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a sad update // tw !!! hey guys im really depressed honestly and i don't know where i want to go with this account. i might just post sad stuff. but im going to take a break for a week. i honestly have been over eating a lot and just been emotionally eating. im having a hard time accepting my body and trying to lose weight. im in this constant cycle of restricting calories and then just binging on food. its really rough and i just hate myself. i attempted suicide again last night and i cut. im so lost i don't even know what to do. everything is just fucked right now and i don't want to be alive. i would appreciate nice messages in the dms if you want to. im probs going to be restricting my calories a lot. haHA. i hate myself. bye.
This ceramic tortoise be getting more action than me
"El dolor es temporal. Los memes para siempre". Amor infinito a los memes, xfa.🌹 #instachile #tumblrquote.
De verdad ya no puedo más. ¿Por qué he de luchar por una causa que nació muerta? ¿Por qué he de defender pensamientos que no comparto? ¿De que sirve arriesgar la vida siento un puto saco de golpeo de alguien más? Me aburro. Yo necesito algo de interés, no los problemitas de alguien más, ya bien tengo suficiente con los mios. Yo necesito libertad, aire nuevo, yo necesito viajar. #travel #sky #tumblr #sadquote #tumblrboy #tumblrgirl #depressed #pain #sadness #sadgirl #sadboy #tumblrquote #blood #freedom #bloodyboy #bloodygirl #scape #cut #bruises #run #lostboy #lostgirl
Dairy dock 💦💦😭👌👌
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