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- Please, don't repost without permission! - i started watching camp camp again and this scene always makes me sad/happy Also max is my child! - ac/ib: @/tripixle - [ Tags: #campcamp #campcampmax #campcampbell #roosterteeth #roosterteethanimation #roosterteeth20videoedits #videoedits #campcampdavid ]
New Video Link in Bio! Angels Landing is considered as one of the most dangerous hikes in the USA. Do you agree?
[10,3s]//edited by me//AlunaGeorge - Not Above Love - character//kuro - anime//servamp - 🌸pls give a credit if you use my audio 🌸
"im a bad bitch you cant kill me" — ac:me, give credit | cc: xepiphanys (edited) #omgpage #moonlightgrp twitch fucked this up bad... and it's offbeat aswell gr8!
I love parkyln 😍 est. February 2016 💓💓 yes this edit is bad. I'm sorry. But I'm not so good 😭😂 this is actually my first time doing overlays! It was confusing but I think I got it. I like how the background is light dark. Also the watermark tho 😕 sorry:/ BUT ANYWAYS UGH LOVE PARKYLN SO MUCH. They're so cute. I love them. 💓💓💓 @brooklynandbailey
i'm still a philgirl i will always be a philgirl dt: @editorzoe because PHIL and @admiringhowell because i want to show my love for phil ac: @loopingaudio (i think?)
. [top ships] wayhaught x im trying to make more edits since it's summer time but every time im like ok ill edit tomorrow, I'm just too lazy and don't end up doing anything. but i finished the wayhaught edit and it's pretty good. #videoedits #wayhaught #wayhaughtedit #waverlyearp #nicolehaught #wynonnaearp #shipp #fandoms #tumblr #shows #lgbtq #loveislove #lgbtqships #editing #summer #pridemonth #wlw
⎯ beautiful world. - [39 sec] - ib @bombsonmartinez - cc @chiminzie - #clairvoyantedits | #hesplaylist - 🌎🌸🔮
First ae edit wooo! Hope you like it because i don't Coming soon with mooore @justinbieber #justinbieber #bizzle #aeedits #belieber #mix #justin #bieber #videoedits #mine
She deserves everything. Nobody's on rn but idc I really need to edit Luis. (this is like the best svp edit I've ever made) So here. This was Originally going to be Ariana's bday edit, ..(at the beginning I was going to add clips together so it could be her saying "it's my birthday bitch" and then this edit. Which is a remake of @/oml.baddiesx . And then it would look like the edit is over but then u would hear really low singing and fading in would be Ariana singing Happy Birthday In 2009 to now. Idk if that makes since and while that's happening fading in the background would be happy clips of her if that makes since? But once I started making it, it didn't look as good as it looked in my head. I rendered it 8383636828 times. But no. This was the only part I liked. And I like hate 2 transitions RIP. But I didn't want her B-Day edit to be a remade edit so I won't be making a bday edit for her srry :/ Also I had no help on svp so Im proud 😭💜 Dt : @ratherariana @xcitrus ilygsfm & @xblvckharts bc it was fun when we both first got svp 😂