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| december 18 5:06pm | UM shout out to my boy wizard! he hates closed doors! sometimes he doesn’t even want in the room he just dislikes a closed door!
this is a collab !!
ahh this was so fun to do. definitely go follow all the people tagged, they're super underrated!!
Another collab??? What?? Me??? Enjoy
why is this me
does anyone know what mood is in german
I thought I was important to this one person but I don’t think I am anymore, maybe he just did it because he felt sorry for me #sadquotes #sad #sadniggahours #sadedits #sadness #sadface #sadmood #tumblr #tumblrgirl #tumblrquotes #tumblraesthetic #tumblrposts #tumblrtag #quotesaboutlife #quotes #quotestags #quotes❤ #quotesbyme #quotesdaily #quoteslover
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Bc I have nothing to give my sister for christmas ://
| december 18 11:34am | Noah fence but i hate whenever underclassman sit in the senior section and also hate when they use the microwaves on this side like PAL there’s several on your side! I was here first! I’m older! just wanna eat my Mac and cheese
What is your favourite colour? 🌈
Q: What are your goals? ❤
my last post did really bad :))))) also emperors new groove is the best
HELLO instagram always ruins the quality of my posts but it's 4:30 am so im just going to ignore it and go to sleep
i’m finally done my (what turned out to be, surprisingly easy,) homework after stressing over it for the whole weekend :))
& im so blessed to have first period w him :)) i get to see my man almost every day!!! but the semester is ending & i wont have first period w him anymore 😭😩
| december 17 10:31pm | remember to leave your kids out Christmas Eve night for Sasha
| december 17 9:35pm | pictured: me, attempting to hold wizard as i desperately wait for my mom to take the photo and as he desperately tries to escape
oh boy
| december 17 9:18pm | some writing prompts that intrigue me
me: *opens physics lab* me: *starts crying*
my friend started a positivity/self-help/fun things/all around Cool tumblr page and the url is cane-kmote (link in my bio!) so you should go check it out!!!! (not an ad, just a genuine recommendation)
alright me too
I hope this is helpful💓💓
i’m eating a candy cane
hey anyone wanna do my homework dm if you do
| december 17 6:55pm | we finally got the big tree up and wiz is intrigued
~Lloré tanto que se hicieron, mares lagos y ríos, navegue hacia a ti, y cada gota de lagrima era tiempo que perdí y cuando te encontré las largas raíces tocaban tu ataúd, continúe llorando y humedecí la tierra donde estabas y flores pálidas brotaron~ sonreí! . . #boy #tumblr #bomdiaamoresmeus #instagood #instagrammer #instagram #instaboy #tumblrboy #instadaily #guivieira #sampa #sp #photography #photooftheday #tumblrpics #tumblrlife #tumblrlol #tumblrquotes #tumblrlove #tumblrgrunge #tumblrtextposts #tumblrblog #tumblrphoto #tumblrstuff #tumblrtag #tumblrgirl #tumblrpic #tumblrtee #tumblrrd
i really need to do my homework but im visiting my mom :)))))
okay me
what’s something that you currently love ??? also,, i’m trying out some new fonts and stuff on my posts, do you guys like this style more ? personally i really like but i wanna know what you guys think about it :-)
i just took a good fuckin nap™
| december 17 3:34pm | im rewatching the fosters
this funny to me also i love dogs
ugh i feel like throwing up
im gonna continue this non-theme until i figure out what im gonna do next
| december 17 1:48pm | mister wizard found some new blankets to claim :)
most of the time i don't get it but since when do i care about wasting money
Me don't care boo. ✨
boiling water
Yeee I did another collab, please check out the other people :)💓
this post looks like crap but i'm just trying to get rid of my bad posts so then i can post my better ones ok bear w me -lilia
finding a good ass picture of your fav and making sure everyone on all of your socials sees it like