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#ImpactPups & @jeep ☑️ - We'll be staying with Wowa & Wowo aka Gram/Gramps ALL weekend and annnd annnnnd they're taking us CAMPING!! So our Dad is packing our essentials of course can't forget our @impactdogcrates eh!! What are you up to this weekend?! And does anyone know where we can get some amazing GEAR for our Jeep?! 🤓 - You can get your own @impactdogcrates like this for your adventures too and get 20% OFF using •BROS20• Note: there will be Duty/Taxes associated for international shipping but not within the US▪️ - Have A Great Day xo Jasper & Louie 🐾
Enjoy a nice evening swim in our rooftop pool 👌
Live the sweet life when you stay with us 😊
One year ago I was moving to the Hague. This is one of my favorite pics of my 3 months experience in the Netherlands . . . . . . #thehague #denhaag #scheveningen #beach #imissyou #netherlands🇳🇱 #olanda #sunset #22pm #July #2016 #internship #Holland #aia #running #travel #travelling #triplookers #theladbible #travelawesome
Happy long weekend! We'll see you at the top tonight 😎
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Rooftop views 😍
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"Among His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and all living creatures He has scattered throughout them" - Quran (42:29) • I've been thinking about 👽's allot • #MasjidSeries #Ramadan2017 #ShotoniPhone7plus #PPLostInThought @passionpassport
One of the greatest villains of all times Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker) started off as a good guy. An exceptionally gifted Jedi, he had good intentions but his fear of losing the one he loved (his wife) made him commit atrocities (genocide) from which there was no return. . Good guys don’t turn bad in an instant, the seeds of fear, doubt and curiosity were planted in his head years ago. . . “The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. One must study all its aspects, not just the dogmatic narrow view of the Jedi. Learn to know the dark side of the Force, and you will be able to save your wife from certain death.” — Chancellor Palpatine. Palpatine carefully sowed the seeds of Anakin’s fall by invoking his curiosity and feeding into his fear. . . Satan is smart and he knows that its the bad attitudes, habits, hidden sins that will eventually lead to someones downfall. I’ve come across many christians who lose their faith when they hit rock bottom, I almost did too. . . When you are stripped of everything, friends, family, church and any kind of support system you have two choices fight it out by depending on God for strength or ease your pain and try to fix it yourself. We are control freaks we want to be in charge of our destiny & future. Like Anakin we want to fix our problems on our own terms. The bad attitudes, habits you picked over the years, are amplified because its easy to fall back on them and you don’t have the will to fight it anymore, after a while you are too numb to even realise how far you’ve gone. I’ve seen it repeatedly happen to so many friends and family. . . Your choices may seem logical & right but only God sees the bigger picture. That is why daily devotion and prayer is so important, you become more self aware of your brokenness and instead of fighting the battle with your own will power you start to depend on the holy spirit to guide you. . May the force (Spirit) be with you. . “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” ‭‭ Romans‬ ‭12:2‬
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Louie Be Like #WindInMyHair 😂 - We just wanted to say Happy Double #TOT and Hope you're all enjoying your week so far!! This is a busy one for us with helping host amazing friends in their #Giveaways & #Contests & one is just ending with so many entries and one lucky winner! Don't be sad if you don't get this one though because there's 3 MORE coming up!! Plus plenty more in the future and who knows it might include prizes for your Humans too 🙌🏽😜 - Also, what you think of our matching BroLeads by one of our favs @lovecranbery & you can get yours with plenty of colours to choose from plus a discount using •BROS10• 💥 - Have A Great Day xo Jasper & Louie 😋😛 - #CoolerofCrumpsEh