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Ummm maybe bottom right or top left
Wow! This is actually just so amazing! (I DID NOT DRAW/CREATE THIS! CREDIT GOES TO @ode_to_sleepers)
Not tøp related but Urie is bae
DoNt LeT ME BEe GoNe
Oh gee.. I’m old af
When someone calls you a fake fan
Is this fall out boy?
*backs away in tears*
Holding On To You
You fell asleep in my, car I drove the whole time, but thats okay I’ll just avoid the holes so you sleep fine.
eXcusE ME sIr
I want the makeup, I’ve never wore makeup in my life rip. At least I have all of the songs from Blurryface
My frens call me smol. ALSO IM THINKING OF CHANGING MY USERNAME.. DO U HAVE ANY IDEAS?? (I’ll probably figure out a username before anyone comments lol) (ALSO HAPPY PHAN DAY!!)
Skeleton hoodie 🖤👻💀☠️👽
*falls off chair*
Josh Dun is my uncle guys