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Wayang, the chinese street opera. Watched it over the last weekend. I remembered the last time i watched it was when my age is single digit with my grandparents. Time flies. #photographyeveryday #photographysouls #mobilephotography #photography #streetphotography #urbanphotography #photogram #igmasters #iggers #visualsoflife #visualsingapore #exploresingapore #wanderlustsingapore #singaporeinsiders #streetopera #throwback
Views From Hell
MC, Bangkok, 2016 | link in bio
Did you make it out to #somosabq ? Featuring @dillonfrancis , @officialdeltron , and @minusthebear - @somosabq was a night to remember.
It's Monday and we back on the grind #hustlehard #streetsoftoronto #streetphotography
My dear Fashion Babes😍!!! How's your monday treating you so far? I just finished my 🇩🇪Deutch class and excited to share my weekend post to all of you🤗. 🇮🇩 Fashion Babes kesayangaaaaannn!! Gimana senin kalian? Kalo Aiya baru aja selesai kelas Bahasa German terus gak sabar pengen share postingan weekend kemaren 🤗 . 🇬🇧I had an amazing weekend, a friend of mine @tsarrusian was in town from Berlin. So we had a chance to catch up in Frankfurt. At the end of the time, i asked him if he would share his OOTD aswell, since the bomber leather Jacket is in Trend (his was pretty cool tho) 😎 🇮🇩Weekend kemarin seneng banget, @tsarrusian temenku dari Berlin lagi ada di Frankfurt. Jadilah kita sempetin ketemuan. Sebelum balik aku tanya dia, mau gak ikutan foto OOTD kenian ceritanya? Hahah. Secara jaket kulitnya keyeeennn 😎 . 🇬🇧Tomorrow i will share a PRETTY COOL TIPS about winter outfit 😘 🇮🇩 Besok aku bakalan share ke kalian TIPS cara memilih baju keren musim dingin 😘
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