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Today I want you to think about the baby steps you can take to just keep moving forward. It can be anything. And even if you execute it imperfectly, at least you’ve taken some of the pressure off.⠀ ⠀ Please read my blog to know more http://gaijinworkscoaching.com/master-class-imperfect-action/⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #coach #coaching #productivitycoach #fengshui #timemanagement #timemanagementskills #timemanagementtips #timemanagementcoach #productivity #productivitytips #productivityhacks #productivitytip #productive #productivityhabits #beproductive #buildinganempire #mompreneurs #businesswomen #savvybusinessowner #womeninbiz #smallbusinessowner #femaleentrepreneur #womeninbusiness #entrepreneurlife #businesswomen #fengshuitimemanagement #gaijinworkscoaching #worksmarternotharder #risingtidesociety #growthmindset
I remember years ago... I was constantly flustered, I missed every deadline I ever had, I was late to everything and I disappointed everyone. It was a constant feeling of guilt and I never knew why or that there was another way of life. Through some mentors and some self reflection, I started to realize I managed my time very poorly. In an effort to change that, I tried lists, planners, reminders everything. But it wasn't until I really learned how to manage my time and prioritize my commitments that the missed deadlines and disappointments slowly started to go away. I'm not perfect, and with 3+ kids, we aren't always on time. But we are better. And things get done. // If you feel even the slightest connection, I think you should check out my ecourse for time management. Leave the chaos, leave the disappointment and step into rhythms and organization. // #LinkInProfile
If I could describe today in emojis: 😴⏰📱🔥🤢😴🐶💪🏼 Did that help? 😂 But really, time management is a huge focus right now, especially as we prep our move to North Carolina this fall. We had an incredible mastermind with a women with three little ones who still manages to kick ASS at her business. Her secret? Ok well there's no secret. But it comes down to this: • Messy is the price of legendary; you're gonna have seasons of chaos and calm. Just accept it and groove with it. • Set INTENTIONS - goals are great but intentions are actions you can control NOW • Coaching is meant to ENHANCE your life; not BE it. Set your boundaries and go with the flow. Needless to say, tomorrow is gonna feel a whole lot less crazy 😜 #shotstoshakes #WarriorWithHeart
What Elements a Modern Marketing Plan Must Include (link in bio) | @marketingprofs http://buff.ly/2pE3Oru
Decree: effective tomorrow at noon, the Hilton Los Angeles Airport shall be known as the Realm of #Gamex!  If you have a mere modicum of curiosity about analog ( #tabletop) gaming of any type, we have something interesting for you to do.  We have #boardgames, #cardgames, #historical #wargames, #videogames, #larp, #rpg and #collectibles games for the whole family.   #Strategicon #Gamex2017 #tcg #ccg #pathfinder #DnD #gaming #games #boardgame #workerplacement #timemanagement #LosAngeles #gamingconvention
So last week i ticked the box errrryday... this week I've only squeezed ✌ workouts in! 🙈 oh my! Consistency?!! Well this week it's been more about INTENSITY!!! My whole body is sore!! My legs and butt are like "what the hell man?!" And sometimes when you're busy the workouts need to be more intense. Smash them out. Lift heavy. Make a difference to your week.. No matter how much or how little time you have!! #getitdone #workout #intensity #hiit #timemanagement #busymum #fitmum #fitfam #lift #girlswholift
Get out of your comfort zone and connect with someone new. Someone who's been where you are... Someone who can guide you to the next step. But remember, be there for the person who reaches out to you as they're seeking guidance from you. #payitforward
Sering kehabisan waktu? Besar kemungkinan anda terlalu sibuk dan kurang mengatur aktifitas dengan baik #timemanagement entrepreneurlife #coaching #coachben
