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it was such an honor to create custom signs for my friends & it made my day to see them come to life with the rest of their wedding decor! congrats Zac & Liz! πŸ’•πŸ’
I was a bit weepy when I sent this piece away to it's home Friday. Hearing the story of how these words spoke to them in the hard days that they've been going through and the good days that they are hoping for... and how they can't wait to hang this sign in their new home to see this every day as a reminder of what they've been through. ❀️ It made my heart nearly explode because that is so why I love designing and painting these signs. ❀️
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Jewelry by amazing @secretforesttreasures β € Those stones in resin look good! I love how it turned out!
Just finished up one of my first pet embroideries! It helps that Leo is so gorgeous 😻 #catsofinstagram #embroidery
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