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We woke up in Nimes France this morning! I'm so glad Paul did some research and decided this would be a good stopping point, as I had no idea the rich Roman history behind this city!!! Our first stop of the morning was the arena/amphitheater that has been here since the first century C.E. and is the best preserved, continuously occupied Roman arena in existence. (And by continuously occupied I mean they STILL use it for events today.) out front they had a statue of the most beautiful matador, his clothes were made of found objects, and things like bike chain as his piping, etc. his little tassels were made up of screws embedded in the casting material. It was such an amazing work of art. The 4th picture is showing the before and after on the cleaning restoration they are working on. Anyway, we were able to walk all around inside, and it was awesome how like a modern stadium it felt, you could easily see how 20,000 romans were able to enter and clear the arena in a way that made sense. #backinfrance #thegreatgriffithmigration2017 #nimesarena #nimesfrance #worldtraveller #citizensoftheworld #airforcelife #airforcefamily #militarylife #militaryfamily #pcslife #parentingteens #romanbuilding #historybuffsdream
I know I had my kids pretty young (I was 4 months shy of 21 when Isaac was born, and 22 when Emmie was born 20 months later.) but I wouldn't change a thing about our choice in the timing of having them. The greatest joy I have in life has been watching my kids grow, and having them be exactly where they are right now, is perfect for us. They make every sight we see more interesting, the trips go by faster and more easily because it's constantly like traveling with peers rather than children, and we genuinely enjoy each other's company. I've always hated the term "military brat" because it seems so negative to anyone who doesn't know how resilient, adventurous, and open to life these kids are. We're definitely not perfect (I sometimes get grumpy over the goofing off, and they bug each other a lot sometimes, AND it has taken a lot of work to get them here where they are not the crazy babies!) but we are perfect for each other and I can't wait to see what the next year holds as we hold Isaac tight, in preparation to let him go to college next year. #parentingteens #roadtrip #thegreatgriffithmigration2017 #germany #backinfrance #feelingnostalgic #airforcelife #airforcefamily #militarylife #militaryfamily #savorthejourney
Our last site of the morning in Trier (before we had to run back to the hotel and get Tiger and check out) was a Roman bath excavation site. From above ground it's neat, but doesn't really look like much (and the maps weren't the easiest to read, I think we're not experienced enough archaeologists to read the land.) 😂 but apparently this is the 5th largest Roman bath ruin....so there's that. 😬 It may sound like I'm not being nice, but to be really honest, I think this was the highlight of the morning as far as coolness factor was concerned. Not because of the above ground (although it was still cool) but there was an entire network of underground tunnels you could just wander through! It was amazing, I've never been able to do anything like that before (not Roman tunnels, we've gone through lava tubes, and the Tunnels at the DMZ, etc.) I've imagined what it must have been like to be under the colosseum in Rome, etc. and I feel like today really had that feeling. It was cool and dampish inside, and went from wide to narrow in lots of places, but the ceiling was surprisingly high! I didn't feel as claustrophobic as I thought it would (I didn't love the DMZ tunnels because I "felt" all the weight above us.) Anyway, it was really fun, and got 8 thumbs way up from us. (Also Isaac thought to take a picture of me, so there's even evidence I was there!) #thegreatgriffithmigration2017 #roadtrip #trier #romanbuilding #romanbaths #history #therealdeal #militarylife #militaryfamily #airforcelife #airforcefamily #parentingteens #tunnels #travelbug #citizensoftheworld #expatlife
Our next stop in Trier (it wasn't a far one, since "Our Lady" is connected to the Cathedral) was the High Cathedral of St Peter. It's the oldest cathedral in all of Germany, and it's built using the foundation of a roman building that already stood here, so it's REALLY old. (And also a UNESCO world heritage site.) in the 4th century it was built up as a cathedral following Constantine's conversion to Christianity, and the building has seen many variations since then, but the the roman piers that it was based off of, still are there! There are Romanesque influences, gothic influences, and even some baroque. You can see in one of the pictures, that some of the old plaster and murals still exists, but it was also extensively damaged in WWII. I'm always in such awe of the beautiful things we humans have built in the name of religion, it's the one place you can frequently see the very best and most beautiful dedication of resources. #germany #trier #triercathedral #unescowordheritage #travelbug #roadtrip #citizensoftheworld #expatlife #thegreatgriffithmigration2017
