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. 🔹SQUATS🔹 . 👇TAG A FRIEND WHO SKIPS LEG DAY!👇 . 1️⃣ Start off by putting the bar on your traps, grabbing the bar just outside shoulder width. Don’t grab it really wide. By keeping your hands close to your shoulders, you are able to stay tighter and more stable. . 2️⃣ Get your feet in place, about shoulder width or a little wider. Toes slightly pointed out. . 3️⃣ Before squatting down, align your hips so your spine is in a straight line. Don’t round your back or arch it, keep it straight. . 4️⃣ Take a deep breath, flex your abs, squat, come up, blow the air out, squeeze your glutes. Repeat. . 5️⃣ Make sure to squat down to 90 degrees (legs parallel to the ground), at least. No half squats!😉 . 6️⃣ Don’t go heavy until you have good form and know what you are doing. If you really need help, find a power lifter or someone with experience to help you out! . ‼️Stay away from a belt until you really need it. Keep that core strong!‼️ . 7️⃣ Typically when i squat i stay in the lower rep ranges between 3-5 reps. It’s usually the first exercise i do to work on strength when doing legs. . 👇Comment below any questions! I’ll answer!👇 . .
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[ #FitnessTips] Looking for a good pump in your biceps, triceps, & forearms?? Try these exercises in a super-set. No matter male or female, weak or strong, wanting to gain weight, loose weight, or just tone up... anyone can utilize these movements. Shown in the video is the Standing Barbell Curl (left) ,and the Lying Close-Grip Barbell Triceps Extension Behind The Head, which is also know as “Skull Crushers” (right). Looking to gain strength and size, go heavy (like I did with the 45lb plates), and get from 8-12 reps. Wanting to tone or loose, try a moderate to a light weight and do more reps, anywhere from 15-25 reps. To hit your forearms, reverse the grip from an underhand grip to an overhand grip (using the standing Barbell Curl), & use the same reps as the other two movements. Try doing that superset for a minimum of 4 sets, and watch you get that pump you were looking for. #RejuvenatingFitness #FitJuve #ArmWorkout #BicepsWorkout #TricepsWorkout #ForearmWorkout #FitnessMotivation #Fitness #FitMen #FitChicks #FitnessTrainer #Certified #Mississippi #FitFam
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