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Monday's are all about kicking goals and getting things done. We've started our week off strong. Our products are now available in one of the most prestigious high end department stores in Europe, Galeries Lafeyette! We've also got some big surprises coming over the next few months to make it easier for our European friends to get our products. US and U.K., you'll be next, and The Middle East we haven't forgotten you either.
@gamdalf_the_brown knows the key to achieving bearded greatness is to use quality products without compromise. Cool Cola Shampoo/Conditioner and Morning Wood Beard Oil in use 👌🏼try some today 😏 @therenikbarber
💈 @therenikbarber
If this doesn't impress, I don't know what will! Bathroom envy at its finest 👌🏼
We're past the half-way mark for Movember! Whether you choose to 'Mo or not to Mo' it's still important for blokes to keep healthy on the outside, as well as on the inside. Me Me has a fabulous and growing range of natural skincare brands from around the globe, specially crafted for the fellas. Check out our online range: meme-sydney.com/category/skincare-shaving
Hair goals via @peaceoot 👌🏼
The most satisfying body scrub around. It's super gritty and natural formula will eliminate sweat pimples, ingrown hairs, damaged skin and improve the appearance of scars in no time 👌🏼 Try our double scribble pack and save $10 plus free shipping! Via @kindasupermario
Congrats to me Aussie chaps and the boys at the groomedmanco. Wearing me Aussie beard oil. Celebrating me equality down under! #equalityaustralia #thegroomedmanco #equalityforward cheers!
We're loving our new men's only range @thegroomedmanco. Purchase a shampoo, conditioner or one of our amazing beard oils and David will happily give you a complimentary beard trim! 😎 #melbourne #menshair #thegroomedmanco #morningwood #manmint #mangrovecitrus #spruceup #muskhave #cocacola
HELLOOOO 🌈 I just had to make this one 😂