When the car trip gets a little boring, you put on some Adele and watch the cars go by.....JK, Paul put on the Adele, Tiger and I are more ABBA fans. #roadtrip #airforcefamily #airforcelife #militaryfamily #militarylife #catpeople #catsofinstagram #bengal #bengalcat #bengalkitten #bored #onlyboringcatsgetbored #thegreatgriffithmigration2017 #backinfrance #welikeadele #wejustloveabba
Our next stop in Trier was the Church of our Lady. It's a UNESCO world heritage site that was built during the 13th century. All of the stained glass is newer (the church was damaged during WWII) but it was a beautiful building with amazing acoustics as music and singing was played in the building. #trier #triergermany #churchofourlady #churchofourladytrier #worldtraveller #citizensoftheworld #thegreatgriffithmigration2017 #travelbug #militaryfamily #militarylife #airforcefamily #airforcelife #germany #roadtrip #unescoworldheritagesite
We spent the morning in Trier, taking in the sights before heading off for home, and it was totally worth the visit! Our first stop was the Porta Nigra, which was originally a Roman city gate that was turned in to an 11th century church, (that was used for nearly 800 years as a church.) It's pretty amazing to think about how much history has passed through this building in nearly 2,000 years. #portanigra #romanbuilding #triergermany #germany #citizensoftheworld #militaryfamily #militarylife #airforcefamily #airforcelife #pcslife #thegreatgriffithmigration2017 #expatlife
Yesterday we started a bucket list trip we have dreamed of for years!!! We were in Germany 10 years ago for 3 months while Paul did some work. We fell in love with the Mosel river valley area, and we noticed over and over again how beautiful it was, and how there was an amazing bike path structure. Having a 5 and 6 year old at the time, we knew there was no way they would make that sort of a trip at that age and stage in our lives, so we promised ourselves we would come back, and bike the Mosel river. The craziest thing is, when we talked about it, we said "10 years would be perfect" because the kids would be 15 and 16, and that would be the youngest we would want to do it with Emmie, etc. having no idea that the Air Force would send us to Germany again, nearly exactly 10 years later. So here we are, biking one of the most beautiful valleys in the world, passing castles, and castle ruins, and vineyards galore, and it's even better than I dreamed it would be. (It's also harder, I cannot believe how incredibly sore our bums are, this morning we woke up, and the pain is real!!!) all these photos are from day one, as our little parade got started. We had no idea we would have a cat in my dreaming of going, but she has been included in the trip too, via a little trailer I'm pulling behind me, while the kids are carrying our saddle bags, and Paul is pulling the camping gear. We started in Bullay, with Paul dropping us all of, driving to our destination, and taking the train back to us. I'll post pictures of day 2 later. I've honestly been happily off my phone, with no desire to log on, because we have been in so much awe of the scenery, it seems sacrilegious to have a phone in view. #thegreatgriffithmigration2017 #pcslife #citizensoftheworld #travelbug #ilovemyairman #airforcelife #airforcewife #airforcefamily #militarylife #militarywife #militaryfamily #bucketlist #biking #dreamcometrue #worththewait #moselriver #bikingthemosel #catpeople #catsofinstagram #bengal #bengalcat #bengalkitten
I have the best travel buddies ever; there's nothing like being able to see the world with kids that carry their own weight, don't complain when lunch is a little late, don't touch things they aren't supposed to, and have interesting thoughts on what they are seeing, (and a hubby who is just as excited to fabric shop, as he is to go see a castle or other awesome site.) I've loved every phase with my kids (even the ones where I was carrying all their stuff and they touched everything in sight.) and I know I always say this with each new phase, but this is my favorite one. #airforcewife #airforcelife #airforcefamily #militarywife #militarylife #militaryfamily #parentingteens #ilovemyairman #travelbug #citizensoftheworld #pcslife #thegreatgriffithmigration2017
We went to the Spanish national naval museum this afternoon, it was fun to see the history of Spain laid out this way, because of their strong naval past. There were some beautiful textiles, including a 17th century, beautiful painted silk damask flag (that was huge) with an inkle woven fringe edge, I would love to be able to recreate. (The inkle weaving, not the whole flag. 😂) We are also going to try to hit the Prado for a few hours this evening, but I think an afternoon nap is in order first. #madrid #thegreatgriffithmigration2017 #spain #navalmuseum #spanishnavalmuseum #parentingteens #fiberartist #inkleweaving #handpainted #handwoven #historicaltextiles #boatsboatsboats
First official dumpster dive in Spain done, after having been in the country for less than 36 hours. 😂 I made Paul and Isaac dig this carved panel out from under a bunch of stone, when I saw the carved corner. #thegreatgriffithmigration2017 #dumpsterdiving #spain #maker #makersgonnamake #hopefullyitslegal
I'm so happy!!!! Paul got it on the 3rd try, while having someone from the credit card company stay on the phone with him, so they could automatically accept it as it came through. #movingprobs #thegreatgriffithmigration2017 #yesweliveinspainnow #yeswearebuyingticketsforsomethinginparis #yesouraddressistechnicallystillamerican #reluctantrunner #workdamnit #rundisneyparis2017 #rundisney #soexcited
