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Family is the only place we learn about the meaning of a togetherness... ° ° ° ° #gkpssurabaya #bigfamily #hitsgkps #togetherwecanmakeadifference #saduluran #batak #simalungunese
City Prayer this Friday, don't miss it. #clccisus #clccbdg #clcc #jesus #togetherwecanmakeadifference #cityprayer
We are so excited about this year's Fall Bling event in #yvr - we've already stated the planning for our Fashion Show and cannot wait until November!! And we have to say that we just feel so blessed to have the worlds greatest volunteers - both here in Vancouver & in Alberta!! Thank you all for the time & talents that you share with us so freely!! . We love this shot from Pear Tree Photography @vancouver.photographer at last year's event! It captures our amazing team of volunteer models so well! Hair & MU by the amazing @anitaleehairmakeup & her awesome team at @helmet_salon
Empowered! Alice and Olivia puts it out there. $125 Contact me or order online STORES.SAKS.COM/BRUCEA Always free shipping 📞 954-224-5297 #saks #togetherwecanmakeadifference
Always stand up for what you believe in, even if it means you stand alone...✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼 #metoo #standup #fighter #brave #standtogether #togetherwecanmakeadifference
Gleam of Hope School & Orphanage now has running water! Providing the students and teachers with safe clean potable water. Forty percent of Haiti's population of 10 million do not have access to clean water, while nearly half of the country's hospitals lack either drinking water or sanitation. Thank you to everyone who supported this wonderful project #togetherwecanmakeadifference #haitianlife #humanitarian #facts #gleamofhope
In addition to seeing this all over my fb, a person from my past commented on a friend of mines status. Me and my friend witnessed first hand a church breaking up before our eyes, friendships and spirits broken because of the actions of a sexual predator, and it not being dealt with by the church. This person commented something along the lines of "it would be easier to look for those that hadn't!." This person was the mother of the sexual predator who ruined lives. She had the balls to publicly post a comment on a status about sexual abuse and think her (probable) involvement had been forgotten or overlooked. Well, it hasn't been forgotten. Your son not only took the innocence of his victims but took the innocence of his victims friends and family who had to uproot their lives and be exposed to an evil you should have done something about way before hand. You're not solely to blame but you are the parent and you put children you claimed to love directly in danger. So you're absolutely right, there probably are more people posting #metoo than not, think about how you could have prevented some of those "me too's", because you had the ability to preserve those people's innocence; but you chose to look the other way. Luckily those people have become more than a statistic. They have taken the power back from their abuser(s) survived the storm, and live happy lives today. This is one of their stories. Maybe one day I'll have the courage to share mine. #theirstory #rapeculture #togetherwecanmakeadifference #strongertogether #solidarity #instagood
These limited-edition kitchen tools are the perfect addition to your kitchen to help you enrich your life too. The Whipped Cream maker can make whipped cream, with 3 ingredients and in 30 seconds. Retail price $30 plus tax & shipping = $40.68 ** . . An additional contribute of $1 will go to the Canadian Cancer Society for breast cancer research and awareness programs. . Purchase now until Oct 20th (from link in BIO) and your purchase will be included in my Help Whip Cancer Fundraiser where up to 25% of Sales will be donate to the Canadian Cancer Society from Pampered Chef and in lieu of Host credits. Together we can make a difference . #shopforacause #helpwhipcancer #togetherwecanmakeadifference #pinkproducts #whippedcream #whippedcreammaker #pamperedchefcanada #terrificdeals #cancersupport #breastcancerawareness #pamperedchefwithpatricialynn #shoppingonline #shoptiludrop #seekthesimplicity #littlewins #shopsale #shopping #backtobasics
Feriado con Mamá y Papá. No me canso nunca de decirles cuanto los quiero. #picoftheday #photooftheday #family #happy #life #love #togetherwecanmakeadifference #nikon #photo #smile #mother #father