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bad news never had good timing
a brazilian starbucks
Forest Warriors
City streets are the real runways. . . So we make the streets of Little Rock our runway. See more in "A 'Make It Work' Moment."
P I E D - À - T E R R E
Journeying the jungle
these two are a dream! we laughed, adventured into the rain, froze, and laughed some more! definitely two of my fav people🖤
When your weekend's in the middle of the week and your dogs better at relaxing than you. #bandito
Autorretrato, 18 de mayo ¡Hay nuevo vídeo en el canal de YouTube! Tenéis el vídeo en el link de la biografía 💚💐
sugar honey ice tea
my good friend @mike_pgregory graduated college & let me take his senior photos a few days back, here's one of my favs. super proud of this dude for all he's accomplished!!
oh hey didn't see ya there... I was just being extra with my coffee routine ☕️
la fleur
I feel like my own genie
The money shot
thought this bottle was supposed to drown my memory
It's hard to love who we are but we need to take the first step against every insecurity and bad feeling and persist. There's beauty in every single human, we need to find it and accept it ❤ #writography #poet #writer #writing #islam #writerscommunity #youngwriters #broken  #writersofinstagram #creativitycollected  #Allah #creativityfeatured #literature  #aesthetics #mother #peace #poetsofinstagram #vsco  #flowers #poeticvibes #poeticjustice #love #happiness #family #thevisualvogue #peoplescreative #creativity #scarletinker
Red like cherry Cola🍒
A girl with kaleidoscope eyes
Hover kitty
always on the lookout
Had a chance to meet and have a nice conversation with @pinenottree the other day. Thanks for letting me capture you and let me know how that cinestill 50 works out.
Summer = flower crowns So glad its finally 80 degrees in the PNW🙌❤
REAL TALK: My instagram might be pretty but that doesn't mean my life is. I have bad days too; I cry, I'm grumpy & sometimes I say things I shouldn't say. 😐 ⠀ That's because I'm not a good photographer, blogger or a good Christian girl, I'm a human with feelings. ⠀ ⠀ Life is messy & the more I try to clean it up the more I realize maybe it wasn't meant to be clean. ⠀ Everyone has their messes but instead of glorifying our "hot mess-ness" let's glorify the One who died for that mess & redeems us.🙌🏼 ⠀ This goes beyond a fun trend that we slap on a tshirt & sport around town; we need more honesty & real in our highlight reals. Not more negativity and whining, but more complementing & connecting. ⠀ ⠀ No one's life is put together so instead of picking apart & comparing ourselves to our friends instagrams let's stop wasting time and go #DoStuff that matters. ⠀ ⠀ No one has your life or talents so stop wishing you had someone else's & use your uniqueness to bless someone else. We don't have time for comparing grids, leg sizes, jobs & vacations. God has work to do & He's going to use you to do it if you let go of this silly stuff that doesn't matter.🎈 . . . . . . . #blogger #travel #adventure #explore #discover #allglorytogod #collegeblogger #christianblogger #liveauthentic #pursuetruth #calledtobecreative #addventure #girlswhotravel #inspiration #motivation #encouragement #thetravelwoman #traveltuesday #darlingescapes #girlswhotravel #wearetravelgirls #sheisnotlost #welltravelled #thewanderingtourist #womenwhohike #thevisualvogue
You're a goddess, lets be what others call a myth.
on my way back home ✈️
Just got back from Yosemite. It all started from a spontaneous idea I had. We left Sunday night and got there at 3am Monday but we wanted to capture sunrise so we parked our car hoping we had a good view when daylight struck. Definitely was worth it, the view was something from a different world, literally felt like I was in one of those nature documentaries. (More pics of that will be on my main account @efr0n). Soon after I saw in the corner of my eye some deer that were roaming past the road so we ran out the truck to capture them in a picture. I got lucky enough to get 5 feet from one and took this shot of a smiling deer. Moral of the story is the best moments are usually unplanned. Just live life to what your heart desires
Massive Milestone; Vertical Helix shipping to London tomorrow... ✨❤️
Hoy me siento exactamente igual que el 10 de Septiembre de 2014, cuando me hice esta foto y escribí lo siguiente: "No hay nada como echarse de menos y recurrir a tu anterior yo para encontrarte... aunque a veces lo mires desde otro punto de vista, siempre es necesario saber quien se ha sido para saber quien se es y, sobretodo, quien se quiere ser..." #365daysforachange #rocioponcephoto #nikon #barcelona #selfportrait #portrait #sombrebeings #365project #portraitmood #self #featuremeseas #quietthechaos #earthportraits #expofilm #lookslikefilm #thevisualvogue #ofhumans #oceanmurmurs #overthesurface #chasingsouls #chasingdreams #waitingontheworld #theimaginariuminsta @sombrebeings @featuremeseas @overthesurface @chasingsouls @chasingdreams @waitingontheworld @igmuse #igmuse @cultfotografica #cultfotografica #aovportraits
Midday getaway. #windpouch
With or without you, I'll still rise / @manwellortega
✌🏽📺🎞 shooting with film @alyssarosev
Diner hangs with one of my favs 🍦 @Maxwellswift
Hoy me sobre con el aire que respiro, la luz es un tesoro pa' estos ojos de zafiro.
Congratulations to @summermae09 and @nickb315 on your one year anniversary! Thank you for letting us capture your day!
Another shot from the wonderful boudoir shoot with the beautiful and talented Youra. Model: @xyouraaa Lingerie: @hunkemoller Photographer: @stefankrofft_photo
Daria o mundo por esse pãozinho de frango de novo.
Blue and wireS.