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Look at the body😻😻😻I promise I'm gonna start listing more
agree//disagree? • "I don't ship varchie tbh because if they break up, it could bring Betty in the middle and also, Veronica totally broke the girl code twice. Also, Archie honestly seemed to like Betty as more than a friend in the finale, and Jughead and Betty will probably drift apart during season 2 because he's going to a new school, so that's an opportunity for barchie. However, I ship Archie with Val most because it causes the least amount of drama between them and they both had the same passion." • (not my opinion) • #riverdaleconfess #riverdaleconfessions #varchie #varchieconfess #barchie #barchieconfess #valarchie #valarchieconfess
⭐️idk how many of you stan archie and veronica but i do!!
Does anyone else remembers the last episode of riverdale each time they hear this song😂😊💕 #riverdale #varchie #bughead
[S1E5- Friends] heyo!! hahah I love this scene. but I just came home from softball and I'm so hot and tired!! - Q: favorite throwback tv show? A: suite life on deck/ zack and cody :))
Haha😂😂 -C