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Instead of reiterating to God about how much we are longing for His blessings, focus on preparing our hearts to receive those blessings. ⠀⠀⠀⠀ Truth is, our omnipotent God is able to bless us instantaneously. However, our good Father sees further than we could and He knows our motive (Proverbs 16:2). This may be the reason for our unanswered prayers - He withholds it for our own good! ⠀⠀⠀⠀ Let us ask ourselves: Is our intention for receiving those blessings to bless others and/or use them for His glory, or is it merely for our selfish gain (see James 4:3)?
Sometimes, I want to disappear in this small world. Lost my mind, find new me! Want to lost my memories for making new ones..
In the making of chicken quesadillas
Festive Season with our New york croptop #am17309 ✨❄️🎄 . #ALLAMODABangkok #mystyle_allamoda
പറയാതെ എന്തിനും കൂടെ നിന്നവൾ മൊഴി മറന്നു പോയോ ...💔 ഇടനെഞ്ചിലായിരം കനവെറിഞ്ഞവൾ കഥ മറന്ന് പോയോ ...💔 😭😭 #Travel #TopLikeTagsTravel #Trip #Traveling #Travelgram #TopLikeTags #Travelling #Travelingram #Traveler @TopLikeTags #Travels #Travelphotography #Likesforlikes #Instatravel #Instatraveling #Travelph #Travelpic #Travelblogger #L4l #Traveller #Traveltheworld #Travelblog #Travelbug #Likeforlike #Travelpics #Travelphoto #Traveldiaries #Likesreturned #Traveladdict #TLTer #TravelLife
Does your heart ever start racing when you start thinking about the past? You freeze. You become paralyzed for a minute and think to yourself how? why? You start a race in your mind that you're not sure if you're capable of finishing. The finish line seems so far away, it almost seems like it doesn't exist. But there's a small voice telling you to keep running, to keep trying, and that there is a finish line even though it's far far away. What do you do? Do you keep running? Or do you give up? Professional runners often say, "when your feet want to give up, run with your heart." So I say, when your mind wants to give up, run with your whole heart, and believe that there is a finish line, and that there is a prize waiting for you at the end. You may get sore, sweaty, exhausted, feel like you can't do it anymore, but you can. Listen to your heart, what is your heart telling you to do? Is it telling you to give up? If you think about it, the heart is always beating it never stops, and when it does, you no longer exist.  Let your heart be a motivation for your mind race. If you stop now, you're getting rid of your existence. Your existence that has so much potential to make a difference. A difference starting within yourself and spreading out to the lives of others. Your existence could be a cleanser to someone's soul that has been consumed with poison. Think of the greatness you have in you. The greatness to protect, to love, to fight, to forgive, to rise up again after falling, to become stronger in your weaknesses, and to stand up for yourself when the world is trying to take you down. Lock your greatness in your heart, and let that greatness motivate your heart to keep beating, and let your heart motivate your mind to keep going, even though the finish line seems far, far away. #photograph #photographer #vsco #vscocam #photographers_tr #photographie #landscape_captures #photographers #photograph #portrait #vscocamphotos #likesforlikes #photographs #beautiful #photographylovers #topliketags #nature #tlter #outdoorphotography #topliketagsphotography #pictureoftheday #likesreturned #silhouette #picoftheday #likeforlike #art #contrast #vangogh #typography
Looks ✨
Senyuman dan kebahagiaan ini akan menjadi senyum tangis dan perpisahan . . Semoga langgeng hingga wisuda 😇
My Creativity Has Been Beginning To Flow Through Me Again & It Feels Amazing. I Really Had 2 Discipline Myself & Let Go Of Old Habits For It 2 Happen. I Was Blocking Myself For A While Listening To My Mind, Rather Than My Heart. It's Still A Process But I'm Just Happy That It's Coming Back 2 Me. I've Always Been Creative, So I Just Wanna Keep It Up & Not Lose It Due To Pressures Of Society & Those In The Past That Told Me Do This Or That Because They Couldn't Understand Me & I Just Thought They Were Right. All Of That Is Over. . . 🔴
Only Look Down On Someone If I Am Helping Them Up. . . 💋💗
Y.E.S 💗
Tonos naturales, perfectos para cualquier ocasión 😍💕
Ketiadaan cinta pada diri sendiri tak mungkin tergantikan dengan cinta orang lain padamu.
matanya ilang 😫 . . Photo by : @rzlmuttaqin
- my world 🌎❤️ _ #deepikapadukone
Stunning sunset.
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