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Happy Birthday to my anchor. To the woman who changed my life. Who made me feel okay about myself. Thank you for all you do queen I adore you so much love you too pieces 💫🌟💙❤ enjoy your day beautiful. I wish you nothing but the best ❤❤❤😚😚 @arianagrande ps thank you for always being you and love is fans as family. To most of us you are the only family we have. You understand us better than anyone and vice versa. You are the sweetest little bad ass ever. No one can dare take your spot. . Love you tons ari #happybirthdayarianagrande #arianagrande #ari #joangrande #ariana #arianators #tinyelephants #Love #fans #unite #arianagrandeupdates #queenari
OMG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR BEAUTIFUL QUEEN🎉🎊!! I will have a video edit out soon but wow 24 years, it makes it so hard to beleive that you have accomplished as much as you have❤. I remember when I was young watching you on Victorious and now look at you, all grown up💕. I love you so much Ari, your music has helped me through a rough time in my life and whenever I'm feeling sad I just listen to your music or watch videos of you and it makes me smile😊 You taught me that there is good in this world. Loves wins. 💝 You also brought an amazing group of people together🐘 and i have made some really great friends because of you. I hope you have the best day today and do you😊💗 Happy 24th birthday Ari I love you to the moon and back☁️🌙 @arianagrande ° ° ° #arianagrande #happybirthdayari #arianagrandeedit #weloveyoari #tinyelephants #ilovearianagrande #proudarianator #arianators4life #like #HappyBirthdayAriana
(My 3rd bday post for her lol) Happy Birthday to my beautiful queen @arianagrande ! We have been her #ArianaArmy to #TinyElephants to #Arianators 💕✨ I met her in person in 9/8/15, it was the best night ever.🌙 She keeps me confident with her songs and by what she believes, Ariana has a big place in my heart, She is really important to me and I'm proud to call her my 'Idol' and 'Family' because we the #Arianators are her family. #HappyBirthdayAriana #24! #MoonlightBae #dangerouswoman 😭👑❤️ She has been their seens she was 17, and now she's 24 years old; I can't wait to see her grow even more. I love you Ariana! 😭😘 @F.E.V.A.N OUR SONGGG!!!
Happy Birthday Ariana Grande-Butera! I cabt believe ur turning 24! Congratulations Queen♥️ You may never read this but have gotten me through a lot these past 6 years! I have been a fan since 2011 and i still havent seen u in a concert or met u yet but hopefully someday i will! ur music has inspired me so much and always makes me happy! you are such a role model to me and u have inspired me to sing a lot more and be who i am! you taught me to just be you! i cant explain how much i love and i love ur music sooo much! i love allll of ur songs! even the old ones or the ones that didnt make it onto albums! i know all the names and lyrics too! i am so happy for you and i hope u have the best birthday ever because you deserve it! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ #arianaarmy #arianators #tinyelephants #arianagrande #arianagrandesbirthday #birthday #queen #slay #iloveyousomuch @arianagrande @larryfisherman @dalinaway @brilovelife @iamskot @alfredoflores @beautybydchinchilla @dangerouswomantour @honeymoontour
Wow Ari you're 24 now Crazy! Well @arianagrande I wanna start off by saying Happy birthday I truly hope you have the best day ever not only today but everyday, you deserve nothing but happiness and love. I've been supporting you since,well since pretty much Victorious started well more specific since your very first song/Album and I've watched you grow from the red hair,up to now our moon light princess lolz. You've inspired me so much as a person and musically and about almost 2 years ago I was able to see you live for the first time and I am forever grateful for that opportunity thank you for coming to my city it was the best night of my life and I hope to see you live again Soon and to one day have the opportunity to meet you that would be the best day of my life honestly! You always treat us your fans with so much love and respect, you constantly let us know how much you love Us and you are like literally the sweetest human being, so sweet that you cried once you've stepped on a lil insect on accident lmfao. You are a strong, talented, independent, and an amazing woman and I truly love you so much more than you'll ever know and I want to thank you for all you do. I'll continue to support you just as I always have, have fun party but not to hard on your special day with the people who love you! I love you Ari happy 24th bday btw you're literally killing it slay bitch!!! 💛🐇☁️🌙🎂😩😍 - #happybirthdayariana #AG24 #moonlight #arianators #tinyelephants #happybirthdayarianagrande #thebaddestbitch #dangerouswoman #AGB @arianagrande @dangerouswomantour
