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gurl bossing around town 👽🌈
TW: mentions of: sexual harassment, r*pe culture, depression/depressing themes, and suicide||13RW SPOILERS•DO NOT WATCH IF MENTALLY ILL • • • • • • •Get this shit out 13rw is trash and I still itch for blades every few minutes because I see this shit and people talking about it (at my school it's all neurotypical Rich privileged white girls who have never wanted to actually kill themselves who are like '😍😍😍her suicide was so beautiful and powerful it spreads an amazing message😍😍 (if you kill yourself nothing you have ever done was wrong and everyone will worship you and how beautiful and tragic your depression was)' there has been an increase in suicide hotline calls because of how triggering this show is, and the people behind the show met with mental health experts and did exactly what they told them would hurt many many people. They didn't have to show any of the r*pe as prolonged and graphically as they did , they could have gotten the point across just the same with less triggering graphic depictions of something people struggle with and kill themselves over! And don't even get me started on the suicide scene. I know that there were warnings that it showed her death but I didn't think it would be so graphic ! When I watched it, I got so physically sick I didn't get out of bed for 15 hours and I couldn't move my arm. It was so so incredibly triggering and, again, it would have been just as powerful if it showed Hannah going into the bathroom and seeing water leak under the door and her mom going in there and freaking out ! You could have actually not have encouraged this horrible horrible thing subsequently promoting he spread of Suicide Contagion. The producers and fans of the show claim that the message is to be nice to others, don't be a bully and to raise suicide awareness or who knows what else when it really just shows that suicide is an act of revenge to achieve some goal. This normalizes suicide as an option and essentially breaks ofcom guidelines as it goes into so much detail that it could be used as a step by step. Point is, this show is sick. If you read all of this thanks for sticking w me even though I ramble and repeat myself
you'll never be aloneee🎶💙
i need book recommendations pls
Compartilhem ! <3 Olha o que os coreanos do norte passam todos os dias, é triste e a única coisa que nos resta é orar e desejar toda positividade. Vamos fazer algo pela nossa nação! "Se ficássemos, morreríamos de fome. Tive que comer grama, libélulas e batatas congeladas", contou.
gentle reminder what happened was and will always be bad enough; you don’t have to downsize your problems in order to make them valid for someone else
Hoje eu tô só essa foto depois de uma semana de provas. 🍃💓💜🙌☺
"I wish I could spend nights with someone talking and listening to the crashing waves."
Se pegar a foto comente "Pg"😍❤
The worst thing you can do to yourself is judge yourself through the eyes of others👀 #grungebooks #grunge #tumblr #tumblr👽 #grungepic #grungepost #tumblrgirl #tumblrpic #tumblrpost #tumblrphoto #tumblrpics
comment your age backwards 🍑💥 • • • • • •
Não viva para agradar os outros, viva para ser feliz!!💙
i miss the way you used to be my sunset colored in blue
I just learnt 'a million men' on guitar by Melanie Martinez, I'm so in love with it rn, the lyrics, the harmonies, everything. She's an incredible writer 🌸 • • #melaniemartinez #tumblr #tumblrart #sunset #tumblrphoto #astethic #aesthetics #aesthetic #tumblrgirl #tumblrpink #tumblrsunset #photography #love #newaccount #music
my math teacher quit but I didn't know till AFTER I did his homework kms ):
This is a shout out to my ex, heard he in love with some other chick, yeah yeah, that hurt me, I'll admit, forget that boy, I'm over it...💔😂👌 . . . . . . . . . . ✨ 💕 😄 🆒 #selfie #selfienation @top.tags #toptags #selfies #instahub #me #love #pretty #handsome #smile #smiling #smiles #beautifulsmile #smiley #smilee #happy #instagood #instasmile #couple #cute #adorable #kiss #kisses #hugs #romance #forever #girlfriend #tumblr #tumblrlife #tumblrphoto
Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been active! As I said on my previous post I'm having a lot of trouble with the pictures on my phone so I post when I can! I'm so sorry I'll be back as often as before when it's fixed! - Nikki
Que te vayas a la mierda no es un insulto, si no una recomendación turística 🗺💬 - comenta "😍" si te ha gustado - 28.04.2017🚀
Good night ✨ Last pic of the theme, hope you liked it 💙 Comment what my next theme should be 😘 (Just remember that it's my pic so won't be able to do like tropical or beach theme ahah 😅) -