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I have teamed up with some super, fabulous women @tanyajo_com and @tiffanyjobaker who have developed a space just for you to share your TTC updates and receive support, hope, prayers, and encouragement from all of us that are right on this journey alongside you, and get it! So, because #thejosistersloveTTCupdates, and I believe sharing my story and journey can bring healing, increased faith, hope and encouragement to another sister, I'm getting this ball rolling with sharing a little of it, and where I am currently on my TTC journey. • I was diagnosed with pcos in my mid-20's. I began TTC in May 2011 and experienced two miscarriages six months apart (Aug 2011 & Feb 2012) after successful IUI (intrauterine insemination) cycles. We moved on to IVF (invitrofertilization) in May 2012-that cycle was a fail. We did a FET (frozen embryo transfer) in June of 2012, conceived my son, and he was born a 25 week micro-preemie in December 2012. We still have four embabies remaining. Fast forward to today, I'm currently trying naturally without any help (2 years now) believing God to grow my family of three to a family of four with my predestined miracle number two. Just because I was tremendously blessed with my first miracle of a son doesn't make this second time around any less difficult, or less painful. I'm looking forward to continuing to grow in my faith with all of you ladies during this wait, and encouraging one another along the way. • See previous post for instructions on how you can join us with sharing a photo with your updates and using #thejosistersloveTTCUpdates, and getting connected to other women who can support you through your ttc journey.
Is this considered a positive?? Seems so early, especially for someone with very very long cycles. Last one was forced with provera and started on cycle day 48. This is my first time using ovulation predictor tests. Please advise! #ovulationteststrips #opk #ttccommunity #ttc #ttcjourney #ttcendometriosis #ttcpcos
I have sent out a ton of samples but not much feedback! So I need to find people who are going to truly test the product and give me REAL testimonies on what you like and how you feel once you use the product for a full 7 days as well as attend a Zoom call with me to talk about your experience with the product. Email me at essentiallyvero @gmail.com if you are interested with your full name and mailing address. Note: Must not be an active Young Living member. Let's do this 👊🏼
I wear teal for me 💪🏼. I've been that one in ten for the past 10 and a half years and it never gets easier, that's for sure 😪. This pass year I've managed to lose my mind, body and soul. My anxiety been through space 🚀, literally the panic and anxiety attacks were uncontrollable 😖. I also started two new medications, a B12 & Potassium (x3), including weekly Iron Infusion 💉. My acne been flaring up and appearing in disturbing places such as my shoulders and back 😫. More frequent headaches, dizzy spells and I've been passing out (fainting) a lot. If that's not enough to deal with my three year old managed to lose his front tooth 😱, I became dehydrated three times and I experienced two miscarriages 💔. Life has got the best of me this past year, most days are worse then others and without God and my son I don't know how I could've survived ✝️. Surprisingly, today I feel so much stronger, independent, loved and alive. I am beyond Blessed and grateful 💛! #PCOSawearness #iam1in10 #mypcosstory #PCOS
Another order is heading out today! Ms. H in Kentucky your goodies are on their way. L👀k for some pink in your mailbox this week! GRAPHIC TEES & MUGS ARE STOCKED IN OUR SHOP! 👆🏼 #endurance #hope #enduranceinspiredbyhope
Head over to @thepineappledevotionals for weeks 3-6! We are doing a different type of devotional, more interactive for these three weeks. We'd love to hear from you and your journey, no @matter where you are in your infertility. #infertility #infertilitysupport #infertilityfighters #infertilityjourney #infertilitywarrior #infertilityhope #infertilityblogger #infertilitysisters #infertilitycommunity #ttccommunity #ttcjourney #ttctribe #ttcsistersareawesome #makingbabies #faith #godlywoman #hope #thepineappledevotionals
Fall Vibes! I finished my clomid on Sunday evening and go in to see my FS on Wednesday to check my follicles. Praying they look good so we can get this ball rolling (back to back IUI).. I have the trigger waiting in my fridge! #ttccommunity #ttcjourney #iui #infertilitysucks #miscarriage #rainbowbaby
Today's words are "Lord Rescue Me" Psalm 120:2. To me this means so much. Going through infertility I feel so lost in every way possible. I have ran from God, I have been angry with God, and currently I'm going through a season of personal change with God's guidance and will. I find that even though I'm following God I still find myself saying "Lord rescue me from this infertility, bless me". I know one day, in His time, I will be blessed, but until then the path of infertility is hard, scared, uncomfortable and sometimes unbearable. In those moments I teach to God, my Bible, my Christian friends, etc. what does this scripture mean to you? What feelings do you have with your infertility? Where are you currently with God and where would you like to be? #infertility #infertilitysupport #infertilityfighters #infertilityjourney #infertilitywarrior #infertilityhope #infertilityblogger #infertilitysisters #infertilitycommunity #ttccommunity #ttcjourney #ttctribe #ttcsistersareawesome #makingbabies #faith #godlywoman #hope #thepineappledevotionals
I am so confused what my chart is doing. It seems more up and down than it usually is. Made me think maybe I ovulated earlier than usual but then the temp would go back down. Usually when I ovulate I have a spike from 96.4 to 97.3 or so. So the fact that my temp is already 97.09 and I haven't ovulated yet, confuses me. #bbtchart #cd12 #ttc #ttcbaby1 #ttcjourney #ttcsisters #ttccommunity #cycle14 #ovulation
There were moments when I honestly wondered & worried...would I be able to get pregnant? Would I be able to bring a baby into the world? We tried for so long. Chemical pregnancies. Negative pregnancy tests. Month after month. Then the most devastating event - the loss of a perfectly healthy baby (so the tests and ultrasounds told us) at 12 weeks 💔 I died a little that year. As a seriously positive thinker though - a person who can talk myself out of a bad mood & has been looked upon as a sort of cheerleader at every job & in every group I'm part of, I was more determined than ever to "figure it out." (Do we really ever when it comes to conception, though?) So yes, I am blessed. I am a rainbow momma 🙏🏻🌈👶🏼 I wouldn't wish what I've been through on my worst enemy, & I still feel that loss. But I actually feel blessed in a way to know what I know now. & if I can help one momma, one parent on their journey, then someone will not suffer alone, & we will all have a stronger community to lean on 💌 . . #babies #baby #babygirl #babyboy #ttc #ttccommunity #rainbowbaby #pregnant #pregnancyafterloss #miscarriage #ivf #iui #infertility #parenting #newparents #pregnancy #momsformoms #ihadamiscarriage #babyblog #rainbowmama #pregnancyloss #childloss #blessed #thankfulgratefulblessed #gratefulthankfulblessed #babylosssupport #babylosssurvivor #babyfeet #ttcjourney #ttcsisters
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Handy little hot-flash-helper! And it makes me look regal. The older ladies in my office are laughing at me, as if someone so young could have hot flashes, and I'm laughing back at their assumptions. So yeah, #Lupron and #menopause is interesting so far. . . . #ttc #ttcjourney #lesbianttc #lgbtfamily #twomoms #healingjourney #bringit #gaybies #IVF #ivfjourney #FET
25.09.17 I carry the seeds of life within my ovaries.
Thank goodness. I go crazy on birth control. So glad today is the last day I have to take it. Stims start next week!!!