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Hello there, beautiful day ❤
A U S T R A L I A 🌏 📍Blackwoods Beach, New South Wales Late afternoon skates and hang outs by the beach 🙌🏽 Every now and then after a long day at work we skate down to the beach and play classic catches, practise on our yoga skills and just hang out with each other. There's nothing better than watching the waves and catching up 🍃💭✨ #theswaussies • • 📝 After all the laughs I copped for our yoga attempt on the sand dunes when I slipped and landed on Michelle it's finally pay back time - Michelle was showing off on a rock trying to do a handstand thing and nearly ended up with a cracked skull 🤣 *karma cough cough* #MeUndies #MeUndiesFam
I will follow you... 🍸💫
And vacation starts .... NOW . . Ça y est! Je pars en vacances aujourd’hui
Merci pour tous vos votes concernant mon sondage pour savoir si mon compte vous plait toujours! 🙏 J'adore poster chaque jour une nouvelle photo et voir mon feed évoluer, le partager avec vous est un réel plaisir ♥ . . . ▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾ #theprettycities #welivetoexplore #lovelysquares #dametraveler #wearetravelgirls #femmetravel #girlsborntotravel #girlaroundworld #travelgirlsgo #thetravelwomen #ladiesgoneglobal #girlswithgypsysouls #globelletravels #thefairytalebloggers #pinktrotters #girslovetravel #sheisnotlost #landscapeporn #landscapelover #montblanc #frenchalps #hikingadventures #chamonix #savoie #mountains #walkingtour #mountainsaddict
Oare ce sens mai au cuvintele in fata unei toamne care se joaca cu cele mai cele culori din paleta unui pictor? Va zicem doar sa luati repede un rucsac in spate si sa porniti s-o admirati cat mai e in putere. Si daca vrei sa vedeti fix ce-am vazut noi, atunci puteti s-o luati pe drumul ce leaga fabrica de apa Keia si Cabana Ciucas si cand v-ati saturat de urcat sa urmati semnul ce trage dreapta spre Cabana Muntele Rosu. Dupa o afinata si o ciorba de legume, nu urmari soseaua ci coteste dreapta pe dupa cabana si urmeaza semnul rosu pana jos iarasi la fabrica. Si daca ai ceva mai mult timp liber sau te prinde ziua de luni pe coclauri, mai du-te-o data pana sus la cabana ca n-o sa dai nici de tipenie de om! (Articol nou pe blog, link in bio)
If you find yourself getting stressed out easily...stop what you're doing, take a breath, and take some time out for yourself (even 5-10 minutes). Getting outside and walking in nature is the best way I can find to clear my head and relieve any stress I may be experiencing.
But can summer do this?!😍 All is beautiful now, but a part of me is a bit paranoid knowing that the more beautiful foliage I see, the more bare trees there will be😳
We may come and go, but never forget to make a mark. 👌🏼
Somewhere inside me I have the deep desire to travel, I can’t not stop. It is like an itch I have to keep scratching. As soon as I come home from a trip I’m planning my next one! Do you feel the same way? #travellolife
France has a serious knack when it comes to pretty cities. Toulouse, known as La Ville Rose (‘The Pink City’) is full of these pinky, peachy, terracotta-walled streets. Absolute fave 🍥🍑🍧~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ #dametraveler #ladiesgoneglobal #sheisnotlost #shetravels #girldiscoverers #globelletravels #theglobewanderer #gltlove #girlmeetsworld #girlvsglobe #theprettycities #darlingmovement #darlingescapes #darlingweekend #starttheadventure #traveldreamseekers #travelgirlsgo #wetravelgirls #gohypetravel #femmetravel #citizenfemme @toptoulousephoto @topfrancephoto @topeuropephoto
We raced over to photograph St. John’s Bridge in last light, only to get stuck behind this train. When it finally moved I ran to get the iconic shot of it spanning the river. In the end I like this one best, it feels most true.
My reflection for the week: Happy, humbled, thankful, hopeful, steadfast. 💖
When you nail that pic! #granville #garden #fashionista #fashionaddict