Today is trying to freaking kill me. We have been hitting refresh for hours trying to get into the run Disney Paris website, we have gotten through several times, only to be kicked back out, and I most recently got through and had put in my credit card information, to be freaking denied. We called the card company, and they have now unlocked our card for us, but now my satanic computer has forced a shutdown and I'm staring at a blue screen. I want to cry. Paul's got his computer up now, and will hopefully have more luck than me, I just want to give you money Disney, universe why won't you let me???? #thegreatgriffithmigration2017 #rundisneyparis2017 #reluctantrunner #workdamnit
We're living the patio and tapas life. We saw 2 houses today, one a small town home in newly remodeled condition, and one a huge mansion in total disrepair (that has promises to repair it) the mansion was too scary a prospect for 12 months; I don't know that they would do all the repairs it needed, and it didn't have an ideal studio space (so I would need to split into several rooms.) but it had a bunch of statues and fountains, a tennis court, a basketball court, a pool table, a barbecue house, a spa with sauna, a swimming pool, a huge crystal chandelier in the entry way, etc. but it was too much house I think. The pool had tree roots bursting through the side, and the basement smelled of urine. They said they would fix the pool, and have everything cleaned well, but I'm suspicious of such promises after our house in Oakwood being so much work. The town home was cute, with slightly aged bathrooms, but a decent little yard space that wouldn't be too much work and lots of light in the house. It's not perfect either (the rooms are a little small, and the kitchen sinks were so tiny our bigger pots wouldn't fit for sure) but I think it's staying on the list, but the mansion is getting booted, because although it's a fancy idea, I think it was spooky and had mirrors on all the master bedroom walls. 😳 we have 2 more houses lined up for tomorrow in addition to checking Emmie and I into the US embassy and an appointment to see the kids' school. But for this moment, tapas and patios. #militarylife #militarywife #militaryfamily #militarykids #airforcewife #airforcelife #airforcefamily #pcslife #pcsmove #parentingteens #spainfood #madrid #househunting #expatlife #thegreatgriffithmigration2017
Good morning 6:30 a.m. Spain! There's a tower I can see out our hotel room window, that looks a little like Seoul Tower, from Korea, I'm taking it as a good omen. 😬 also this is what my crazy morning hair looks like after a day of travel yesterday.... I apparently am sporting pin curls on one side, and a bad perm on the other. #pcslife #pcsmove #militarylife #militaryfamily #militarywife #airforcewife #airforcelife #airforcefamily #offtothegym #jetlag #madrid #sunrise #crazyhairdontcare #crazyhair #thegreatgriffithmigration2017
Emmie and I have made it to Spain, and after a long nap, have only accomplished going for a walk in Retiro Park, and being in awe of the beauty. It's lovely and hot here, with loads of people out and about just enjoying the weather, and everything feels a little slower. I've been surprised by how overwhelmed I feel by being here; I guess I sort of thought after Korea and having visited Spain before, that I would be feeling all relaxed and cool with it, but instead I'm feeling out of my depth and like I'm going to be nervous to drive and be alone without a Spanish speaker. (Which I don't really remember feeling in Korea.) Its amazing to be somewhere where everything is so beautiful though, and happening across a palace as you wander around a park is a pretty amazing experience! The last picture is the view of Retiro from the wrap around balcony of our hotel room. I'm definitely feeling unexpectedly anxious but grateful for our opportunities today, being surrounded by such beauty. We're off to try to get dinner now, and then hopefully more sleep so I can get a little more coherent. #pcslife #pcsmove #militarylife #militaryfamily #militarywife #airforcewife #airforcelife #airforcefamily #thegreatgriffithmigration2017 #spainherewecome #retiropark #arrivedsafely
Every-time I take a picture, we're looking a little worse for wear. Onto the Spain leg of the trip. 😂😂😂 #spainherewecome #thegreatgriffithmigration2017 #flying #airforcefamily #airforcelife #airforcewife #militaryfamily #militarylife #parentingteens #pcsmove #pcslife
Some photos @griffith_isaac took yesterday during our drive back from Rota. #roadtripspain #thegreatgriffithmigration2017
Emmie and I are through security, and ready to board our first flight!!! This has been the most notice we've had of an assignment ever, so we've been excited and building up to Spain for 18+ months, so it's hard to believe it's really here!!! Thank you to Nana, Oupa, Sarah, Scott and the boys for your wonderful hospitality while we've been between residences, we love and miss you already!!! #airforcefamily #airforcelife #airforcewife #militaryfamily #militarylife #militarywife #pcsmove #pcslife #ilovemyairman #spainherewecome #thegreatgriffithmigration2017