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Any Girl That Ever Love You Got To Have A #SolidHeart She Gottah Get Pass Me Before She Can Have Your Heart #Birth to #TheEnd Am Going All Out For You Til My Heart Stop
Final de anatomía patológica. #theend #alfin
T҉H҉E҉ E҉N҉D҉ 🤙🏻☀️💦 #weekend #theend #relax
Two weeks ago, after the launch of my online course, I realised, I did too much. I gave too much. I was feeling totally exhausted & unappreciated. . So, I slammed on the breaks. Switched off the desktop. Switched off. Period. . And ideas kept coming to me. Not ideas as such but different point of views. Whenever that happened, I quickly switched on my mobile's voice recorder & recorded them before I forget. . I started to feel "the urge" again. .  So, I gave into it. Updated my entire website including the HOME, ABOUT & WORK WITH ME page as well as the FREEBIES. . People had asked over the last few months, if/when I'll be offering my ONE-ON-ONE service again ... . And when I thought about it during my (online) abstinence, I started to feel these butterflies in my stomach. That was my cue. So, I sat down & came up with a newly revived (better & more valuable) package. . ********************** Websites Done FOR You ********************** . kerstinbegley.com/work-with-me OR click LINK IN BIO. . Just shows you, sometimes taking a step back is exactly what you need move forward. .  And I can see the wood for the trees again! . #theend #startbeforeyouareready . . . #lovewebcreation #lovesquarespace #bringyoursitetolife #newclients #openforbusiness #oneonone #websitedoneforyou
A medal i owe for years.. @benjamiinloh thx for everything u taught me and finally i can clear my debt le!! And @yiikaya The first time we both get gold tgt hehe #theend? #whoknows
My life story. #TheEnd
Tesis terminada ❤ #theend #tesis #graduate #school