I find this so funny!!❤😭 #arianagrande #arianator #tinyelephants #arianasarmy #arianavideos @arianagrande I really hope you enjoy your birthday❤❤
Me because Ariana turns 24 in 5 min here in the U.S ABDHDBSJNS @arianagrande 💓😩 #AG24Soon #arianagrande #tinyelephants #arianators
I love this nerdy picture!! #Bae #followforfollow #spamforspam #likeforlike #grace #blessed #bygracethroughfaith #tinyelephants #DWT #Goals #liveyourlife #loveisallyouneed #loveiseverything 💝😂😜😇🤗😍🤓🍉🙏🏼🍍🎤💅🏼👨‍👩‍👧💩💍😊
happy birthday to the woman who inspires me and millions of others how to love and not hate and how to remember that everything is gonna be alright 🌙 thanks for making me see the world and music differently @arianagrande #happybirthdayari #dangerouswoman #moonlight #tinyelephants #arianators
Happy birthday to Ariana Grande!!🎉 you've been such an inspiration to most of us and we love your singing as much as we love you😊💞 you've been a kind idol who cares about fans so much and well, arianators are like a family!💓you really are a big success! your parents are so glad to have a daughter as talented as you😃you've grown so much😍❤️i wish you all the best MOONLIGHT! if you need anything, your Tiny Elephants are always there for you :) happy 24th!✨ @arianagrande#arianagrande #ariana #arianators #tinyelephants #fandom #ari #moonlight #fans #birthday #happybirthday #hbd #love
🌟。*。💗~😃xXx 。💚。*。 HAPPY。🌟 🎈 🌟。24th BIRTHDAY. @arianagrande .💜´*。.🌟¨¯`*❤。。🌟🎈 I love you since 2009 and I'll love you till the very end!♡♡♡🎂🎈 ♀☁💖🐝🍰🌹 - - #arianagrande #arianator #ari #dangerouswoman #dangerouswomantour #tinyelephants #babyloves #honeybabies #bkstg #fanhub #gainpost #arianaarmy #sidetoside #everyday #feminist #female #strong #proud #love #piece #cute #pretty #fun #beautiful #bkstg #fanhub #gainpost #arianaarmy #sidetoside #everyday
I'M PROUD OF BEING ARIANATOR WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU ARI ❤👯 'Ari' 'Queen' 'idol' 'Ariana' 'My moonlight bae' She is my whole life, She is my world. The beautiful, lovely, lovable, amazing, awesome, dangerous and talented woman the one and only my sister Ariana Grande ❤ Happy 24th birthday the most important of my life, i love her more than me 🎉🎂💕 Sana mag enjoy ka sa special day mo kahit wala ako jk😊 First of all i want to say to you thankyouu you are my only inspiration in all trials came into my life thankyouu for inspiring me everyday😊 i just hear your songs all my tiredness and stress were lost😊 that's how much i loveyouu ayiee😍 thankyouu sa pagbibigay mo sakin ng ngiti at saya sa tuwing malungkot ako🙊 kahit papano dumating ka sa buhay ko at higit sa lahat hindi ko pinagsisihan yun kulang nalang ibigay ko na sayo lahat lahat ng pagkatao ko❤😂 kahit hindi mo ko mapansin, I trust God magkikita din tayo at manonotice mo din ako😭🙏 btw i hope to see you soon bago ako mamatay, kahit mayakap, makita at mahalikan lang kita sapat na sakin yun 😊 I trust God, hindi ako mawawalan ng pag asa magkikita din tayo🙏❤ yung hindi hanggang imagine lang ako, yung feeling na nasa harapan mo na siya "best feeling" diba😍You are the most beautiful girl in the world💜 You are the strongest woman😊 anyway stay what you are stay beautiful, stay sweet, stay lovable, stay generosity, stay kind, stay smart and stay helpful lahat ng katangian nasa sayo na! kaya idol kita eh kasi mahal mo mga fans mo at ang galing galing mo kumanta😍 Take care always and God bless😇Stay strong sa inyo ni kuya Mac Miller sana magsama pa kayo ng matagal💏 anyway alam kong natupad mo na lahat ng wishes mo dream come true diba you deserve all the best I'm happy for you❤ iloveyouu very much mwa😘 -Grande family 👪 Ariana, Frankie, Nona, Edward, Grandma and Grandpa -Dogs of Ari🐶 Toulouse, Coco, Lafayette, Strauss, Cinnamon, Fawkes, Ophelia, Sirius and Pignoli -Ariana Backup Dancers💃 -Mac miller ariana's boyfriend😍 I LOVE YOU ALL ESPECIALLY OF ARI❤😘 I WANT YOU TO KNOW NA MAHAL NA MAHAL KITA NOW AND FOREVER❤  #Arianators  #Arianator  #TinyElephants  #ArianaArmy  #ArianaGrande
You don't know what this woman means to me. Beyond her music, Ariana is an inspiration in my life. See how she has so much goodness, humility and love make me happy. They say that I will never know her personally or that she doesn't even know of my existence, but that really don't care. She is my Idol and I will never stop loving it and supporting it. Right now this little girl who was born in Boca de Ratón, Florida is turning 24 years old. That hurts me but every time I grow more but I assure you that I will continue here until the end. June 26, 1993, a star was born. @arianagrande . Our little Osnapitzari. #happybirthdayariana #happybdayariana #arianagrande #dangerouswoman #arianators #arianator #osnapitzari #Moonlight #moonlightbae #arianaarmy #tinyelephants #happybirthday #june26 #catvalentine #myeverything