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“Work eight hours and sleep eight hours, and make sure that they are not the same eight hours.” – T. Boone Pickens #timemanagement #productivity #success #goals #agile #entrepreneur
In today's world, it feels like we're constantly racing against time. Some of the most successful people have learned to manage time so that they can focus on big impact areas, grow their business, and spend time on the things that matter to them: family, learning, traveling... whatever their heart desires. So I'm asking you, how are you managing your time? What's working for you? #timemanagement #womeninbiz #womeninbusiness #productivity #workfromwherever #goalsetting #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur #womenentrepreneurs #marketingstrategy #digitalmarketing
You don't need permission to be great. 🔑
Have a target. There have been lots of Nerf gun battles over the school hols resulting in bullets turning up in some pretty unlikely places. Currently though this skeleton is being used for target practice. If you approach your to do list with a scattergun approach you are likely to get a random assortment of stuff done. Without a target, like those bullets, you will find yourself all over the place. Know what you are aiming for and you can direct your efforts so that you are working on stuff that gets you there. Natalie x 💙
[Audio] "Top 20 Apps for the #College Student" http://ow.ly/w6QR30erHDe #GetOrganized #productivity #timemanagement
Just another manic morning! Trying to breathe through it and give myself some slack, but I HATE feeling disorganized. How many other busy mamas (and daddys) would like some help getting their mornings organized?! #manicmorning #busymom #mompenaeur #workingmom #girlmom #momlife #coachlife #fearlesslfitness #fitmom #fitjourney #organization #timemanagement #busybusy #getorganized #hellllpppp #letsdothisthing
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Feeling a little overwhelmed with how busy I am today! But I'm keeping last night's team call in mind and making time for what's important. I still make sure to take breaks at work and I love spending a few minutes outside to clear my head for a bit and come back refocused. Definitely working smarter, not harder today to fit in everything!
Let us not confuse busy-ness with unproductive-ness. Being busy does not equal success. Not being busy does not mean laziness. • I can't tell you how many times I hear it, "I know your really busy..." Let me lay the record straight- I realize I have 5 kids and homeschool and run businesses from home HOWEVER, I do not want to be a "busy" person, so I choose not to live a busy life. It's not just something that magically happens. You CHOOSE to be busy by the decisions you make. Have too much on your plate? Then choose to loosen the load and put some things back. • I think of Psalm 46:10 "Be still, and know that I am God." • I need so many moments of "being still" throughout my day, and so, I create room for that. My mornings are SLOOOOW. We mosey about, sometimes I work while the kids play. Worship music is on, Bibles are open and we just live. • Sure, I have an endless to-do list but I'm strategic with my #timemanagement. I never want someone to think that I'm "too busy" for them. You will most likely never hear me say, "I'm so busy... life is busy.... we had a super busy weekend." Busy-ness isn't something I strive for. It's not a trophy I want to display. It's not an impressive trait to me. I kind of love the fact that most of my calendar is wide open for the rest of the year. That's life. Living and loving and being still. It allows for less stress, less overwhelm and more time for reflection, laughter and doing what we truly desire in life. • Yes, I have my hand in a lot of projects I am super passionate about. But I'm in no rush. I have priorities + one of this is NOT being busy. I'm not ashamed to say that + to live a more simple life. I'm a go-getter and hard-charger too and there are days that are filled with "funwork" but right now, I sit in our homeschool room, swaying back + forth on my rocking chair, @unitedpursuit playing and the kids scattered around me playing. This is right where I want to be. Still. In God's presence. Not consumed with "busywork." • Stop making excuses and live the life you want, TODAY. Choose wisely the decision you make and the things you take on. It's all completely in your control how you desire to use this time on earth.
With a family of 6 I have to make sure I manage my time well, if I ever want to get anything done. With school underway and new schedules time management is a must! Head over to our page to see the top 10 time management tips I implement in my life! #blog #blogger #sisters #timemanagement #tips
Stress is not your friend. So start your morning by planning for your day.
Vandaag mag ik even spijbelen. #ontspannen #zwembad #lezen #nukanhetnog #spijbelen
Hey Creatives! Being a mom and business owner isn't an easy combination. I want to share cost effective tips on how to manage your home and business like a boss . Grab a Free copy of this tip& workbook today by joining the mailing list👉🏼www.jojohusain.com. - Here's one of my favorites. Hire a mother's Helper - a mother's Helper is different than a nanny and babysitter. She is there when both or one parent is at home. She helps mom out by doing light chores, watching the children , or even running errands... Join the mailing list at JoJoHusain.com #mothershelper #businessandbaby #mompreneur #jojohusainphotoanddesign #businessspecialist #businesswithjojo #productivity #timemanagement #managinghomeandbusinesslikeaboss
#nationalspongecakeday Baking is a great way to introduce the younger ones to cooking. It involves a few disciplines: Weighing /Accuracy/Mixing/Time management/Clean and of course- taste testing!! Cook from scratch teach them young reduce the need for processed food. #baking #spongecake #cake #homebaking #bake #sweet #dessert #weigh #accurate #mix #timemanagement #tasty #delicious #yummy #instagood #instafood #learn #teach #try #mistrychef
You get to decide how you spend your precious time. Use it to move your life in the direction you want to be headed! #productivity #prosperity #time #timemanagement #college #career #entrepreneur