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Yeehaw. Today was a good day! I have done deadlifts since.....let me think 🤔JUNE! And today I bothered my ass to try again! 200kg 3 reps first time back. And the gym to myself. What more could you ask for 🤗😬👍🏻 #Gym #Selfie #Deadlifts #Back #Station83 #Eat #Sleep #Train #Repeat
Job applications, lets go. #jobapplications #macbook #snacks #train #apple #yahoo
Early Morning Filipino Blade Training with our brothas strait from the source... Laguna Philippines. Preparing to pic up the man himself. #FMA #MartialCombat #Bladework #train #MartialCombatCoach #Dragonflyelite #filipino #philipines #texas
Sugar buzz😁
A lot of todays generation only mentally connect with the muscles they look at themselves in a mirror. If you consider yourself a bodybuilder and participate in local, national, even professional level shows then learning to connect your mind with your body is an essential component. For some reason I had a natural sense of what it should feel like as each respective muscle group contracted and stretched. I do my best to truly master movements like the chin-up, consistently challenge myself to get closer and closer to the perfect rep, with everything aligned optimally to recruit the target area, and to achieve the exact feeling in the lats and smaller muscle groups of the upper back that I was after. Many years of dedication brought about the development you see now, which is why I don’t know whether to laugh or shake my head when someone says, ‘Oh, Kai’s back? "That's just genetics! ” Break past your genetic potential and learn the mind to muscle connection today, for more details email -> Kai @officialkaigreene.com