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Wanna learn how to ACTUALLY find your core? ^ Is all you're thinking 'suck in' when you tighten your core? Does your low back/neck hurt after you try to do an ab exercise? ^ This is EXTREMELY common, and is actually something that took months for me to nail down the basics. ^ Above are photos of a progression I use to help me find my core muscles. ^ First I find my hip bones. These guys are the bone knobs on the front of our hips. ^ Next I put my hand right UNDER the hip bone, towards my leg. This helps me feel my hip flexors. ^ Not sure if you've got them? Fully relax, then raise your leg from the position that I'm in. Did you feel that 'thing' where your hand is turn hard as a rock? You found it!! ^ Ideally, this hip flexor is assisting the core, instead of doing the brunt of the work (aka turning hard as a rock). We combat this by using our transverse abdominal muscles. ^ Want to find that? Place your hand on your LOW belly and cough. Feel that low belly flex? That's what we want happening when we're doing core exercises. When this muscle in engaged, our low back and spine should also be pressed firmly into the ground! ^ We're making progress people! ^ Third photo I have my hands on my ribs. When doing core exercises we don't want to flair our ribs. ^ Take another deep breathe. Feel how our rib cage expands? We want the opposite of that while we're doing work! ^ Even when my hands are behind my head....low belly engaged, back pressed flat into the ground and ribs pulled in! ^ That was A LOT of info. Have any questions? (Which I totally expect) Id love to help give you some more direction! ^ Cambellkahrs @gmail.com or send me a message!
Félicitations à Johanne Laterreur et Natasha Rice qui remportent le jeu de table du Tricheur! 😍 #concours #letricheurtva #letricheur #tva
Monday means going back to ur healthy routine and saving binge eating for the weekend to come!!! While I was still having my Monday morning blues, this lil platter of happiness was enough to bring me back to life🤗 . . Quinoa is my new fav, especially the red one! The one seem in the picture is a quinoa salad with raisins, shredded carrot, red bell peppers(u can substitute them), fresh mint from my lil garden and parsley! For the dressing i just used organic extra virgin olive oil! . The key to get rid of the bitterness that cooked quinoa has is to let it splutter for a few mins and then add salt and water to let it boil until soft but not mushy!Dont forget to add a generous amount of lemon juice later to the salad! . . . Thanks @holistichabits for this amazing recipe, loved it! . . Have a healthy week Toronto!! #foodblog #foodbloggersca #foodbloggercanada #foodbloggerscanada #vegetarianfood #vegperiments #veggielicious #vegetarianlifestyle #vegetarianrecipes #vegan #canadafood #canadaeats #desifood #ndtvfood #canadafoodie #canadablogger #canadafood #torontovegan #glutenfree #torontovegetarianassociation #tva #blogto #torontoeats #torontofood #torontoblog #torontofoodblog #torontofoodie #torontofoodblogger #desifood #indianfood #torontoblogger #lifeinthe6
Petite apparition pleine de plumes et de paillettes @letricheurtva 😅 #agencefrancedionne #tva
PLEASE VOTE To our lovely friends and clients. Wendy Long has got through to Wella Professionals UK final for Trend Vision competition for the second year running. Winning could secure her place in the world final where she could be representing the UK's hairdressing skills against the rest of the world. Wendy has put her heart and soul into getting this far on her own but now it's up to the general public to help. We are asking you all if you could vote for Wendy in the Creative Vision Category in the People's Choice Awards, you can do so by following the link below. Voting opens today at 12pm Please vote for Wendy and thank you for all your support. https://www.wella.com/professional/en-UK/trendvision/trendvision-award-2016 #stonehair #TVA #stylistdoitbetter @stonehair1 @wellahairuk
นักตบสาวไทยชุด U18 มีกำหนดการเดินทางไปฝึกซ้อมในเช้าวันนี้ช่วงเวลา 11.00-12.00 (เวลาท้องถิ่นประเทศอาร์เจนติน่า) โดยผู้ฝึกสอนจะเน้นการฝึกซ้อมในการเสริฟ รับเสริฟ และการเคลื่อนที่ในการรับบอล ส่งกำลังใจเชียร์นักตบสาวไทยรุ่นเล็กของเราด้วยนะคะ #U18 #thailandvolleyballassociation #TVA
Voting is now open for the 2017 @wellahair TrendVision Award UK & Ireland People's Choice Award! Hundreds entered, with only a select few from across the British Isles & ROI making it through to the September 5 final, which will be held at The Roundhouse in Camden, London. ----- TWO awards are up for grabs - Creative Vision & Color Vision. Head to bit.ly/Wella-TVA17-PeoplesChoice to cast your vote by 5pm GMT on September 5. Those with the most votes will progress to the second round of judging, taking place LIVE at the final until 9pm. 🤞🤞🤞 GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! . #hairdresser #hair #hairdressing #wella #tva #inspiration #haircolour #haircolourist #colourist #peopleschoice #vote #awards
เก็บไว้ดูเป็นแบบอย่าง **ท่าเต้นมุมโต๊ะ 🤣🤣🤣 **ดูกี่ที่ก็ขำ พริ้วดีจริงๆ cr.น้องศรราม #TVA @thailandvolleyballassociation
good night kiss ค่ะทุกคน จุ๊ฟๆ 😙 วิ๊งค์ๆ 😘อะไรจะแบ๊วขนาดนี้ ใครเห็นละลายกันพอดี ฝันดีแน่นอนคืนนี้ 😍😍 @nootsara13 สายแบ๊วนะคะ 📷 cr.เจเจ้คนสวย #TVA #thailandvolleyballassociation #seagames2017
If you have a minute can you vote for me in colour it only takes a minute, just click the link in my bio!! Voting is only open for a few hours!! I would really appreciate it #mytvajourney #tva #wellahair #wellahairukandireland #wellafinalist
Not Long left now to get your Vote in!!! It closes at 5pm today! Please take 2 mins to vote for me in the people's choice award for Trend Vision 2017! The link is in my bio... Colour category, Mary Geoghegan. #TVA #MyTVAJourney #TrendVision2017 #Wella
Hey Guys. its only 2 weeks until Wella Trend Vision final in London. Can you please support me with a vote in the People's Choice Award in Creative Vision Category. Just need to click on the link in my bio and follow the easy steps. Thank you😘😘 #wella #tva #mytvajourney #stylistdoitbetter #competition #hair #peopleschoiceawards
วันนี้ยังสบายๆอยู่ครับผม นัดต่อไปฝากเชียร์ทีมชายด้วยนะครับ ✌✌ 📷cr.พี่แขก #TVA #thailandvolleyballassociation #seagames2017