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Be the powerful you that you know you are. What's more powerful than you? #goodvives #universalintelligence #universalvibes #financialreality
And that’s ok ❤️ but I eat it for breakfast!!! 😆😁 #universalintelligence
Loving my office view today. 🌴🏖 The beach, my loves, sunblock, & my phone is all I need to check in with some bad a$$ babes. 👭🙌🏻👭 One of my chicks just met her goal weight! Can I get a HELL YEAH!! 🎉🎉👊🏻👊🏻
A very dear friend of mine gave me this to remind me that everything that happens in this life is a training to evolve into our highest expression of ourselves. Today I woke up particularly grateful for not only the good times but also the not so good times that have brought me to where I am today. Thank you to all the wonderful people in my life and who’ve been there for me along the way. Especially @jayneh876, ❤️. #gratitude #universalintelligence #God #manifestation #miracles
Working on my next painting 🎨🤓💙💛❤️ I'm loving this so far! The base layers are done, I just have to blend and set details. I love colour so much. Have a beautiful inspired weekend everyone 😀💖 #art #pastels #painting #colour #love #high #vibes #universalintelligence #gratitude #relax #light #calm
Have you ever said to yourself "If only I could get paid to work out, I would"? 💪🏻💰 I used to say that all the time! I had a million & one reasons why I was unable to workout then the opportunity came a knocking. Someone offered me the opportunity to literally get paid for working out so I did (I had no choice, right?) & I lost over 50lbs. 🙀👏🏻In the process of losing the weight I realized I had the ability to inspire others to do the same and the ability to offer the same opportunity. So I created my own team & started mentoring new coaches to who wanted to get paid for working out & inspiring others. Today, less than a year and a half after signing up as a coach I officially launched my coaching business internationally & have signed up new coaches from the UNITED KINGDOM on my team. 👭🇬🇧👭🇬🇧👭 The entire business is built online so I get to connect with like minded ladies from all over the United States, Canada and now the UK. How freaking cool is that? I get to pick who I want to work with. That was a no go at my traditional nursing job. 🙈😬 I have made this my full time gig so I can stay at home with my girls to enjoy palm trees & the sun. 🌴 Therefore, I am able to fully dedicate myself to my mission and purpose, help other mommas who need help on their journey. I'm excited to announce that I can open up 5 more spots on my team! :) If you've been thinking about making a difference, growing an income from home, getting fit or simply inspiring others through your journey, HIT ME UP!! 👐🏻💃 I've got the GOODS!!! . . . .
. . Get to know yourself… . ...get to know the Universe ~A🌞🌝 . .
All of us are ENERGY. There is no separation, only the illusion of it. ✨🌎✨We're more powerful that we'll ever know, because we're connected to the source which creates universes. There is an intelligence flowing through each of us, and we can either honour it, or choose to ignore it. What will you do with yours?
Have you ever gone through something and you're just thinking, "Why is this happening to me?" "What did I do to deserve this?" "I'll never figure this out." I've been there, too. But it's our job to trust the universe and believe that we are being prepared for something AMAZING! There's always a lesson and out of every struggle comes opportunity. Make sure you're open to receive it, and you'll achieve your extraordinary destiny. 💞 #hardship #destiny #cslewis #inspiration #inspirationalquotes #whyme #open #lesson #struggle #opportunity #beextraordinary #trust #beopen #receive #coachannie #inspo #jensincero #youreabadass #youreabadassatmakingmoney #universalintelligence #loveyourself #unique