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♡| would you wear this? (yes)
+ ⚊ 🎤: réalité augmentée - nekfeu ⚊ ✒️: note /10 ⚊ 🍕me retrouver: compte perso: @tessie.simplement other: @virtualsfg & @del1nquante musical.ly: TessieSimplement ⚊ @musical__y #bestmusically #beestmusically #musicallybest #topmusically #musicallyhits #musicallyapps #idmusically #musicallytop #dusymusically
Yeeeeee 🙂
fc: 408 - sorry i haven't been active that much but it's the weekend and i'll be more active💗 i only have about one month of school left!! but our teacher is making us do a speech in front of the class and i hate going up in front of everybody😩 but this is my new theme and i hope y'all like it💗 - #qotd : what's your name? #aotd: kaylee
♡| pants or jeggings? (both)
•his smile• At the end..... ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀ 💜💛💚💙 #doron "promise me no promises"
♡| do you wear glasses? (no)
♡| how old are you? (13)
♡| would you drink/eat this? (yess)
LOL the violin player 🎻... I'm really bad at these games 🎯
🎭 Panic! At The Disco
What You Feel At Day Times ? - Chasing the sun - Summer of Love - Something Just Like This #kytvendetta2 #myself #29 #topmusically #vevo #spinninrecords #hillaryduff #cascada #thechainsmokers #coldplay
My part in a big collab coming out! 👀✨
♡| what time is it where you live? (7:42am)
Wanna be a famous Muser? 👑 Follow us and DM your best musical.ly The top 5 will be selected by number of likes and views. And it will be posted on my YouTube channel for the top 5 of the week. Mention your friends and fans. . . @musical.ly @musicallyindia @northeast.musical.ly @musical.lyofficial @musical.lywar #musically #musers #topmusically #musicallyindia #musicallyasia #musicallyfan #musicallyuse #musicallyapp #musicallyid
Who remembers this song? 🐔🍜 Fun fact: It was released the same year I was born! 😂 #ChickenNoodleSoup by @therealwebstar & Young B #TeleportDance @musical.ly
♡| top 3 used emojis? (😂😩😛)
2 seater 💺 💺
🌙 fc: 1001 ty guys so much for 1k😭❣️ it means the world to me☺️ on this edit you can't really see the lines and templates like you can on my last one because the background is white😩 but oh well! But I love this editt😍 - #qotd : what grade are you in? #aotd : 7th
♡| favorite number? (7)
К-КОМАНДА💪🏼 Б-БАНДА😎 С самой крутой певицей @kotkovakristina и с нашей самой талантливой и любимой преподавательницей Анжеликой Диденко @anzhelika_didenko_ ! Очень круто, что судьба вообще свела с этими людьми!!!👩🏻👩🏻👩🏻💋💋💋 #moscow #saratov #vocal #russia #диденки #тоника #topmusically
🌙 fc: 780 new theme❣️ thank you guys for for 700+ followers🌸 i only have about 1 more month of school left yay! i took a math test yesterday and i actually did really good on it😂 - #qotd : how old are you? #aotd : 13
♡| can you french braid? (no)
Pretty sure I was that crazy guy at Walmart just now 😂