on the floor and SPILLING OUT onto the carpet in the main cabin and under the seats. They obviously had the same problem before I boarded, and attempted to clean it up and boarded us anyway. There was food being served from this area, we sat in this area for 5 hours. When I was taking pictures I said to the same flight attendant "so that's why it smelled like that" and he flippantly replies "ya think??" Went to the @americanair customer service in Phoenix and they said "that's disgusting" and did NOTHING! These are BOTH bathrooms in the rear of the plane and the surrounding carpet. @americanair has no problem having their passengers sit in human toxic waste for cross country flights. When I exited the plane they were getting ready to board another load of unsuspecting passengers for the next flight in the same plane. What else are they taking short cuts on? Get this out there people this needs to go viral like the imminent viral infection I'm going to get from this. @usatoday @the_newyork_times @latimes @newyorkpost @chicagotribune @phoenixnewtimes #disgusting #rancid #horriblebusiness #powerofsocialmedia #unacceptable #news #headlines #headlinenews #viralnews #jfkairport #nyc #americanairlines @cnn @foxnews @nbcnews @abcnews @cbsnews
#viralnews How many of you are guilty of eating while shopping at #Ikea? Ikea Food had annual sales of about $1.6 billion in 2016, nothing to dismiss, but just a fraction of the company's overall 2016 revenue of $36.5 billion. Ikea learned that 30 percent of its shoppers come to the stores just to eat. Holders of the Ikea Family card can get free coffee, and often couple it with a quick meal. Ikea often runs meal specials aimed at both parents and children, and the cafes draw a diverse group of users. #secondquarter #carolinapromo #expansion
#viralnews Fate & Furious 8 has raced to a global box office record for an opening weekend, taking an estimated $532.5m (£425m) worldwide. The action thriller, which stars Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Dwayne Johnson Tyrese Gibson along with Ludacris as street car racers, reached that total despite a drop-off in opening weekend takings in North America from its predecessor. The latest instalment took $100.2m in the region, enough to top the US charts but significantly less than Fast & Furious 7, which made $147.2m in its opening weekend via @cakemixxllc #fateandfurious8 #carolinapromo #secondquarter
#viralnews A couple flying to Costa Rica for their wedding were removed from a United Airlines flight in Houston on Saturday via @cakemixxllc Michael Hohl and Amber Maxwell are scheduled to get married on Thursday. "Michael Hohl, the groom, said he and his fiancee, Amber Maxwell, were the last to board the plane when it occurred. The airline also said crew members will no longer be able to bump a passenger who is already seated in one of the airline's planes. #secondquarter #carolinapromo #unitedairlines
#viralnews You can call @champagnepapi whatever you like but make sure you address him as The First Artist To Ever Hit 10 Billion Streams On Spotify via @cakemixxllc He might not have the No. 1 single in the country at the moment, and his latest Earth-shattering album isn’t moving units like it once was, but that doesn’t mean people have stopped listening to Drake, especially when it comes to streaming. Swedish streaming giant Spotify has just revealed that the hip-hop star has just become the first act to hit the 10 billion-stream count, further proving a popularity nobody was second guessing. #secondquarter #ovo #spotify #forbes