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This couldn't be more perfect. We love it! Let's hear it for the Red, White, & Blue.
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. ✦ G R E A T  O F  T H E D A Y ✦ - - - --- ✦ --- - - - ✦ C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S✦ . P H O T O • @samtrombinophotography L O C A T I O N • Williston, Vermont S E L E C T E D  B Y • @karina__lara__ T A G • #usa_greatshots December 10, 2017 🔸〰🔸〰🔸〰🔸〰🔸〰🔸〰🔸〰🔸〰🔸 🔹Thank you so much for following @usagreatshots and keep tagging #usa_greatshots Greatshots World Community . @mexico_greatshots @colombia_greatshots @spain_greatshots @venezuela_greatshots @brasil_greatshots @southkorea_greatshots @chile_greatshots @france_greatshots @deutschland_greatshots @elsalvador_greatshots @argentina_greatshots @puertorico_greatshots @nature_greatshots @edits_greatshots @minimal_greatshots @doorsandwindows_greatshots @bnw_greatshots @architecture_greatshots @urban_greatshots @movement_greatshots
The great north west 💖 #unitedstates #sundayvibes
Waiting for my boyfriend to have it to go see you 💙 #🔜 #🇺🇸 #unitedstates ✈️ 🏖
I haven't watched UFC since the Gracies were the top dogs, but I might have to start watching again. Sage is too freaking handsome!
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#Repost @flyingmach7 ・・・ 🇺🇸👊👊🇺🇸 PURE American BADASSERY @Regranned from 👊 @bunker27apparel - Amazing Aircraft!!! 32 SR-71 Blackbirds were built. Able to fly at speeds of excess mach 3+ (2,000+ mph) at an altitude of 80,000 + feet. It was able to fly faster then the earth’s rotation! ⠀ To be able to withstand excessive heat of over 500+ degrees, 92% of the SR-71 was built out of titanium inside and out. In 1964, Robert Gilliland took the first test flight. In 1966, the first SR-71 was delivered to Beale Air Force Base in California, the 1st reconnaissance Squadron. The mission of the SR-71 was to capture intelligence. It has 6 cameras on board and able to photography 100,000 square miles in one hour. It was able to take a photograph clear enough to read a licensee plate from 80,000 feet! ⠀ The HABU patch was only awarded to crews who had flown operational sorties. Over time HABU has come to be associated with all blackbird pilots and crews, but in the truest sense of the word, it represents only those who flew operational sorties. Were the first SR-17 was flown to their new remote base at Kadena AFB in Okinawa. The locals named the aircraft HABU, which is a venomous snake found in southeast Asia. Crews who flew the airplane were also called Habu, and the name came to be recognized with the blackbird program and even incorporated into the insignia worn by the crews on their uniforms. ⠀ In 1998, the Blackbird was retired from service due to the cost to keep it maintained and satellites. At the time it was the only aircraft that was shot at over 4,000 times and never shot down due to enemy fire. It holds many records and is still one of today’s most admired aircraft. #sr71 #sr71blackbird #sr71sleddriver #usaf #usairforce #airforce #badass #badassery #regrann #UnitedStates #America #USMilitary #NationalSecurity #LandoftheFree #BecauseoftheBrave #ProDeoetPatria #testpilots #fighterpilot #space #astronaut #secret #history #iloveflying #iloveaviation #instaaviation #avgeek #avporn #aviationphotography @usairforce @af_academy @airforcereserve
🇺🇸USA Stars & Striped Jacket🇺🇸
Took a whole day off for myself- and this is a short video clip of Pete McGuinness’s arrangement of “O Christmas Tree,” tribute for Vince Guaraldi. Had so much fun with WP big band this whole semester, and looking forward to next year. 📷 by Walter Gorra 거의 하루를 통째로 자고서야 비로소 피로가 좀 풀리는 느낌.. 학교 빅밴드 피아노로 있으면서, 말로 다 못할 많은 것을 배워왔는데 이제 석사도 내년 한 학기면 끝이라는 것이 참- 세월이 이토록 성실해서 발맞춰 동행하려니 체력을 먼저 키워야겠다는 생각이 드는 하루. 어제 한 학기 마지막 빅밴드 공연 중, 피트 맥기니스 편곡의 Vince Guaraldi를 위한 트리븃, “O Christmas Tree” 첫 부분을 짤막하게 친구가 찍어줬네요. 다른 동영상도 있으면 올려보겠지만, 크리스마스 시즌이니까- 모두모두 따뜻한 12월 되시길💕 #unitedstates #newjersey #williampatersonuniversity #jazz #bigband #jazzorchestra #christmas #holiday #december #jazzpiano #vinceguaraldi #ochristmastree
Those friends 💙 you can always rely on 🇮🇹🇺🇸🇭🇰🇬🇧🇦🇺 #bestfriends #family #allaroundtheworld #italy #unitedstates #hongkong #australia #england #missyou #jetleg #cheers #siamoipiubelli #papillon #purple
🛑 When my husband spent one year in the Netherlands for his PhD back in 2014 I had a lot of time on my hands. One of the things I did (apart from consuming enormous amount of #wine 🍷 which wasn’t as much fun as you might think) was research on a 🧖🏻‍♀️ skincare routine for myself ‘cause I kind of didn’t have one. I basically used cleanser and moisturizer and that was it. I googled bloggers and models and youtubers and came up with a very basic (easy and quick) but effective #beautyroutine if you will. After finding the routine steps for me [cleanser, serum, eye cream then moisturizer ☀️ or ⭐️ night cream accordingly] it was time to test products... Did I have #fun doing that! So for me the perfect products were, at that moment, a very rich and creamy cleanser (I don’t think you should strip your skin of every layer of moist), eye cream (because our skin is thinner around the eyes), serum (this is a treatment and it’s usually the most expensive item in