Our cuties after awards day today. So proud of both of them Addi got highest in her class in reading and social studies and Madelyn got a medalfor the 100pt book club. Can't believe we have a 4th and a 2nd grader 😭😭 So happy that I'm able to work full time from anywhere so I don't have to miss moments like this and we are all so thankful that dad was able to make it before his busy day. #bestdadaward #ourgirlslovetheirbrother #daddysgirls #responsibleparents #timemanagement #noexcuses #theylovetheirdaddy
Thank you to @kirstynancarrow and all the participants of the Media Skills workshop held on Wednesday night! #YEPCairns - We were lucky to have Kirsty share her 20+ years of journalism knowledge with us including how to write a good media release. Here's her tips: ●Have a catchy headline. ●Don't make it more than 1 page long. ●Have only just enough details to raise curiosity👀
‼️ We just released a FREE new app to help with time management while studying--Study Timer! It is designed to use alongside studying of any kind, but specifically alongside our online test prep products. Our product team created it based on the Pomodoro technique: 25 minutes focusing and 5 minutes taking a break. Did I mention it was free? 💸Check it out now (for iOS only)! 🙌🏽📱
Yup -- That's how close I was to Shaun T at a workout in Nashville. It was 6AM, 98% humidity and hot. I a mean really hot...but I didn't care. We were working out and I felt good about what I was doing. The energy, passion, and care that this man brings to his workouts are hard to describe. All I know is that when I do one of his workouts, I not only feel great about the workout I just accomplished, I am ready to take on the world. His workouts create both a better body and a better mind. In Shaun T's words, it's not a workout, it's your life. To me, that is just plain cool. And you know what else makes be excited? Shaun T is launching an Insane Focus workout in a few weeks — A workout that will challenge the hard core athlete but be modified for the person just starting their fitness journey. And no matter where you are, I know that you will feel awesome when you finish and well, be ready to take on the world!! Anyone else excited? #shaunT #shauntweek #54andfabulous #timemanagement #livingwithcrohnsdisease #crohnsdisease #makinghealthychoicesahabit
Let's talk about time-management! Who has hours of time to clean every day? [insert crickets] We didn't think so. So, why are you still using an old mop system? Not only does the Aqua Spray Deep Clean Mop clean like nothing you've experienced before, it will allow you to clean in just minutes. No buckets of water and constant rinsing means floors get clean quicker, dry faster and your back is spared. . . LIKE if you LOVE the idea of saving time (and your back)! You can shop the mop at {www.ecloth.com}. . . . . . . . . . . . . #timemanagement #savetime #saveenergy #cleanbetter #livebetter #cleaninghack #cleaningday #chemicalfree #chemicalfreecleaning #floorcleaning #naturalliving #mommusthave #musthave #itreallyworks
Hibernating @ home today and MUST make sure I get to complete and wrap up this whole 4-hour Lesson Plan by TODAY (for e-submission before Deadline of 01Jun)!! If not won't have time to do Reflection part and complete the whole e-Portfolio for our Assessment ("exam")😂plus weekend standby for viewings..."add oil"💪💪 *whatsapp silenced; checkperiodically* #noprocastination #focus #lifelonglearning #timemanagement #selfdiscipline
My baby girl with the best father she could ever ask for. He always bends over backwards to make her smile. @shanecronley Love you, babe #Notimeformommyguilt #fathers #timemanagement #workathomemoms #lifewithtoddler #parenting #daddysgirl
I'm sure many creatives can relate to admin OVERLOAD. I'm starting with 15 mins a day of cataloguing artworks into folders with names other than "newwork17" and clearing space on my computer's desktop so it looks less like a Space Invaders game. I think by 2020 it should all be sorted. 🤓Have a good weekend everyone!
So often we use up our time making money for "later" and missing precious moments now. What needs to change in your life?
