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Great session with @thebeardedpt_ldn at Yoga Point in Brixton this morning πŸ’ͺ "Prehab is better than rehab!" #harmonisedmuscles
Let’s talk about Quantum Physics and the Law of Vibration in a very very general way. My obsession for 3 years. πŸ’« - Quantum Physics proves that everything is made up of energy. These energies vibrate at different frequencies and then appear in physical form through human consciousness and our senses. A thought is energy, which leads to a feeling, which is a stronger energy. This energy then either raises our vibration or lowers it. Positive feeling raise, Negative feelings lower. Our experiences are then a result of our thoughts and more importantly, our emotions. We only experience circumstances that vibrate on our frequencies. Whether it’s people, circumstances and events. People have a habit of basing their emotion on things that are happening to them directly through the physical world, and in doing so giving their power away. The secret is to feel the feeling you desire, no matter what the physical world throws at you, and let those desires manifest into your reality. Practise the feelings of happiness, love and prosperity and the universe will take care of the rest. Fuck yeh Universe, way to go! ⭐️😎🀘 - πŸ“· @tokio_kid πŸ‘˜ @kimonomono_berlin - #lawofattraction #business #businesswoman #businessman #sales #wealth #healthy #cleaneating #vegan #plantbased #weightlossjourney #diet #love #success #realestate #luxurylife #meditation #yoga #veganfashion #veganguy #mentor #lifecoach #gym #gymmotivation #guyswithtattoos #veganmodel
I’ve struggled with captioning recently because the ones I think of are either too deep or not deep enough, to fit the photo. I’m too sentimental to not care about it. One of my favorite shoots I’ve done ❀️ @mbmoore
To The #worldseries WORLD SERIES
Ya no tenΓ­a nada de comida y mi madre me trajo esta sopesa! Que ricoooo! !! Que cenarΓ©? #fitness #fit #bikini #bikinicompetitor #bodybuilding #fitmoms #fitnessmom #vegan #veganathlete #veganmodel #vegetarian
"Bayanihan" πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ photo series by @francisgum, presented at the Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture Makeup: @alysongranaderos Hair: @bong2buan Stylist: @stl_rtists
The Capri bikini in blue ~ reversible to white and now on sale 75% off at www.sagelarock.com #buyabikinihelpsavetheocean 🌊
You don't know me. You don't know that I've been through. I'm not just another pretty girl who's been skinny all her life. I'm an intelligent woman who has worked hard to get this body. I will never forget how lucky I am to have found health through a plant-based diet. I will never forget who I used to be: an obese 16-year-old. And I will never forget what my future could have been: a life of morbid obseity filled with medication, health issues and self-hate. I know my story is rare. It's easy to assume you know somebody. I admit, I make assumptions as well. But the story of gaining weight and eating unhealthy is common. It's boring. It's the story of more than 2/3rds of Americans. A story of a young girl turning her life around after obesity to become a model and nutritionist is rare. πŸŒ•πŸŒ—πŸŒ‘ Photo: @__sg___ Model: @sara.binde Wardrobe: @hannahhalliday
Best things about the month of Oct for me: met and married my hubby, my bday, cooler temps, leaves changing, spooky movies, and of course...new Walking Dead season!! Can't wait for Sunday!β˜ οΈπŸ™ŒπŸ» #ootd #bellsleeves #highheels #blondehair #veganmodel #curvyinfluencer #curvyandvegan #vegan #vegansofig #veganwife #vegangirl #plantbaseddiet #strikeapose #effyourbodystandards #fitover40 #curvygirl #curvymodel #over40 #curvywomen #curvy #thighs #veganbooty #mybodysmiles #cellphonephotography
Here it is, the #veganproteinbar ... Disclaimer: it could taste better, and I will work on that part! This is what I did to get 12 bars with the following macros per bar: protein 22g, carbohydrates 57g and fat 2,5. In a food processor add 300g dates, 150g oats, 300g #VeganBlend unflavored protein powder (guess why they didn't taste that well - so choose flavored kind if you're not like me), 100g glucose syrup, 50g raisins, 50g cocoa powder and 250ml-350ml of water that you pour once in a while to blend it easier. If you get to much water and it's not really firm - put it in the oven for some time on low heat to get the moist out. Each bar has about 271kcal. Remember this is a first test and I need to work more on my recipe to improve the taste while remaining optimum post workout macros. All of you who voted on my story and wanted this - I appreciate your feedback, and I try sometimes to really put out some good and useful content now and then. Shout out to @optiholm for his support and who was the first one to implement an idea of a plant-based diet - the glucose syrup part in this protein bar I'll give all cred to him as well. Make sure to check him out, really good workouts and other stuff.. Until next time - #eatmoreplants ✌❀
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