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Up, ready for Sisters Prayer Call like...GOOD AM! It's ThankFUL Friday! Let's give thanks together at 6:30amCST sisters! Call (605) 468-8028 & enter 918103 #. ICanDoTheImpossibleWithGOD #icandoallthingsthroughchrist #theresnothingmygodcannotdo
A month can make a big difference. My son has overcome a lot already and will continue to do so. It was so hard to see Marcus hooked up to all of the machines. I would rejoice every time one would be taken off. In one month my son has had 3 surgeries, several MRIs, tons of blood draws, dozens of doctors in and out poking and moving him around and saying “Marcus squeeze my finger”. I can only imagine how frustrated he must feel. But our God is amazing and has done amazing work in Marcus’ body, now Marcus just has to catch up. And in a couple of days I will have my Marcus home so we can continue our journey. This has not been easy, it won’t be easy, but we will get through it because we trust in God and in His timing. We’ve already seen what He can do. #godisbigger #godisgood #victory #progress #theresnothingmygodcannotdo
Have a Blessed Weekend y'all! I know we will coz we'll be at our homeland in a couple of days with His Grace and Blessings! Thank you Lord for this provision! #Rise #TheresNothingMyGodCannotDo
We were playing some music earlier this evening and Lauren surprised us with some choreography she learned at school. #mygodisbig #mygodisstrong #mygodismighty #theresnothingmygodcannotdo @arlyn.n #laurencarolineco
Someone just needs a reminder that God is faithful! Unlike man God is perfect and unchanging! #godisfaithful #dailyreminder #unchanging #perfect #amazing #beautiful #theresnothingmygodcannotdo