Here are my results! One month of exercise and one month of re-committing to clean eating. I lost several inches from my waist and my belly. I did not lose any weight this time, but I'm ok with that. In addition to the weight and inches I lost, I GAINED confidence and self-worth. Those 2 things alone are immeasurable. The weight isn't even a factor to me any more - these 2 things are what I treasure most from this process. I no longer hang my head in shame when talking. I make eye contact. I walk with my head held up and my shoulders back. Best of all, I am a role model to my daughter by showing her how to take care of her body. So how did I get here? By focusing on my health. That should always be the goal. Weight loss comes with health. Better mental health can come with focusing on physical health. I have lose weight, but gained such insight and self-esteem, it's amazing. Of course, this is just the last 30 days - my total transformation didn't happen overnight. It was a big commitment on my part. I want to be a healthy role model for my kids and create a legacy they can be proud of. I want them to say - my mom was healthy and took care of herself and was around a long time with us because of that - and we are PROUD of her. It hasn't been easy. It hasn't been fast. But it has been 100% WORTH IT ALL! I've been your example, it's time for you to take control of your health and get your life back! I can help you get started when you're ready. We start June 12th. http://bit.ly/2mWNx4J
I'm opening up 2 more spots on my team for anyone who wants to earn $500 a month! Summer is quickly approaching. Message "OPPORTUNITY" to Laura Renée at 📲 443.717.0472 or drop your email below for more information 💌 let's see if this is right for you!
First, figure out what you wanna do in life, what really makes you get up in the morning. Second, find a way of achieving that goal � think it all through. By step three you'll already find yourself on the road of success. For an idea to work, you have to do all the planning behind, in order to cover all angles of potential mistakes. Implementing step-by-step is never bound to fail. Remember, it is not enough to dream, you have to at least try to put it in practice. If you don't try to make your wishes come true, they will never come. Start taking action!
Right outside room 111--resources for you to take home! Packets with tips on anxiety, sleep and time management 🌛🌞💤⏰ #timemanagement #needzzzs #relax😎
When your business grows, you need to change and grow with it. My time management needed to be adapted and improved. Old habits no longer work, my old goals and plan no longer fit and I need to learn more so I can be better for my family, future and the success of my company. Thanks to @chalenejohnson and her amazing book, I know I got this!! Today while my children played in the pool and read and took some time out just to watch them play in the garden. Once they went to bed I got my #turbokick on. Feeling wonderful
It's HERE! My #erincondren shipment has arrived! And a couple days earlier than I had expected! #itsthelittlethings ☺ It's just a bit different than my other planner so we will see which format I like better! NOTE: I thought it started in June 😔 but it actually begins in July 👎🏻 Oh well! Something to look forward to right!?!?. . . #paperplanner #failtoplanplantofail #plannercommunity #erincondren #lifeplanner #coachlife #organization #organizeyourlife #timemanagement
Time is 100X more valuable than money ever will be. The money is just the tool needed to get you the time you want...The freedom you want. It comes, it goes and we never get it back. #time #motivated #inspire #inspirationalquotes #timequotes #fitnessmotivation #value #valueyourself #timemanagement #timeskill #alanwatts #encouragement
"Tu tiempo, tu activo más valioso" #timemanagement #metime
How many times have you posted this week? Short on time? Short on ideas? 🤔 Leave it to us! 😀✔
Hago mis ejercicios de cursivas mientras mi alumna hace su exámen toda preciosa 📝💚 #MeQuedanHorribles #YaNiModo #TimeManagement
All great achievements require time. –Maya Angelou
When you should be snapping photos so you can upload albums tonight but your kiddo wants to play! #guesswhowon #lularoecyndimartinez #timemanagement #momboss
Organizing your house reaps many rewards and according to Homegain.com it can reap amazing financial rewards! This is a clip from my '10 Weeks To An Organized Move' podcast episode and I also published an article on the Huffington Post on the same topic.⠀ ⠀ #Org365 #SundayBasket #Organized #Organize365 #LisaWoodruff #ProfessionalOrganizer #Declutter #Organize #HomeOrganization #Simplify #Productivity #Organization #TimeManagement #movinghouse #housemove
