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It takes less than ten minutes to call your representatives in Congress. Please join me in calling and voicing your concerns about the #taxscambill. The number listed in the photo is the DC Congress switchboard and can automatically connect you to your senators and your representative by your zip code.
These mugs say it all!!! Future Mrs. “always right” Crane over here! Thanks for the early wedding gift mama. 282 days until we say I do! 👰🏼☕️🤵🏻 #notalwaysright #thisisademocracy
Viptv $39 a month every NFL game on sunday @socialmediafamous.me #thisisademocracy #wewillneverforget #cometogether
Primer día en NY y nos pilla una manifestación anti Trump. Bastante jaleillo. First day in NYC, caught up in an anti-Trump demo. #notowhitesupremacy #thisisademocracy #antifascist
#tbt to War In America in the Old Royal High School #thisisademocracy #warinamerica #atticcollective
I met you, you flipped my world upside down, I fell for you, and now I love you. Here's to this crazy ride, baby. 🖤 #thisisademocracy
War In America Productions Shots of Warp played by Kirsty Punton #ThisIsADemocracy
War In America Production Shots of Alfred played by Mark O'Neil #ThisIsADemocracy
War In America Production Shots of Mr.Slype played by Conor McLeod #ThisIsADemocracy
War In America Production Shots of Mr.Fox played by Andrew Cameron #ThisIsADemocracy
Getchu a man who gets upsetty spaghetti when he beats you in mini golf ⛳️ #checkitoffthelist #thisisademocracy
War In America Production Shots of Wisden played by John Spilsbury #ThisIsADemocracy
War In America 🇺🇸☠️ #ThisIsADemocracy
"You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices. I hope he likes his." #thisisademocracy ❤️ (glad I got you to smile baby) 😉
War In America Productions Shots of The Guard played by Adam George Butler #ThisIsADemocracy
War In America Production Shots of Warp played by Megan Fraser #ThisIsADemocracy
War In America Production Shots of Webb played by Ellen Georgia Aitken #ThisIsADemocracy
War In America Production Shots of The Firearm Specialist and our Composer/Musician, Charlie West #ThisIsADemocracy
War In America Production Shots of Firearm Specialist played by Sally Cairns #ThisIsADemocracy
War In America Production Shots of Webb played by Hannah Louise Bradley #ThisIsADemocracy
War In America Production Shots of Judit played by Imogen Reiter #ThisIsADemocracy
War In America Production Shots of Muntu played by Malachi Reid #ThisIsADemocracy
War In America Production Shots of Johnny played by Lewis Gribben #ThisIsADemocracy
War In America Production Shots of Starlight played by Elsa Strachan #ThisIsADemocracy
War In America Production Shots of She played by Saskia Ashdown #ThisIsADemocracy
"The earth is a jet plane zooming, zooming through black and empty space...And life is...life is the inflight movie and that's why it's shit." #ThisIsADemocracy
"Hollywoods been destroyed." #ThisIsADemocracy
"I don't understand morality Sir, I'm just in the Police." #ThisIsADemocracy
"It's terribly noisy. And someone might ask you to vote." - Webb #ThisIsADemocracy
"Of course I'm right. I'm paid to be right." - Warp #ThisIsADemocracy
Remembering that last week was our Press Night and a week later, it's all over. Heartbreaking to say the least. War In America is over. The faeces cleaned, blood packs away, The Old Royal High School locked. Now we move onto our next phase...Three Penny Opera #AtticCollective #ThisIsADemocracy #TheRevolutionIsCumming
I was lucky enough to see War in America this afternoon by The Attic Collective. Bloody amazing! I did have a fleeting moment when I wondered if the team considered not showing this week as it was completely contemporary, eerily so. It was so utterly compelling that I was moved to tears. These actors will and should go far. Completely en pointe. The staging was brilliant and they used the old debating chamber to their full advantage. I wish I could have gone again tonight but I believe it was a sell-out and deservedly so. I think I just witnessed something brilliant and some big names of the future. I don't know if this production is to tour but if it comes to a town near you, I urge you: #rundontwalk . . . @atticcollective2016 #WarinAmerica #atticcollective #thisisademocracy #contemporary #stageplay
We spend our lives on planes. Where the f*ck are we?" - Holey Badd #ThisIsADemocracy http://www.edtheatres.com/warinamerica
Our last two shows today. There's still tickets for the matinee at 2 o'clock or there may be tickets available on the door for our sell out show tonight. The show has already had some lovely reviews with two 4 🌟 reviews from Neil Cooper and Joyce McMillan. Grab a ticket for today while you still can. #ThisIsADemocracy http://www.edtheatres.com/warinamerica
"We say when we have power this is what we'll do. But we have no power, so there's no danger of it happening." - She #ThisIsADemocracy http://www.edtheatres.com/warinamerica
"There's a riot in the city and you stand there being rubbed." - Alfred #ThisIsADemocracy http://www.edtheatres.com/warinamerica
"This is a free world." - Judit http://www.edtheatres.com/warinamerica #ThisIsADemocracy
"You talk about terrorism but this is terrorism. Arresting people without charge." - Slype #ThisIsADemocracy http://www.edtheatres.com/warinamerica
WE ARE NOW SOLD OUT ON THE FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHT! There may be tickets available on the door and there is still tickets available for tonight, tomorrow and Saturday matinee available @ http://www.edtheatres.com/warinamerica #ThisIsADemocracy
What an honour it is to perform in such an excellent venue. The Old Royal High School makes this piece of theatre even more mesmerising than anyone could imagine. If you don't believe, see it for yourself http://www.edtheatres.com/warinamerica #ThisIsADemocracy
Writing Prompt: War In America This writing prompt is a little different. Today the world premier of Scottish playwright Jo Clifford's play 'War In America' opens at the Old Royal High School in Edinburgh, Scotland. It's a production close to my heart and one I've been privileged to be part of. In honour of its opening night, I decided to create this prompt to see what your stories would produce. If you do write a story based on this prompt, please send it to me! #WarInAmerica #War #America #conflict #civilwar #fighting #thisisademocracy #writing #story #prompt #writersofinstagram #instawrite #write #writer #writingprompt #challengeyourself #apromptaday #800WordsADay
"I just couldn't remember the numbers." - Guard http://www.edtheatres.com/warinamerica #ThisIsADemocracy
"Ghosts are angry. That's why we are ghosts." - Muntu http://www.edtheatres.com/warinamerica #ThisIsADemocracy