a respectable skin routine), moisturizer for morning (I don’t need SPF in it because usually foundations have it) and night cream for repairing while you sleep. At that time I did not see the need (or value) on using a #toner until very recently. And that’s exactly my point here. So a few months ago I fell in LOVE with a toner! The only thing I needed was to be presented with the right product and to go through an education.... if you google it, you’ll learn that toner “completes the cleansing of your skin - removing the dust, pollution, and impurities that can still be lingering after washing with a cleanser”, it also “balances your skin's pH” and “shrinks the pores”, the list goes on. But what I can tell you is that adding the #toner step to my routine took my skin to another level - it looks so much fresher, smoother, and hydrated. It feels like adding another (invisible) layer of protection and it blends serum an whatever follows better. I’d call it a #primer for your skincare ♥️🧖🏻‍♀️ Tip 1: pick a toner without alcohol in its formulation ❌ Tip 2: try taking you toner to the spa and spray it on after a waxing session (it prevents ingrown hair) 😉
Oh my god this is major and huge for me thank you so much my (Nspire) family corporate leadership. Iwas recognized as one of the recipients of NSPIRE NETWORK for the First Prestigious Mission Driven People Award. This award is equivalent to an humanitarian award. I was one of the four recipients to receive this award. I am so honored, humble and proud to receive this award. I had no idea! I was so surprise, I was crying and, I appreciate my leadership , and I thank them for recognizing the work that I do that help serve the market. Again I thank you all so very much. I 💗 Love you all! http://bit.ly/RocMyPads #undergroundworkers⚒⛏ #NowWeNo #MissionDrivenPeople #MDPAward #FirstRegionalConferenceEventAtlanta #NWNVirtuouslife #Jamaica #dominicanrepublic #bahamas #NewMexico #unitedstates #NspiresNetwork #FristRegionalConferenceEventAtlanta #dec92017
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Utah, but I’m taller 🌵
My heart was pumping, I knew I had to but I couldn't muster up the strenth. After about a minute of me going back and forth in my mind I decided I'll just go for it, worst thing that can happen will be me feeling awkward for a couple minutes - so worth it! " hey guys, my name is Avraham, I'm a photographer, you guys look great, may I take a photo of you just doing your thing? " " haha thanks, yeah sure..." I then showed them the shots, we had a little laugh and I got off the train at Kingston. The moral of the story is to never be embarrassed to just ask or to not ask and say sorry later. Was it weird? Chasidic guy wearing hat and jacket taking photo of the Muslim couple? Yes, absolutely, people were definitely looking, but a life of not getting into that situation would keep us in a very limited genre of life, only once we are confident enough about our identity & values we can share without being afraid of negative sources reaching us, we just spread light in every way to every person in each encounter 💡
#americanpresidents This painting made by artist John Vanderlyn shows James Madison while he was serving his second term as President of the United States. The Seven Buildings, Washington DC. Circa 1816. The War of 1812 had ended the year before, but even though it was in President Madison's first term and part of his second it had ramifications for America that would last for decades afterwards. American armies threatening to take Upper Canada had miserably failed, and the US invasion of Lower Canada was also routed. The British were mainly focusing on a defensive strategy as most of their troops were busy fighting in Europe against France, but after the defeat of the French Emperor Napoleon, the entire military might of the United Kingdom could now be directed straight towards the United States of America. They didn't waste any time at all, and soon British armies were on American soil and the Royal Navy was hard at work fighting the United States Navy at sea. Washington DC, the capital of the country and the city named after the first President of the United States, was burned nearly to the ground by British forces on August 24th 1814, including the White House and the Capitol Building. However, the Americans were also gaining esteemed victories such as winning control of Lake Erie and also managing to defeat the British-supporting Native American group known as: Tecumseh's Confederacy. America failed to take Canada from Great Britain, but the Americans were absolutely resolute in their desire to fight Britain and keep their home territory in what many at the time and even some today call: "The Second War for American Independence." British forces invading Louisiana were routed on January 18th 1815 by General and future President Andrew Jackson, and soon the War of 1812 ended on February 18th 1815 with the Treaty of Ghent, and peace between America and Britain was finally restored. As the White House was basically turned to ash aside from the outer walls, President Madison and his wife Dolly had to move to the Octagon House and later the Seven Buildings, and neither would live in the White House ever again. CONTINUED BELOW ⬇⬇⬇