@karen_m_bradley @karinabradley is in the #VideoProduction Studio shooting some powerful #TimeManagement #Training content for our @BradleyOnDemand platform. Www.BradleyOnDemand.com
Сегодня я окончательно убедилась в том, что #таймменеджмент это хорошо, но надо уметь его адаптировать под настоящее, иначе Ваше планирование не стоит и выеденного яйца. Где-то с месяц, как я перекроила свой план на день и отказалась от нескольких увлечений. Дитё растёт, становится все более подвижным, интересуется всем вокруг, везде лазает и приобретает новые способности с каждым днём. Основные моменты, которые надо учесть при переделке плана: 📍Ребёнок важнее всего, это первостепенная задача. Кормить, поить, гигиена, развивать, делать зарядку, переодевать танцевать и слушать музыку, читать книжки, гулять (последнее можно немного сократить, если совсем ничего не успеваете). 📍не обязательно делать генеральную уборку каждый день, можно потратить время на "горячие точки", а уборку перенести на выходной или разбить по дням, все это не займёт более часа в день. 📍отбросьте лишнее до лучших времён; 📍просите мужа о помощи, которая ему по силам (завтрак, ужин, мытьё посуды); 📍работайте (если у Вас есть удалённая работа или свой бизнес) пока ребёнок спит; 📍составляйте меню на неделю и старайтесь большинство продуктов покупать в один день, а в течение недели докупать по мелочи хлеб, воду и шоколадку☺️;📍делайте в выходной заготовки на неделю (фрикадельки, котлеты, пельмени), пока муж сидит с ребёнком; 📍всё записывайте, в аврале память иногда может подвести; #материнство #timemanagement #развитиеребенка #чтовнутриневаляшки ________________________________ На фото и видео внутренность неваляшки. Утяжелители устройство, наподобие камертона. Неваляшка не пережила полёта из кроватки ((( надеюсь, в ближайшее время муж купит нам новую😀
Put up part two of managing your time a few days ago. Make sure you check it out on my channel. https://youtu.be/bccObXutfSs #timemanagement #management #youtube #video #selfimprovement #selfdevelopment
Get your month-end reports done fast with our playlist. feat @theweeknd & more. Only on @Spotify.
Hey Friends! 🤗 What works better for you? Paper calendar or your phone? 📝 📱 . . . #chitchat #chitchatting #fitmom #socalmom #calendars #timemanagement
I got the perfect gift for your Grad. Did you know the Passion Planner comes in different colors and sizes! Code KATIE10 www.passionplanner.com You can also get some cool accessories to go with it like assignment trackers from @jamee_maree use code KATIE15 at her shop to get 15%off http://etsy.me/2qFtPuW
Mending a pair of pants in the nap room, this little needle threader is a blessing. Now if only the black thread did not blend in with my black top, I would probably be done by now. hmph! #naproom #timemanagement #mending #multitask
Folders, files, organizers, oh my! Back-to-school came early to Order Our of Chaos! Loving all the new gifts I got today from my good friends at @smeadorganomics! And... if you head to our website (link in profile) and you sign up to get our newsletter, you will get notice on our back-to-school raffle coming in august! It's going to be a goodie!! I promise! #orderoochaos #orderoutofchaos #productsdesignedwithstudentsinmind #backtoschool #schooltime #schoolsupplies #homeschooling #files #folders #organizers #planners #plannercompany #homework #westchester #newyork #entrepreneur #mompreneur #timemanagement #adhdtools #raffle #giveaway
After you understand the hoe your weekly time is broken down, it is crucial to GET CLEAR on your priorities! ⠀ I have a new video (LINK IN BIO) where I break down my top time management tips for WORKING MOMS! Now, my little boy may be grown up now, but it wasn't too long ago that I was juggling the many challenges of a full-time career while being a full-time mom! It's so tough and getting VERY organized is KEY! Start with my new video and, as always, message me if you need help!
School is almost out so this is my board now! #planning #timemanagement #salesstrategy #calendar #eventplanner
My favorite day of the week is almost here! My #ThursdayMotivation is thinking about the fact that tomorrow is finally Friday. What is your #ThursdayMotivation?
Note to self & anyone else who may be struggling to keep up with whatever you have going on. You know yourself better than anyone else, take a short or long break & get back at it when you're ready, you got this🙌🏻💗⭐️ #quote #truth #lovethis #fitness #lifestyle #happiness #matters #training #timemanagement #strength #strong #consistency
If you had more time you could fix things!? Create the time. Make the most important thing the most important thing. You can do this.
