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That scraggly Dieffenbachia I rescued on 23/12/2016 is looking more like it never had a bad day in it's life. 🍃 (Ps, like that hella overcast sky implies it's cold as 💩 and I've started counting the days until spring already. It's 65 in case you were wondering. 😪)
I recreated my favourite design again for the #frischlackiertchallenge theme rose gold 💕 the original artist is @ninanailedit - one of my favourite nail artists. #rosegold #tribal #tribalnails #urbanjungle
☁️☁️☁️ here all day so here is a picture from a sunnier day in London last week ☀️☀️☀️ I love how beautiful this view is but what you can't see is a huge industrial park behind me . #londonskyline #greenlondon #urbanjungle #londoncanals #city #forprettyssake #greeneryinthecity
#sensualhome - Rhipsalis baccifera (mistletoe cactus), good plant for the bathroom or a semi shady spot. Produces fruit and flowers.
avocado fam 🥑 happy w/ the new growth on the plant on the second picture, after I dropped it and it seemed like it was going to die 😅
Just strolling around. #streetart #tunnel #urbanjungle