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That time when you meet the last living legend from the Ramones and all you can muster is a creepy stare! #ramones #markyramone #triffid #crappingmypants
This is Sylar, from New York City. 🌃🇺🇸
Miss May I 🦁
The legend that is Uncle Ashu. Proudly introducing us to Terrance, the biggest courgette I've ever seen with my eyes. "I found him hiding under a leaf." How big was the leaf?! #triffid
☮️ & ❤️ 2 u brisbane, what a crowd! so vocal and so much frenzied movement with them post exam end of semester conga lines. you’re a beaut. a real beaut. november east cost tour done! xx 📸’s by @louisscornell & @lovedeluxemusic
Woohoo!!! @milesrecommends made the shortlist for the @4zzzradio 2017 Hot 100!! Voting now open at 4zzz website #Repost @4zzzradio ( @get_repost) ・・・ 🚨IT’S ON 🚨4ZZZ Hot 100 voting is NOW OPEN! 🎶 All votes must be in by midnight December 25th, so head to our website and get your picks in now! Tune in on January 1st to hear the countdown, or come hang 2017 out to dry with us at @thetriffid beer garden. #ZedHot100 🎶 #hot100 #4zzzhot100 #4zzz #radio #brisbane #Brissie #awesome #triffid #music #countdown