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SWIPE LEFT! Today’s grabs! All for sale!
Got a bunch of new vintage inventory to upload to the shop this week. In the meantime, wanted to wish you all happy holidays. We'll see you at @theinsomniagallery this Friday and @popupataurora this Sunday. Come say hi. we love talking about Netflix originals.
im bringing more flavors than Heinz, come get em at |EastVintage.store|
Nautica Competition 🔥
Can't see it, but @peterrabbit86 wearing sitdown polo bear cap, vintage denim, 97 Batman and Robin tee, and Nike archive 83s.
Make America Polo Again Size XL DM to purchase!
@artandflea is always a monthly highlight for @aea4m and me. We feel very blessed to have such awesome and supportive patrons. Just know your purchase goes a long way and it helps us to keep doing what we love. We love seeing you guys enjoy our gear. Have a warm holiday season. Thank you 🙏🏽 ------------------------------- #vsco #thrift #triptothethrift #thrifting #hypebeast #vintageclothing #etsyvintage #ebayseller #etsyseller #thriftfinds #thrifthaul #harborsvintage #highsnobiety #depop #depopseller #palace #supreme #kanye #hypebeast #ootd #grailed #vintageclothing #hawaii #complex #newwavefriday #artandflea #uhmanoa
'97 GWAR Tee ⚔️⛓ Size: XL
got some vintage Stussy up on the site now |EastVintage.store|
carefully selected, affordable vintage/streetwear |EastVintage.store| •Drug Reference T •Vintage Champion •ACG •M.C. Escher •Bootleg Tommy • Van Halen •Pepsi
Challenge Accepted ⛵️ Size XL DM to purchase!
2 sales back to back 20 minutes apart! Gotta love Christmas time 🤑
Have a Coogi Christmas 🎄 Size L DM to purchase!
About time...
Some Good Finds Today 🇺🇸 Polo - XL Celtics - L
Deadstock Tommy🏄🏻‍♂️
Feeling this Size L DM in interested!
Hello again 👋🏽 Size XL DM to purchase!
Hats on Hats on Hats
Dry day today... New with tags Stüssy London tee medium, north pipeline board shorts XL, 1993 single stitch Arizona tee XL, and gray tag Nike track joggers Medium. All for sale!
Planet of the Bathing Apes
Double trouble 🎸🦅 '95-'96 Van Halen '92 Harley Eagle T DM to purchase!
RIP to an OG 😢
Lugz Sport! L-XL
🔲©🔲 Flawed, Made in USA Size Large
Good Tommy on #tommytuesday DM to purchase!
LIVE 🚬😴 Marlboro Sleeping Bags x 2 DM to purchase!
☠️ Size: XL