This looks like a great space to focus and realize how insignificantly significant you are. 📷 @exoticearth #90DayFocus Mood Bit.ly/90DayFocusBook #Amazon #Author #BestSeller #SelfHelp #SelfLove #SelfEsteem #Blogger #Writer #LifeCoach #BusinessCoach #Legacy #TimeManagement #TimelineKillah
10 Essential Steps to Take Before a Job Interview http://buff.ly/2rfcrOu #Leadership #StategicPlanning #Coaching #EffectiveCommunications #EmployeeEngagement #TimeManagement #CriticalThinking Ceruleanleadership.com
An easy way to save time AND eat well is to use your slow cooker more often! Check out my blog this week for some delicious recipes that you can easily make in your slow cooker. . . . - #slowcooker #crockpot #KWAwesome #WRAwesome #KWMoms #mealplanning #mealplan #mealprep #cooking #eatwell #busy #timemanagement #organization
Have you guys seen my new post yet? It's all about how to organise your time better and get shit done - link is in bio; with a direct link to this sellout @topshop tee! 🙌🏻✨ Also, when a blogger bae not only snaps great pics of you but lets you borrow her bags for pics, she's a keeper 😜 both photo creds and bag belong to @shelleyannem ✨💖
My post is up! #ad 10 helpful tips to help manage the chaos of parenting on @modernmom http://bit.ly/2r0XyfM @tidelaundry
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10 Time Management Tips - https://personalfinancequeen.wordpress.com/ #goals #timemanagement #dreamchasers
Мой тайм-менеджмент 🤔☝🏻😂 #timemanagement
Hey you, yes you! Do you have an hour to share? We are seeking speakers for our webinar series on any #smallbusiness topic. From #marketing, #finance, #taxes, #socialmedia, #funding, #startup, #growth, or more! Our clients are all in #WashingtonState but you don't have to be! DM me or email info @wcwb.org and let's chat. #smallbiz #womeninbiz #tips #tricks #callforspeaker #callforpresenters #facebook #linkedin #sales #customerservice #accountability #timemanagement #hiring #HR #exporting #confidence
To create a vision of success for your business, you have to work from the end to the beginning. Ask yourself where you want to be and how you plan on getting there. This will help you execute your goals seamlessly. To gain more clarity, we encourage you to sign up for one of our planning sesh-on’s and to join our Facebook Group. We offer daily tips, advice and counsel on business planning. Now tell us, where is it that you see your business in the next two-three years? Comment below! _________________ Our Business Planning Resource Library is now LIVE! To receive your FREE access link & password visit >> bit.ly/pricelessceo
Thankful Thursdays// Because how you start your day is how you live your day, and how you live your day is how you live your life. Tag the people you're thankful for! #BestLifeEver
Yes yes yes! I have been cleared to workout and the planning has begun but the question is..what beachbody program should I do? Can my beachbody family help me out? I was thinking Core De Force. Thoughts? #laterpost #coastisclear #clearforaction #clearforworkout #planning #timemanagement #beachbodyprogram #whichone #lovemesomekickingnpunching #cardio #toneup #helpmeout
Need a dog walker? Download the WAG APP NOW and use my promo code: CANDACE4442 to get $20 off your first service 🐶 #dogwalkers
Lots of income reports flying around out there but that's not the whole picture. My goal is to keep as much 💰💰💰 as I can!! #profitable #profitability. ^Learn how to keep more of your money with my free course, click on link in bio!***💙
Do you keep an agenda or to-do list? Research shows that when you write your goals on paper, you're more likely to achieve them. #WriteItDown #Planning #TimeManagement #TaskManagement
I love my new notebook which was a birthday gift! Rather apt title. I am definitely a manic mum!
The 3-Day weekend is coming for many of you moms out there (either from work and or kiddos from school), here's some ways to help you enjoy it! 😉 #timemanagement #coach2moms
School is never out for the pro! Get $15 off your next @creativelive course - link in my bio. I've been quite pleased with their presentations. #thishomespunlife
Seems simple, but it is not. Founders, time and attention management are skills you must hone. This includes remaining focused, putting first things first, and avoiding shiny objects. #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurlife #founderforward #founder #leadership #timemanagement #priorities #bigpicture #startups @msuster